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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 8th

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Happy Birthday today March 8th

Happy 60th to actor Aidan Quinn!

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Legends of the Fall (1994)

R.I.P Ewoud Broeksma

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Horizontal Stripes

I binged the first two episodes of this season's Survivor, Edge of Extinction before watching this week's episode.  I love Survivor, but wasn't really in the head space to watch the night of it's premiere.  Although I usually hate returning contestants, I was looking forward to seeing Joe and his man bun.

Joe is as fetching as ever, but all this season thus far have been on 25 year old Chris Underwood.  Usually they say horizontal stripes aren't that complimentary to the body, and usually end up making you look a little thicker than you are.  With Chris however, especially with his striped boxer briefs, they work beautifully.

The camera operators seem to agree, and in the seasons first two episodes, have given us a ton of close ups of Chris and his stripes, both front and back views.  Those lines, especially when wet, seem to frame and highlight Chris's natural vertical line in crazy sexy ways....

Sadly, Chris wasn't in his boxers as much last night, but maybe he'll be back in them with the challenge he received at the end of the episode.  If so, we'll all be edging towards extinction.

Gust Force: Luan by Richard Rothstein

'It was not too cold but it was dangerously windy.'

Usually, when I have a large selection of images to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow them down and decide on a theme.  Not in this case.  When Richard Rothstein sent on his recent shoot with Luan, (pronounced like Juan but with an L) there was one image that summed that both stood out, but had me asking Richard about it's origin.

The theme was the shot of Luan above.  It was a planned shot, nor one I think Richard necessarily planned on my making the centerpiece of the story.... but it was a spectacular shot none the less.  Richard's day with Luan actually began with in Richard's apartment.  After shooing inside, they headed up to the roof of Richard's building for the second part of the shoot.

'When we got to the roof, it wasn't too cold but it was dangerously windy. I lent Luan one of my coats to stay warm in-between shots and at one point a major gust of wind pulled the coat over his head and gave me that glorious view!'

Many of us are aware of the wind has both the power, and often the inclination, to expose.  Whether it be a gust of winter wind, a surging summer breeze or even warm air rising from a subway vent, as Marilyn Monroe discovered wearing her iconic white dress.  We've all had the wind whip at our clothing, blowing off our hats, even jackets, and blowing up men's shirts and women's skirts, exposing a little skin.

With the exception of maybe the odd kilt wearer, not many men have had such a forceful baring breeze as the one Richard captured blowing over Luan.  It makes sense the gust force would be strong, especially given they were shooting on a roof.  Although gusts usually only last about 5 or 10 seconds, they more frequent, and more powerful, when the wind surges over bumpy land masses, tree's and tall buildings.

If you're a regular FH reader, you're familiar with Richard's roof top, which has served as a location for many of Richard's shoots.  It's always fascinating to see how models will interact with a specific location, especially a roof top impacted by the elements.  Richard has shot models on the roof in each of the four seasons, with varying temperatures and weather.

I'm not sure whether it was the temperature or the wind, but it seemed to energize Luan providing a burst, equal to the force of the wind whirling around him.  Now it might have been Luan wanted to get his clothes back on and the hell off the roof and out of the wind, but either way, his wind inspired roof dance is a breathtaking sight.

'Luan is a new model for me, but likely to become a regular. He is one of those rare birds, like Sergey, who truly delivers a collaborative and imaginative experience. I gave him the mood and the props and he gave me dance, movement, grace, sensuality, seduction and energy.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 7th

Image from Ewoud Broeksma
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Happy Birthday today March 7th

Happy 40th to model, actor and boxer Will Chalker!

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Crack of Dawn

Ewoud Broeksma: An Unseen World

'Whether competing locally or winning medals at the Olympics, athletes shot by photographer Ewoud Broeksma are captured with reverence, as champions at the top of their game. Anyone searching the internet for images of the male form has undoubtedly come across images from photographer Ewoud Broeksma. The Netherlands artist has been a leader in capturing athletes and Olympians for over three decades. Ewoud captures his subjects, during the peak of their athletic careers, in breathtaking and respectful images immortalizing the body at it’s peak.'

