Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ode to Mark-Paul Gosselaar

ZacK Attack!

When I was a teenager, like many of you I am sure, I crushed on Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Even back then I knew Saved By The Bell was crap but Mark-Paul was so adorable and talented that after the first season or two the show was basically written for, and around, his character. After the shows cancellation Gosselaar went on to prove himself a good dramatic actor as well in tv movies and on NYPD Blue.

At 37 Gosselaar is hotter than ever and in his new show Franklin & Bash, featuring the equally talented Breckin Meyer, Gosselaar again gives us a brief glimpse of his amazing backside. Here's a little look back a Gosselaar's most revealing roles.

Mark-Paul on NYPD Blue

Mark - Paul Gosselaar & Chandra West in NYPD... by mightyleech

Mark-Paul on Showtime

Mark-Paul in Franklin and Bash


Thanks to WinterType & Superherofan for the Franklin & Bash caps.