Sunday, January 10, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 11th

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Seasonal Sightings

'Lots of people go mad in January. Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June. But January is your third most common month for madness.'
Karen Joy Fowler

12 Days: Henry Golding in Last Christmas

'Last Christmas I gave you my heart 
But the very next day you gave it away'

It's appropriate that Last Christmas would be my last 12 Days post celebrating the Christmas holiday season.  Appropriate not just because of it's title, but because I actually put together last January, almost one year to the day.  I'd seen the flick in the theatre early in January, and wanted to include the beautiful Henry Golding in the 12 Days series.  

Given it was January however, I decided to leave until this past Christmas, but only recently discovered it my draft folder.  Instead of waiting until Christmas 2021, I decided to go in and so some edits, and make it the Swan Song for this years series.

The Travel Show

There were so many things about Last Christmas to complain about, it really wasn't that great a flick.  The reviews weren't great.  For some reason, I especially disliked Emma Thompson in this flick, maybe because I love her so much.  Her scenes in Love Actually, a Christmas movie I do pull it often, (although not this year) were a highlight in the film, but in Last Christmas, she was more a caricature  for comic relief. 

One critic called it the worst movie, that you'll end up watching every Christmas.  I don't see many pulling this flick out yearly, but there were a few things about it I enjoyed.  Although an avid movie watcher, I have to cop to being surprised by the movie's twist.  Although the clues were all there, it's surprise packed a mini, but still vivid emotional twist.   I also couldn't help but love Emilia Clarke's character Kate, and even her corny singing at the end did tug at my Christmas heart strings.

The beautiful Henry Golding as Tom was the highlight.  Like so many of you, I've been thirsting after the talented actor since seeing him in Crazy Rich Asian.  It shouldn't be a big deal, yet it sadly is one, and is still incredibly rare to see an Asian actor as the romantic lead in a film, especially Christmas one. Golding more than demonstrates what a colossal mistake that was.  He certainly left his mark on me, and many others, even in a so-so movie from last Christmas. 

FaVorites: Alexander Ludwig

Most of us, were introduced to Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig in the first film in The Hunger Games series.  In the 2012 flick, Ludwig played Cato, District 2's hunky, but fierce and determined tribute. One of my favorite part of doing the 'FaVorite' series, is seeing the changes in the actors, models and performers that I feature.  

Although just 20 at the time of the first film, Ludwig was incredibly fit and more than adequately filled out his tribute suit.  Even so, Ludwig has gotten even more built and strapping in the last 8 years, evident if you've checked out his recent photo shoots or seen Ludwig in his role as Bjorn in the series Vikings

Two shots below by Lewis Payton

Alexander for JJ Portraits

Alexander for Flaunt Magazine

A little Viking moon.

A Baker's Dozen: Cristian

'The minute Cristian turned 18 he was in the studio.'

It was back in 2012, just after his first time in the studio, that Mark from Mount Photography first introduced his work with Cristian to viewers of FH.   Expressive Masquerade remains one of my all time favorite features due to Mark's incredible imagery, and the story they told.  It also included one of my favorite things about working on the site,  being able to visually visit beautiful locations in other parts of the world.  

Mark's images allow me to visit incredible locations including Cristian's home country of Spain.  It was after featuring Mark's images of Cristian last summer that I was inspired to start the series A Baker's Dozen.  In preparing the piece, I went back to go through the previous pieces on Mark and Cristian's work together.  Given FH had recently turned 13, it had me wanting to commemorate some of the models whose work has appeared multiple times overe the years.

Mark's worth with Cristian was the perfect example of what the series is all about.  Given I've been fortunate to have been able to share so much of Mark's imagery, especially of Cristian, FH viewers were able to see the young model's work from his beginnings in front of the camera and check out the changes, and Cristian's progress and growth over the years.

Cristian by Mount Photography