Thursday, June 7, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 7th

Image by Poolshark
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Happy Birthday today June 7th to:

Happy 60th to Liam Neeson

Liam in swinging along in Under Suspicion (1991)
Caps via Restituda Is back In Town

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Eye Music by flondo

He, a photographer of few words. She, a poet in need of visual inspiration.
Together...Eye Music

Back in January, during my circus themed day, I first profiled the work of photographer and artist flondo. flondo's work glides you into a colorful dream state which your in no hurry to wake up from! In Eye Music, flondo and erotic author Katherine Wyvern join to bring the two artists, and two different mediums, together in a celebration of love, art, eroticism, and the glorious beauty of man.

flondo’s elegant, soulful, often erotic, sometimes provoking, always unique pictures have found a voice in K.W.’s lyrical, intricate, sensuous poems. Whether you read, or look, or watch words and images unfolding together as they inspire and complement each other, this dreamy, masterfully composed collection deserves unhurried contemplation.

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Poolshark: Diverting Attention

The intent of a pool shark is to distract you, intimidate and to divert your attention. That is exactly what Budapest based photographer Poolshark accomplished the first time I saw one of his images. That image, at the top of the blog as 'pic of the day,' I saw on a page with dozens of other images, mostly of naked men. Poolshark's less is more shot, was definitely the one that grabbed me.

Although Poolshark considers photography a hobby, he has been shooting for close to six years now. For a hobby, Poolshark has both the talent and ability to grab one's attention with both his visual shooting style and his incredible editing skills. His highly stylized shots beautifully weave together elements of fashion and fitness create both elegant and beautifully masculine imagery.

Working in the field of media in Hungary's capital city, Poolshark's professional appellation didn't stem from his love of eight ball or snooker. The photographer actually admits he is not that great a player. Poolshark first heard the term in a song and ended up as using it as part of an e-mail address, ended up liking it and the name stuck.

One of the fascinating offshoots of profiling photographers for FH is learning abit about other parts of the world. Not knowing a lot about Hungary, I was curious about the modeling industry in Budapest. Due to the size of the country, the market is not huge, and Poolshark reports many of the best models often end up going abroad to work in Milan, Tokyo, New York and Paris. That doesn't mean however that there are not some incredible models and agencies within Budapest and Poolshark sent on a few links showcasing many of the talented models working in the area.


'I usually pick my models from casting/model agency websites and I work on a TFCD basis. I would describe my style as eclectic, I'd like to try various ideas, and I consider it very important that the model feels comfortable with the results.'

Poolshark on ModelMayhem

Classic Playgirl Guy: Breck Orshal

'Smile and treat women with great respect and honest and your bed will never be cold.'

One of the most frequent requests I get is to do more Classic Playgirl posts. It is funny, but as often as I have written about the influence Playgirl had on me as a young kid, I haven't really seen that many issues. I had a few monumental moments with the issues I was lucky enough to see (usually sneaking into my aunts room), but by the time I was old enough, not to mention out enough, to buy them for myself the magazine was pretty much on it's last legs.

I do love though profiling the models and photographers who worked for the magazine. Moving into my teens in the late eighties, before the Internet, it was pretty much the only way most of us were able to spend time with naked men. The ability for a magazine to make such an impact seems something that will remain in the past. I loved the interviews and quotes, rarely about the model themselves, more about how the magazine was trying to present the man to their readership.

I do remember picking up the August 2005 issue featuring Breck Orshal photographed by Philip Moore. Some of you might know Breck from other sources on the net due to his ability to engage with his looks and personality. Breck has a hot mix of GQ and bad boy and as Phoebe Buffay once said to Chandler Bing on Friends, homosexual hair. Not a comment on his sexuality, simply that I, like many others I know, spent HOURS in an attempt to have hair like Breck's.

'My family and I have always been conservative. However, I didn't have an issue baring it all once I had it to bare. I wasn't always in good shape. If you would have told me I would be a Playgirl Centerfold at 22, I would have laughed.'

Losing his virginity:
'I was 16 the first time I had sex. It was with a girl I had been dating for a year and really cared about. It was her first time too and it was intimidating because I knew that along with sex came responsibility. I didn't want her to remember us as being anything less than great.'

Sexiest Dream:
'I used to dream about living in tree homes with four or five different girls and having insane animalistic sex, meaning sweaty and hard, like a madman.'