I was saddened recently to read of the death of photographer Ewoud Broeksma. I was fortunate to have had talked and interviewed Ewoud artist back in 2011 for an issue of tMf Magazine. Ewoud liked how I told stories with FH and often sent on images for me to check out and respond to. Whenever I asked Ewoud about featuring his images he was always eager, but careful. When it came to a model feature, he was fully on board as long as the model was.

When it came to showcasing one of his themes, he always reminded me he wanted the focus on the aestheticism captured, and to ensure the story was not erotically focused. (see my last post from last year HERE:) Ewoud valued the relationships and trust he earned from the athletes he shot, and said it was his reputation for both professionalism and his focus on shooting his model as athletes.

I didn't initially agree with Ewoud and mentioned a few times that with images of the nude male form had a sexual element. Ewoud was quick to say that he was fine with however people responded, but his intent was celebrate the passion and energy the athletes put into their sport and physique and his job was to capture and celebrate this passion through his work. Below is a bit of my 2011 interview with Ewoud.

'When I do a photo shoot, I'm a producer, not a consumer. I know that when the model/sportsman walks out the door he has become an ambassador for my work. Before someone enters the studio I reckon they have been thinking and talking about the shoot a long time. I should not disappoint the models and the people behind them. '

'When world famous speed skaters were allowed to leave the Soviet Union, some came to the Netherlands to earn some “valuta” in this type of sport. Some happened to stay at the home of two of my male friends who now own a male-art gallery. The Russians were kind and open-minded. Glasnost and perestroika in 1990 did some good too in this aspect as they were willing to pose for me. Local media got interested; speed skating and speed skaters are very popular in my country. I've been keeping up sports in my work ever since. I was offered a photo column in a daily newspaper that opened many doors for me.'

'There is a hierarchy in “easy to portray” sportsmen. Undoubtedly, on top are track & field athletes. Volley ballplayers are easygoing as well as cyclists. Football players (soccer) are average. Swimmers are not easy to portray nude. Probably because they're used to dressing and undressing under a towel in front of (mostly) family and other spectators. They're not used to being naked, funny enough, and prolong that attitude in the studio. Men in team sports are likely to pose naked quite easily. If one does it, the rest follows. I must say; my work is known here and there so sportsmen that know what to expect, and to my delight; respect it. They do things for me they wouldn't do for a starting photographer.'

'The message is clear; under one's clothes a usually unseen world is hiding, that we, at least I, would like to see. To make it non-erotic, I ask the models to pose in the same position twice, dressed and then undressed. It is important their facial expression does not change. I noticed that many of the guys posing shave their private area, not only the sporty guys. More and more tattoos are popping up also, there is this fashion thing going on underneath as well.'

Kudos to the Casting Director of The Enemy Within

'FBI Agent Will Keaton enlists the most notorious traitor in American history to help catch a spy.'

Morris Chestnut

That 'traitor' is Erica Shepherd played by the brilliant Jennifer Carpenter. I loved Jennifer since her days playing Debra, the serial killer's sister on Dexter. I was intrigued seeing the promo's for The Enemy Within last month, and DVR'd the pilot which I just found time to check out last night. The premise immediately drew me in, and Jennifer is as compelling as ever in a really smartly developed role.

In addition to Jennifer and the story, I instantly noticed the well chosen team of incredibly hot actors the casting directer assembled in the cast. Morris Chestnut plays Will, the agent who reluctantly  enlists Erica to help on a case.  The supporting cast also includes many actors I featured previously on FH including; James Carpinello, Raza Jaffrey, Pawel Szajda and Noah Mills. I ony watched the pilot, and given it's a political crime drama, I'm not sure all of my favorites are going to be on for the long haul, but if the story remains as intense as the pilot, I'll stick around to find out.

James Carpinello

Rock of Ages

James in Let's Kill Ward's Wife

Pawel Szajda

Pawel in Tatarak (2009)

Raza Jaffrey

Raza in Smash

Noah Mills

Mills in Sex & The City 2