Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 27th

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Walk & Talk

Not sure what Riverdale's Charles Melton is selling, but it doesn't look like KJ Apa is buying...

Patrik: Part IV

Last month, I featured Patrik, (HERE:) one of Bodytorium's first, not to mention one of the studio's most energetic and playful models.  Last week, Patrik returned to the site with Part 4 of his shoot with Phil, bringing the total number of images of the sexy Slovakian to close to 700.  Preview a few more on PAGE 2 HERE: or check out his entire portfolio on BODYTORIUM HERE:

Favorite Face of the Day: Donald Maclean Jr.

Save one life, you’re a hero. Save 100 lives, you’re a nurse.

I first noticed actor Donald MacLean JR. when promos for his new show Nurses began popping up on cable networks last fall.  In addition to finding him incredibly hot, I also felt that there was something very familiar about the actor.  After checking out his IMDB page, I knew I hadn't seen him in anything before, but I couldn't shake the feeling that he reminded me of someone....  I'll figure it out.

Many of you may not have seen the Canadian drama, but I did find it on-line and checked out the first three episodes.  Although nurses are at the core of most hospital dramas, not many make them the focus.  Although the show has it's soap moments, I've enjoyed what I've seen so far, and in the last episode that I saw MacLean's character Wolf seems headed for trouble...

Canada Eh!

If you can't watch Nurses, you'll soon be able to see MacLean on the big screen.  It was recently announced that he'll be joining David Duchovny and Michelle Monaghan in a re-make of The Craft. Seems odd to be already be re-making a film from 1996, but any movie about a coven of high school aged witches is worth a look, or at least a download.

'1st shirtless pic. Feeling dynamic.'
Donald Maclean Jr. (Instagram)

Workin' Moms (2018)

Wayne (2018)

Shedding Fur: Beau Breedlove by Studio1x

'Beau is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. He has many talents, he does on line fitness training, he is a baker and has some wonderful cookbooks published, which you can purchase on line, he is a gardener, husband, father just to name a few. I was very eager to start the editing process of all the photos that we took and was able to give him some sneak peaks by the time he got home.'

When Studio1x's Jim mentions about 'all those photos', he meant ALL those photos.  Jim originally sent along this series of images along with the set of shots of model Beau Breedlove in the red onesie that I used to celebrate Romjul on Boxing Day of last year. (HERE:)  There were so many images (hundreds!) and so many great shots, I had to separate the themes if I was to have any hope in narrowing down my favorites.

The theme was winter, so the red onesie, and the fake fur were the perfect fashion choices for Beau to both wear and of course bare, his incredible body.  These shots had me remembering the old fur coat my mother used have wrapped in heavy plastic at the back of her closet.  That fur... was unfortunately real. I don't remember my mother ever actually wearing it, but given it was given to her after he own mother died, it was kept, for awhile anyway, for sentimental reasons.

I don't think many people today keep real furs in the back of their closets, at least not ones wrapped in plastic that they'd never think of wearing.  If you grew up in the eighties or nineties though, it wasn't that uncommon.  Although they eventually became 'symbols of wealth', especially in eighties prime time soap operas, it wasn't away that way.  That fur coat remained in my mother's closet until I was about 17.  During a move and a downsize to a smaller home, the fur, along with many items once held as sentimental, didn't make the cut and were thrown out, sold or given away.

The fur remained in the back of that closet however, long enough for me to be briefly infatuated with it.  I remember distinctly the smell, and the sound of my removing the plastic, to try it on.  I of course waited until I was home alone, and believe me, it wasn't an easy task to get that plastic off, and back on again.

Not wanting to be 'caught', I painstakingly wrapped it back up, hoping, it wouldn't be noticed.  I always suspected my mother knew, but she never said a word.  My siblings an I were always rooting through my parents bedroom, especially at Christmas, I think they got used to things never being exactly as they remembered...

I'd not thought about that coat in years, not until seeing Jim's shots of Beau.  I was only about 10 or 11 when I tried on that coat, but I still remember there was a feeling of... I guess luxury, especially when the fur touched my skin.   Beau beautifully drapes, and undrapes, the fur from his body, letting it slowly, and erotically, slide down his skin.

I love the visual contrast between Beau's skin and the dark fur.  Jim's images also had me re-thinking my stance on wearing real fur...    Not an animal fur, I hate animal cruelty in any fashion, and would never buy, wear, or even hang out with someone wearing an animal fur.  But... I could easily envision myself wrapped up in a soft coat made up of Beau's sexy scruff of facial hair....

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 26th

Patrik by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today February 26th

Happy 35th to actor Shiloh Fernandez!

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Speedos in the Snow

Patrik by Bodytorium

'Like a ball of a fire, Phil shares that Patrik is either burning hot, going and full speed, running and bouncing around or he's napping, exhausted and extinguished when his energy's run out. Exuding all of that energy, means Patrik needs a lot of time to recharge'

I loved Phil's description of Patrik when I first featured their work last month. (Ball of FireI couldn't help but imagine a big kid, like the energizer bunny, buzzing around at lightening speed until the batteries ran out.  Phil describes Patrik as having two setting, either at full speed, or fast asleep.  We've all had those days running at full speed.  They don't always end with a gradual slow down, but instead, plopping into bed with a full stop.

Thankfully, Phil got in hundreds of snaps before Patrik's batteries ran out, not that a napping Patrik wouldn't be equally adorable. Check out all four of Phil's updates with Patrik on Bodytorium HERE:

Instagrams that Inspire: Kevin Carnell

I love the energy, joy and body positivity that Kevin Carnell brings to his work and images.  He also has some INCREDIBLE curves that he so adeptly shows off!