Monday, April 19, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 20th

The bluffs by Briancan Photography
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Lumière de fenêtre

Motion Pictures

As much as I love still bodies in images, some bodies, come to live when in motion.  Thankfully, actor and model Julian Larach loves to dance and shake it on stage.  He's also shared a few on Instagram.


'I don't think I want to play a teenager anymore.'

Most teen idols at some point or another grow out of not only not wanting, but no longer being able to play teenagers.  With his baby face, actor Devon Sawa was still able to play teens well into his twenties.  Now 42, the Canadian born Sawa posted the image above this past February on his Instagram.  Although no longer a teen, he looks as hot as he did when I first saw him on screen.

Like many of you I'm sure, I first saw that adorable face back when Devon actually was a teenager when he appeared briefly in the form of Casper at the end of the 1995 film.  Devon went on to have a much talked about skinny dipping scene in Now And Then.  Despite all the claims there was a frontal, the actor was still a teenager, and modesty pouches were worn by all four of the actors in the scene.

Casper (1995)

Now and Then (1995)

Given how long I've been working on FH, I often find myself focusing on the change, and the many themes that go along with it.  Although the web is full of those 'now and then' images of celebrities, most of which are click bait, and usually meant to embarrass, or humiliate, for most, change is actually a positive thing.  Sawa was an adorable teen with the a face, nose and the blonde hair, perfect for a teen idol.  At 42, the actor still has that great face and nose, and his body is in incredible shape.  Although his appearances in Casper and Now And Then were memorable memories from my own teen years, I'm much more drawn to Devon today and the wider variety of roles he's now able to take.

Although he's not nude, there is some nudity in this clip from 1998's Around The Fire.  Eric Mabius also looks great in the scene. 

Around The Fire (1998)

Slackers (2002)

Sawa showed a wee bit of butt crack in 1998's Slackers.  You can see the film was yet another victim of the ole evolution from VHS to DVD.  The DVD (cap about) cuts out all of Sawa's butt, a portion of which was seen on the VHS release. (below)

Jarhead: Law of Return (2019)

Briancan Photography: The Bluffs

'Forming much of the eastern portion of Toronto's waterfront, the Scarborough Bluffs stands above the shoreline of Lake Ontario.'

It used to be the weather, but over the last year, the pandemic become the number one topic of conversation.  It's understandable, Covid has impacted us all to varying degree's, whether directly, or indirectly through changes we've had to make and adjust to.  It's also forced us to interact with others differently, sometimes leading to unplanned conflict.  

One of my cousins called me last week letting me know he'd be driving though my town on the weekend.  He wanted to meet me at the local pub for lunch.  He was shocked when I told him I'd been back to a restaurant (except take-out) since last March, and didn't intend to until I was vaccinated. The call ended abruptly, it was though I lobbed some attack, and he seemed to take it personally.

I haven't become a hermit, just the opposite in fact.  I go out every day, maybe even more than before the pandemic. I stubbornly don't want to be controlled by Covid, so although I don't hit all you can eat buffets, I head to the park to run, for a hike or to the beach more than I ever did before.  I think a lot of people are, something several models and photographers I've covered recently  have noticed during their shoots...

Brian (Briancan Photography) has been going to the bluffs since the 1990's, for the scenery, to shoot, and especially to hang out completely  naked.  Although it's never been sanctioned as a nude beach, many, especially men, have made it there unofficial nude beach of choice.  The beach leading to the bluffs starts off of Queen Street East and goes on well into Scarborough so there are a lot of access points along the way. The rocks and beach, and the bluffs behind, make for a striking background for images of the male form.  I was first drawn to the location in Brian's images awhile ago. I was always curious to learn more about the location.

'The sandy cliffs and rocks make it a great spot of photos. I started taking models there several years ago and they all love it. Many had never been and once they discovered it they went back on their own.'

Due to Covid, the bluffs have become more well known as great outdoor place to visit.  It's understandable, and great that people want to get outside. There are nine parks along the bluffs, hiking and walking trails, picnic tables, fire pits, places to camp and even a restaurant and marina.  Despite all of the things to do, Brian had still always managed to find quiet places to both get naked himself, and to take models there to shoot as well.

Ontario is currently experiencing another surge in Covid cases, leading to another recent lock down from the provinces premiere Doug Ford.  Given the restrictions, it appears the buffs may not be an possible shooting option for awhile yet.  

Brian is hoping by the summer, it might be again possible to plan and head out for another shoot.  In the meantime, Brian shared some of the shots from his previous trips.  A couple of the models have previously appeared on FH, and one of the images is of the artist himself.  I look forward to when Brian is able to return to the bluffs to continue with the series.