Thursday, September 14, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 15th

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Happy Birthday today September 15th

Happy 33rd to Prince Harry

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What happens in Vegas...

Just Because: Mugged

It's not often a mug shot could pass as a modeling portfolio head shot. But the credit for the shot of below of Jean Claude Van Damme's son, Nicholas Van Varenberg is not a photographer, but the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Let's hope Van Varenberg gets his crap together and makes the most of the blessings he's been given. Being the child of a celebrity isn't easy, but he has many advantages, both financial, and that beautiful face, that many would love to have. Definitely a contender for joining the most wanted list...

msbimages: Ends Meat

'For me, the most beautiful curves on a man are from the base of neck, down the back and around a butt. The right pose by a model, captured by the right photographer, is what often draws me to images of the male form.'

This piece marks the third, and end piece, featuring some of photographer Michal Boothe's (msbimages) most spectacular shots of the male behind. Some of the models featured here, you may recognize from previous posts, and from their amazing assets. Some of the bottoms featured, are making their FH debut.

If you're a regular reader of FH you know how much I love the male behind, especially within photography of the male form. I wrote about why in the first two parts of the series, but Michal's images are the perfect visuals as to why the male back, and backside, create the most visually beautiful lines and curves. If you missed the previous posts, check out the links below.

In The Raw: Aaron by BAD JOHNPAUL

In The Raw: In its true state; not made to seem better or more palatable than it actually is, naked.

When it comes to raw, especially when it pertains to exposed skin, the reaction of exposure is usually red, and always painful. When nerves are exposed, there is no longer any protection from the elements, nothing to buffer or soften your reaction to emotion. We spend our lives buffering our emotions, and when it comes to pain, it can serve us well. But we also end up buffering our body and soul to all emotions. We mute not just negative feelings, but also joy, elation and sexual euphoria.

When I first discovered the work of BAD JOHNPAUL, I could feel his images went beyond the skin, to the raw nerve endings of the erotic nightmares so many of us crave, but suppress. When I first featured JOHNPAUL's work in July, (Ruined) I focused on the push and pull of the damage that both ruins our lives, as at the same time, it defines it. There are trauma's we all experience that both haunt and fuel us simultaneously.

When choosing which of the many bad boys to feature, I spent quite a bit of time on JOHNPAUL's tumblr, The Bad Boys of BJP. There are literally hundreds of depictions of the of the men and women JOHNPAUL has so beautifully and rawly exposed. There were many shoots that I wanted to feature, but my organic, and carnal draw towards gingers had be hone in firmly and forcefully on Aaron.

Gingers appeal to me for so many reasons, their coloring of course, especially their skin and freckles. They also stand out because they're visually unique and we so often overlook and downplay the power of the far too rare unique experiences that we encounter. As hot as these images of Aaron are, and as hot as the images JOHNPAUL presents on his tumblr, they are just the surface of what lies beneath.

Instead of starting a pay site featuring models not everyone is interested in, JOHNPAUL offers uncensored sets to those in having raw responses to specific models or themes. The level of erotica is in keeping with his models wishes, and any $ money earned is also shared the model. JOHNPAUL tells me there's much more to Aaron's shower than the teaser pic below.... I'll let you know!