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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 6th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Singlet Sensation

There's always been athletes who've made the crossover into the modeling world. Anna Kournikova, Cristiano Ronaldo and of course David Beckham all parlayed their sports stardom into lucrative modeling contracts and campaigns. It makes sense, both have a focus on fitness, form and require keeping your body in top shape.

When it comes to the wrestling world however, the list isn't that long of wrestlers who've moved into modeling.  Usually, it's the other way around.  I've read of many models and actors, who've struggled in the entertainment industry, and ended up turning to wrestling to perform and make a buck.

Then of course there's Mike Bobola, whose great looks and great body have lead to body slams on the mat, and in the modeling world.  The Harvard wrester is making quite a splash in the modeling world and was recently signed by State Management in New York.  These are some shots of Mike the wrester.  Check out some of my favorite shots of Mike the model on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A Very Special Episode:

'What about the bartender's special, it's called The Hunk.'

Anyone who grew up in the 1980's or 1990's remember those 'very special episodes'.  Most sit-coms had one a season usually focusing on a social issue.  They often centered on a character drinking and driving, trying drugs, an eating disorder or teen sex.

The Waiter

For those who grew up gay, bi or sexually confused, a very special episode usually meant the episode when the characters went to a male strip club.  Almost every sit-com had at least one episode where the main characters, for one reason or another, went to a strip club. 

The Facts Of Life is generally thought of us a pretty tame, generic sit-com.  It never reached the heights of many critically acclaimed shows, yet outlasted many of them.  My mother watched The Golden Girls, but when I was a kid, I preferred The Facts of Life.   I recently caught a few minutes of the season 5 episode, 'I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can'.  I get the show on one of my new retro channels, and flipped it on the other day while channel surfing.  

In the episode, Jo and Blair take Mrs. Garret to a strip club for her birthday.  I'd seen the episode before when I was younger, but I'd forgotten how boundary pushing it actually was.  I don't think the show intended it to be, but most sit-coms don't show the male strippers sin speedos, the most we usually get is a dancer shirtless, or maybe in boxers or boxer briefs.  

The Fireman

This episode was filmed in the 80's, at the height of the popularity of male strip clubs for entertainment and of course the height of Chippendales.  If you look back on TV shows from the time, from sit-coms to talk shows, male strippers in speedos were everywhere.

After catching a few minutes last week, I decided to check out the cast on IMDB and was surprised at the casting of the men in the strip club.  The casting directly obviously wanted some realism.  Almost all of the men playing the strip clubs staff, from servers to strippers, were played by actors who had either done nude scenes, or were actually strippers themselves. 

The Cowboy

Check out who played who, what their nudity background was, and of course, take a look at them out of their sit-com speedos, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Doctor

Heat Chaser: Jayden Jaxx by Mark E Hersh

'I go to nude resorts and beaches when I can find time to take a vacation.'

Photographer Mark E. Hersh shared his work with model and porn star Jayden Jaxx last month, but I wanted to wait until December was in the rear view mirror.  I was up to my ears with enticing elves, men with Menorahs and sexy Santas.   Now that the holiday's are over however, it's time to do what most people who live in cold climates tend to do in January, head south! 

Once January hits, and family and holiday time is done, many in Canada and the Northern United States head south.  Sure, some head to Mexico, Costa Rica or Dominican Republic, but most head to Southern States.  It's funny, so many people go straight down. Most heat chasers head to Florida, California, Texas or Arizona.  

So many people head straight down.  People on the East Coast head to Florida, people in the West travel down to California.  Of course there are many exceptions, but it make sense.  It's quicker and cheaper, especially if you choose to drive.   I live in the East, and I've been up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida many times.  My dream however, is to travel up and down the West Coast from Vancouver down to San Diego. 

Although I can't take you all on a trip south, I can  be your guide on a virtual vacation to Palm Springs.  We won't be going to any restaurants, tourist attractions or even the beach, but we will be soaking up the sun, and the heat, with Mark's images of Jayden.  Some you may know Jayden from his adult film work, and that's exactly what initially brought he and Mark together.

Mark was working as director of photography on Friends In Heat for  Luxxxe Studios and met Jayden, one of the films stars, while on set.  Jayden made an impression on both Mark and the studio who signed him as an exclusive after he filmed his scene.  Since the cast and crew were all staying together in an amazing house in Palm Springs, they decided it was the perfect opportunity, and the perfect location, for a shoot.  I also took the opportunity to ask Jayden about his work with Mark, his experiences in the porn industry, and the place he most enjoys stripping down for an audience. 

What made you want to enter the world of modeling and adult film work? 
It all started with me go-go dancing At Toucans in Palm Springs while I was in the Marine Corps. I was just looking to make extra cash. However, that is also where my passion began to grow. 

What do you like best about modeling? 
My favorite part is collaborating with the photographer or designer and being a vessel for their mental vision and bringing it a full circle of life.

When was your first photo shoot, was it a nude shoot? 
My first photo shoot was when I was 12/13 years old and that was for a Macy’s kids campaign. While I was in the Marine Corps in I did a few small shoots for some local designers. My first nude shoot was in Palm Springs, CA.  There were no nerves, I enjoy being naked and I frequently swim nude and walk around the house naked. 

Did you and Mark discuss any goals for the shoot, or did you just go for it? 
We simply went in with the goal of enjoying the photo session and taking a more editorial route. 

Did Mark give my direction? 
Yes, he gave great direction when needed. He also allowed me to review the shots before we moved to the next location/ underwear. 

What was your favorite part about working with Mark? 
How easy it was, we simply just meshed well and felt comfortable with each other. After my first experience with Mark, and seeing how down to earth he was, I knew I’d try to get on his shoot schedule anytime I was in his area. 

Which is your favorite, modeling, films or dancing live? 
Dancing live and Film are my favorites. I’m actually typically very insecure when I comes to modeling because of my personal body insecurities. 

Any strange requests from people at your live shows? 
There are ALWAYS request from wanting my underwear after I’ve been dropping in sweat in them, wanting to pay for my socks, and various hangout request after the establishment closes. 

Were you a fan of adult films before getting into the industry? 
Yes I still watch porn weekly despite knowing the behind the scenes of it all. My favorite performer growing up stands as Boomer Banks. I also enjoy Max Connor and Skyy Knox 

Was there anyone you felt you had to talk to before you got started? 
No, I hid it from everyone initially. Then I started to let my friends know. Now I feel that if someone finds out they were looking for something that would arouse them. 

What most surprised you about working in the industry you didn't expect? 
How many people have corporate careers and are not nearly as vain as the public perceives us. 

Do you have a favorite clip or film you shot? 
Yes, my shoot with Roman Todd, my picture for my solo scene with Sean Cody, and my favorite clip is my pinned tweet of me jacking off. 

Have you lost your composure or started laughing during a scene? 
Yes, there have been times I’ve had to jump off the person because I’d ejaculate to early from their performance and I’ve burst out laughing from catching a cramp from an awkward position that was best suited for the camera angle

Do you get any say in who your scene partners would be? 
I give free reign to the studio to pair me with any performer initially. However, I will notify them if anything made me uncomfortable or if there was less than 50% chemistry with them so we do not get paired together in the future. 

Any current adult film actor (past or present) you'd love to work with? 
I have been fortunate to work with many of the performers I’ve always wanted. I still have a top five list of people I’d like to work with in the next two years.

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