Saturday, September 19, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 20th

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A Shift in the Seasons

Men in Trees

With the seasonal transition this week,  I thought I'd welcome Autumn by holding onto summer for just a little bit longer.  Check out all the summer 'seasonal sightings' images I didn't get time to post on the NEXT PAGE HERE:


I've wanted to do an Actors & Skin piece on actor Maxwell Caulfield for awhile now,  but didn't think he really had much on screen skin.  He sizzles in images, and is shirtless in roles often, but his nudity resume isn't a long one.  Long enough though, to give it a go!  Check out more on the next page of Maxwell Caulfield's  ACTORS (HERE:) and SKIN (HERE)

FaVorite FiVe: King Stennis

Those who follow King Stennis know he not only inspires photographers, but more than a few exotic paintings.  Many amateur artists have been stimulated and inspired to stroke their brushes in the name of art.

Image by Roy Mayh

Love in the Afternoon: Conner & Tim by Gordon Nebeker


I've been fortunate to have been able to feature many of photographer Gordon Nebeker's shoots with individual models.  Regular FH readers also know, especially with the Utah shoots, Gordon is equally skilled at shooting models together.  I know one of the main things Gordon looks for when choosing models to shoot together is chemistry.   Chemistry however, isn't something that you can always predict.  Sure, you may know two models will visually blend together, but the sparks, the ones you can feel even with a digital image, are formed more through erotic energy than any amount of planning.


Last February, Tim, whose work with Gordon I previously featured, (Sans Speedo) was flying in to work with Gordon.  When they were discussing the particulars, Tim expressed wanting to do a duo shoot while there.  Gordon got in contact with Conner, a model he had enjoyed working with on a previous duo shoot.  Gordon shares that Tim and Conner bonded quickly, and worked together beautifully.  They worked together over two days, but it was the second day that Gordon edited and shared with the models and on Instagram.  Fast forward six months, and during a conversation with Conner, he asked if Gordon had process and worked on any shots from the first morning of the shoot.

'I was embarrassed to admit that I had forgotten all about it!  I went back to my photos of Tim and Conner meeting for the first time and the chemistry between them was off the walls. Erotic excitement sprang with no encouragement from me,  I just kept taking the pictures. I realized that I hadn’t processed very much from the first day’s shoot at my house in Ft Lauderdale and what a treasure trove it was! 

Like a movie fantasy or dream sequence, the screen now turns black and white.  The monochrome images capture the chemistry, energy, and erotic electricity captured at that first meeting between Conner and Tim.  After Gordon sent the processed photos to Conner and Tim, both relied how much they loved the work.  Despite the erections and intimate moments captured, both models hoped Gordon would find a way share the images and get the work out.  It didn't take much encouragement for Gordon to get creative with a monograph to share the morning meet, great and heat.

'What to do as a photographer when you have 30 to 40 wonderful Black & White photos of two models who are working together for the first time but obviously have visible “chemistry”? Not enough photos perhaps for a full fledged thick book but certainly enough for a monograph that explores that chemistry as they play and dance and interact with each other.  The work is available in two formats: 1) a lux 12” by 12” linen hard cover version beautifully printed on archival paper (but expensive due to the costs of self publishing) or 2) the much more affordable ebook version which still includes all of the photographs in the monograph.'

'Tim and I hit it off right away, and dove right in to the photo session. Since we were both professional in doing nude shoots, getting up close and intimate was not a problem for us. Even for our first time meeting. My favorite photos are the ones where we were able to cross athleticism with nude art. 

This will be my first print nude model experience for me. I was a little hesitant when Gordon approached us with the idea. After seeing the photos and how they were presented, I quickly changed my mind and was excited at the idea of sharing our work with others. I am proud of the work we created and Gordon captures our bodies and creativity so well. I hope that everyone else finds them just as amazing as we did.'

'This shoot was the realization of a dream I have had ever since I was a teenager and first discovered the photography of Bruce Weber and, later, Howard Roffman. Their work seemed to me to exemplify the natural fusion of nudity, playful sensuality, and athleticism. Ever since then, I've wanted to be part of a project that would capture that same trinity of ideas. Thanks to Gordon, now I am

Gordon has so eloquently expressed the beauty that is to be found in openness, freedom, and human touch. It's incredibly satisfying and fulfilling, particularly to think that in years to come other models-to-be will see these images and hopefully be inspired to emulate them in their turn. And as a bibliophile, it's a delight to me to finally have some of my modeling work preserved in a physical medium less subject to censorship!

I was also thrilled to find in Conner someone who was as relaxed and enthusiastic about nudity as I was. I greatly admired his balance and poise--and of course the fun positions we could get into with our combined experience! It was very difficult to separate from him after a while, too. All we had to do was touch and look at one another--and you can see what the results were. When you allow yourself to be naked and unafraid, wonderful things happen.'