Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hiding His Head (s)

Knock Knock? Doug Jeffery in The Other Man

In my quest to find the hottest hunks from both today, and yesterday, I often find myself researching actors who spent some time in 90's soft core. The 90's really were the height for the film genre and the height of male skin 'R' rated mostly straight to video movie releases. I recently found myself watching 1994's The Other Man (Sexual Malice). Like many films from the genre, there were a couple of 'B' stars, in this case Edward Albert and Chad McQueen, but those names were mostly for the credits.

The real hottness in The Other Man comes from the incredibly hot Doug Jeffery. I love the scene I capped below with Doug (Quinn) answering the door completely naked. We often see men arriving home to be greeted by a scantly clad woman, but a hot naked hunk on the other side of the door is a little more rare. Doug just oozes sexual energy, not to mention that body, and his butt which is to die for. I know he has done a few other similar nude scenes in other films from the 90's, so if I find any others, I will be sure to share.

Doug is described as an entrepreneur and self-made business man who has weaved in and out of acting and business ventures his entire life. In his twenties, Doug toured as the official host for Chippendale's, moving to LA after to pursue an acting career. Doug was busy appearing in film for most of the 90's, then moved on to other pursuits until 2015, when he dipped his toe back into the acting world.

'Eternally the entrepreneur, Doug's vision can be seen in his new project, Hollywood & Wine. With partner, Emmy Award Winning, Valerio Ventura, Doug's new boutique wine label is a hit with those looking for an inexpensive, distinct, full-flavored wine that delivers a presence worthy of the red carpet. Of course, Doug had to take it to another level, so he decided to create a wine portfolio unlike any other: to make a collection that would reflect what Hollywood is all about and to include in his vision the film genres and glamour of the most famous city in the world.'

If you want to see more of the scene, you can download it on SendSpace HERE:

Scrub Down: Yorgen by Mike Tossy & Studio MG Photography

First two shots from StudioMG Photography

'You like it clean, we like it dirty.'

Sometimes picking the right 'title' for a FH feature can be one of the most challenging parts of the job. This is especially true when you have images as extraordinary as Mike Tossy and Studio MG Photography's shots of Yorgen. Given the theme, I immediately searched for car wash slogans, and their was an endless of list of campaign ads with sexually suggestive catch phrases, We Dry Harder and Take out the junk and we'll vacuum your trunk, were two of my favorites.

Next 4 shots from Mike Tossy

Ultimately, I went with Scrub Down, not just because that's what the Alaskan born Yorgen is doing to the Ford F-250, a heavy duty truck that needs a heavy duty man to do the job right. Scrub Down also describes what most of us would love to do if Yorgen was in front of us, naked, with a bucket, sponge, and a very long long hose.

About that hose... for now, it is turned on, but will have to wait just a little bit for the water pressure to build. Today's car wash theme is sort of a teaser to get you a little wet and soapy, but not completely soaked... not yet anyway.

When I first saw Yorgen on Studio MG Photography's Instagram page, I could not help but take notice of his incredible legs. I am not generally a leg man, but Yorgen's thick muscular limbs really grabbed my attention. A few days later, I saw Yorgen on Mike Tossy's site, and the car wash shoot was certainly a stand out! When I contacted Mike about featuring Yorgen I learned he and Mark had shot Yorgen over a weekend and Mark was working on a book to feature the weekend shoot. I have seen a preview of Mark's book and am pleased he and Mike were on board with sharing their car wash shots as a way to introduce Yorgen to FH readers until the book is ready to go.

last two images from StudioMG Photography