Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 10th

Most recently seen on 'Desperate Housewives' if you have not already met, let me introduce you to Eric Ian Colton.

Happy Birthday today March 10th to:

Favorite Birthday Boys celebrating today March 10th

Jon Hamm turns 39 today.

Werner Schreyer turns 40 today.

I have had a crush on actor Stephen Mailer (Who also happens to be Norman's son) since seeing him in 'Cry Baby'. Though he has not gotten the attention he deserves, Stephen has many great roles to his credit. Stephen turns 44 today.

Above: Stephen in 'Quiet Days in Hollywood' (Thanks to the original capper!).
Below: Stephen with his mother, author Norris Church.

Mitch Gaylord turns 49 today.

OH NO 90210

I have avoided all things Melrose and 90210. They...quite frankly suck. man Greg Vaughan and his most heavenly chest is joining 90210. Whats a man to do?

'Up' The Academy

I was about to post a long rant (like many others I know) about Farrah and Bea's diss at the Oscars this year. No doubt they are tv stars, but also both had some movies. Actors go where the roles are which is why Holly Hunter, Glenn Close, Mary Louise Parker, Kyra Sedgwick and others are now starring on television. I am sure they would not have been left out.

The Academy issues a pathetic apology this morning (which actually surprised me) for leaving Farrah out. We won't get one for Bea and I can live with that. Just let me say this. Whenever I am watching the Oscars in a group, the only time the room gets quiet is during the 'In Memoriam'. It begins with some 'shhs', it is one of the reasons many watch. I love James Taylor, but really. We don't need a singer, we don't want fancy camera angles. We want music, quietly in the background of single close up shots of those who have left us over the past 12 months. We don't care if it is 3 minutes or 30. Rid the show of the dance numbers the silly opening numbers (unless they feature Neil Patrick Harris) and put the attention where it belongs. Honoring those who made an impact in the business.

Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur are actress's who worked on tv, the stage and movies. They were loved. The academy, no matter how they try to play it, did not realize just how much.

R.I.P Corey Haim

Rest In Peace Corey Haim. You had your struggles, both in life and with your career but I will always remember you from one of my all time favorite movies whose title is a now bit ironic. 'The Lost Boys'. Wonder if the academy will feature you next year...

Jonathan Wade-Drahos in 'Circuit'

Watched and enjoyed Dirk Shafer's 'Circuit' (2001) the other night. The movie was a bit uneven, but the talented and oh so lickable Jonathan Wade-Drahos had me watch the entire flick. Great to see cameo's by Jim J. Bullock, William Katt, Joel Brooks, Nancy Allen, Randall Kleiser and Bruce Vilanch. Now if only I find more of Jonathan's work!

Male Model of the Day: Nic Haas

28 year old Nic Haas wears many hats. Model, actor, musician and company owner are all adjectives you could put before his name. Nic is ex-military, and a college grad with an major in English. Check out much more about Nic at his official site HERE:

Below: Nick by Bradford Rogne Photo.

Nic Haas

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185
Inseam: 32
Sleeve: 35
Neck: 17
Waist: 32
Shoe: 12

Next three shots by Ray John Pila.

Next three shots by Tom Cullis.

Next two shots of Nic by Jim Oblak

Last set of shots from