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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 13th

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Happy Birthday today November 13th

Happy 29th to Paul Calafiore!

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Tom Hintnaus: In Brief

'It was a sunny day in Santorini when I got to photograph the great Tom Hintnaus for the 1982 Ccalvink\ Klein campaign. I'm so grateful for the friendship that developed between Calvin and I on that shoot.'

A lot of people took notice when Bruce Weber posted his iconic shot of model Tom Hintnaus o his Instagram earlier this week. For many, the image brought back memories of the campaign, and the huge billboard of Tom, and Tom's package in Times Square. The perspective Weber chose was an obvious one, but also a risky, focused up, directly towards Tom's bulge.

'I worked so hard to be the best pole vaulter in the world and I ended up being more well known for putting on a pair of briefs'

Prior to modeling, Tom, Tomás Valdemar Hintnaus represented his native Brazil as a pole vaulter in the Olympic Games following the American boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Now an American citizen, Tom now lives and works in Honolulu, Hawaii. Living in Hawaii allows Tom to keep his incredible physique by following another of his passions, surfing.

Tom Hintnaus by Bruce Weber

Tom's goal is to stay in the best shape he can, for as long as he can. As part of that goal, he has slid back on his tighty whities for several photo shoots including one (documented HERE:) when Tom was 49. He vows to recreate the same image, in the same pose again when he turns 60. Stay tuned!

Tom with Micheal Bergin, Joel West and Antonio Sabato Jr in 2007 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Calvin Klein Underwear.

End of the Season: Mark by PR Photo

'Now in November nearer comes the sun down the abandoned heaven.'
D.H. Lawrence

Seasons officially begin and end with a date on the calendar, bu we all know those dates don't always reflect what is going on outside. I love to celebrate seasons, and seasonal changes, with the shoots and images that I feature. Like everyone, I complain about the cold in the winter, and the humidity in the summer, but push come to shove, I don't think I could live anywhere that didn't have four distinct seasons.

Although there is always a degree of carry over between seasons, this year it seems a bit more pronounced. Indian summer's are common, with hot humid weather sliding past August into September. Here in the East however, people were still swimming in October, watering blooming flowers and leaving AC units in windows for weeks longer than most years. Usually by November 12th, the bulk of leaves have fallen, been raked, and bagged or composted. This year, the colors were more muted, turned more slowly, remaining on the tree's, stubbornly refusing to let go.

Regardless of long summer, and those leaves, may want to hang on, November is always the month that cruelly, (especially last year...) hits us with realities. This week, any of summer's, not to mention Autumn's, residual leftovers have all but disappeared. A cold front came in, and hard, meaning leaves will be raked not in t-shirts or sweaters, but with winter gloves and parkas.

Very soon, instead of mowing, many of us will be shoveling, but before that mower is put away for the winter, thought I would squeeze in one more trip around the back yard, this time, riding along with Mark, our gorgeous groundskeeper shot by PR Photo.

Mark is a tattoo artist and guitarist in a heavy metal/rap band/collective in Chicago. It is also crystal clear from these images, Mark is a fitness nut who works hard to keep his body rock solid. ready for any lawn work, we may need completed The Michigan photographer describes Mark as one of his absolute favorite models to work with, and after four shoots together, says the results just keeps getting better. PR describes this shoot as bit of an 'end of summer fantasy', with these images comprising what many of us can only hope to see when glancing out the window after hearing the lawn mower start up...

'You know the type. You watch him ride the mower around your backyard in his sweaty wifebeater every summer. His ripped body getting dark in the hot summer sun. You wanna see his body without the shirt.... See his hunky tattooed muscles. Today's your lucky day.'