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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 27th

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Happy Birthday today March 27th

Happy 52nd to actor Nathan Fillion!

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Grädde på moset

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Blast from the Past: Paul Keenan

' I don't believe AIDS is something to be ashamed of, something that I should have to keep a secret," Keenan said. "I am very proud of who I am, very proud of the things I'm trying to do.'
Paul Keenan

Until last week, I hadn't seen, nor heard of actor Paul Keenan before.  After seeing him on television however, I went down the Internet rabbit hole, looking for as much info, and as many images as I could find.  Sadly, there wasn't much out there to find, but I enjoyed the search, and learning about the actor who's career and life were sadly cut short.

Last month, I did a small post on actor Al Corley, and his role as Steven Carrington on Dynasty. (HERE:) I haven't really seen many episodes of the 80's Prime-Time soap, but was inspired to write the piece after the show began airing on a local cable channel.  I watched a couple of old episodes, but wasn't really inspired to continue watching.  The parental warning at the beginning of each episode however, is what inspired the post.

The warning was about the word 'faggot', and how Steven's sexuality was treated by the show, and the other characters.  Ironic sort of, that Dynasty marked the last role from actor Rock Hudson.  This piece isn't about Hudson though, it's about another actor, in another role, several years prior to Hudson appearing on the show.

Although I haven't continued watching, I did catch a few scenes last week that led to my introduction of actor Paul Keenan.  Paul played Tony Driscoll, the stable hand and gardener on the show in 12 episodes of the first few seasons.  I looked up from working the other night to see this hot actor, strutting up to Joan Collins wearing a very tight pair of jeans.

Its's not really a surprise I didn't know who he was.  In addition to not having watched much of Dynasty, Keenan only had a handful of roles during his short career in the early 1980's.  In addition to his role as Tony, Keenan also appeared on the daytime soap Days Of Our Lives and had a role in the made for TV movie, Summer Fantasy in 1984.  Summer Fantasy looks a little like a precursor to Baywatch and co-starred Julianne Phillips, Ted Shakelford and John Wesley Shipp.  

Summer Fantasy (1984)

The beach flick also marked the actor's final on-screen role.  Sadly Keenan died of AIDS two year later in 1986.  Unlike Rock Hudson, who died the year before, Keenan chose to public with his sexuality, and his battle with AIDS.  He left Hollywood shortly after his diagnosis, and went home to spend his last days around family and friends.  He also gave several interviews about his battle.  With so many men dying silently, Keenan seemed to understand how important it was to go public and to speak out. 

'I believe my focus is to be healed from this disease and to live.  Whatever else happens after that, happens. When you have AIDS, you really have to face the fact that this could be a fatal disease.  You're really dealing with things that are more important than the narcissistic Hollywood type of life.'
Paul Keenan

Naked Lunch: George by Travis Rockett

 'Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk?'
William S. Burroughs

FH viewers are familiar with the work of model and photographer George.  Over the last few years, I've featured his work both behind and in front of the camera. This series features George in front, and you can check out his work behind, shooting Dante on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

I love when themes are incorporated in photography and for this shoot, author William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch provided the creative inspiration.   George was reading the novel, which led to the idea of incorporating the title into an upcoming shoot with photographer Travis Rocket.

'We were scheduled to shoot around lunchtime. So I grabbed a takeout sandwich and brought my book along for the opening shots based on that concept.'

George and Travis connected through Spectrum Gallery, an art gallery devoted to photography in Fresno California.  Both Travis and his partner are both members.  Travis' partner also used to draw George when attended a Figure Drawing Course at a local college.  Travis and George quickly became friends, bonding over their shared passion for photography.  At the time, Travis was looking to do some nude photography, and since he knew of both George's experience and comfortability posing nude, he asked him about working together.

Travis describes himself as primarily a Black and White and Detail photographer.  he also enjoys dabbling in the old school of photography, Lumen, Cyanotype and Van Dyke, but have always loved black and white.  Although his website, (HERE:) is primarily focused more towards the Black and White spectrum, Travis finds himself wanting to challenge himself more with his photography.  He has yet to include his nude work on his site, but hopes that down the road, once he's honed his skills, a new section with nude work will be added. 

'George came over to my house and we started to talk as he started to undress, I started to snap some photos. As he got nude he proceeded to eat lunch as he would as at home and I started to shoot him just as I was watching as an observer as someone at lunch. As we continued he would talk and we had a great conversation as we proceeded throughout the shoot.'

'My favorite part of the shoot was just enjoying a moment as I watched as a voyeur into a person's life as they ate and enjoyed their meal. It was nice to be comfortable especially my first time doing this type of photography but George was helpful in making me comfortable and relaxed.'