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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 23rd

Zmari by JW Johnson
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Seasonal Sightings

With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, it's time to pull out the Barbecue. If you're actor George Stults, it's also time to pull out the one sided thong, and post a few shots on Instagram. George's sexy Instagram shots don't usually stay up long, but thankfully, someone usually manages to save and share them!

Unintentional Exposure: Zmari by JW Johnson

'Zmari was something from the first moment I met him...'

Whenever I'm featuring a nude shoot, especially a model shooting naked for the very first time, I'm always curious as to what?  What made them decide to shoot nude, what factors when into this decision, and how they felt in the days and hours leading up to their planned exposure.  It's always fascinating then, to find out a models decision to take it all off for the camera, wasn't planned, but instead a spur of the moment decision.

It all began in Russia, well sort of.  Missouri photographer JW Johnson had never seen, nor heard of Zmari before the day of their shoot.  JW had actually been talking with Zmari's boyfriend about shooting, a Russian student who was studying and attending college in the United States.  The Russian student was interested in getting into modeling and came down to JW's studio for a test shoot.

Thankfully, he brought Zmari along for the shoot, and as soon as JW saw him, he knew Zmari was much hotter, and would photograph much better, than the guy the shoot was planned for.  In addition, the model set to shoot, had misrepresented himself, and had sent JW photos of another guy in order to secure the test shoot...

Zmair and JW formed a connection, and when his boyfriend was called away, JW took advantage of the opportunity presented and asked Zmari if he'd like to model.  Although Russian as well, Zmari's look is a blend of his Russian and Middle Eastern heritage which blend to provide Zmari with his beautiful skin, distinctive features and sultry brown eyes.

JW loved working with Zmari, and describes him as a natural in front of the camera, not to mention one of the sweetest guys he's ever worked with.  After their first shoot back in 2013, they worked together twice more over the next several years.  A few months after that first shoot, JW invited Zmari down to one of my favorite locations, his friend's farm, and like the first time, Zmari exceeded JW's exceptions with his skill and flexibility with creating some incredibly sexy poses.

I personally couldn't keep my eyes off Zmari's torso and incredibly hot stomach. Long, lean, and incredibly fit, Zmari's torso is sculpted to perfection,   JW encouraged Zmari to have fun in on the farm, shooting in various locations around the grounds which provided Zmari so many great places and props to play with and beautifully show off his incredible body.

In one of their last shoots, JW was doing a group shoot with three models, and a couple of his photographer colleagues.   Zmari was definitely a stand out and was usually front and center during the shoot, including one of the set-ups which had the three naked models washing JW's car late in the shoot.  Sly of JW to include a concept which not only included three hot naked models getting wet, but with the added bonus of getting his truck sparkling clean!

ACTORS & Skin: David Keith

The Lords of Discipline (1983)

I'ts been a few months since I DVR'd the 1984 flick Firestarter, but it was just last week, that I started to watch.   Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, but I haven't always been as enthusiastic about the film adaptations of his books.  Some, like Dolores Claiborne, Pet Cemetery and Misery as well as the 1990 TV adaptation of IT, I love, but most of them... I don't.

Firestarter (1984)

Firestarter wasn't very compelling, despite a interesting beginning,. about 30 minutes in I started to get bored, and the blasting eighties action movie soundtrack had me quickly tuning out.  Before flicking it off, I did however notice actor David Kieth, looking especially hot with long hair in the films opening flashback scene.

I knew who David Keith was, but really didn't pay too much attention to him before.  My mother loved An Officer & A Gentlemen, and there was a copy in our family's VHS collection.  I remember seeing it a few times when I was a kid, but really didn't notice much except Richard Gere and the scene with his pubes peeking his through his white boxer briefs.

The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story (1980)

When searching for images of Keith, I finally saw how incredible he also looked in the film, Keith has an incredibly distinctive, and incredibly sexy face.  I quickly went on the hunt for more of Keith's on-screen roles, especially of course, one's which may include a bit of skin.

Co-Ed Fever (1979)

I could only find two films which included nude scenes.  The first was actually An Officer & A Gentlemen.    Although Keith has a sexy scene while in bed in the film, his only nude scene was a brief one, after Richard Gere finds his character hanging from the ceiling after committing suicide in a motel room. 

Independence Day (1983)

Brubaker (1980)

Keith's second nude scene was also not a scene filmed the audiences erotic pleasure.  In the 1985 HBO television movie Gulag, Keith plays a former athlete who's imprisoned and interrogated and forced to confess to being a spy for the United States.  There's a brief scene in the film where Kieth's character Mickey Almon and a fellow prisoner are forced to strip down in prison.  I've capped an added a clip of that scene in a post below.

Keith by dluttphoto (1985)

An Officer & A Gentlemen (1982)

'Did you see that bodacious set of tatas?'
Sid Worley

Actors & SKIN: David Keith in Gulag

Mickey Almon is a sports star turned reporter covering the athletics in Moscow. Framed by the KGB and forced to confess that he was spying for America, he is sentenced to detention in a Gulag, a barbaric prison camp in the wilds of Siberia. Unable to prove his innocence, Mickey must either put up with the inhuman conditions or engineer an escape.

Keith & Malcolm McDowell