Saturday, November 13, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 13th

The incredible guy above: Brian Stever
The incredible shot above by Shaun Simpson.
Find out more about both below!

Model Search 2011! Find out more HERE:

Happy Birthday today November 13th

Happy Birthday today November 13th to:

German actor Simon-Paul Wagner turns 26 today. The pics for Simon's post come from his great site found HERE:

Jonatan Conejeros, an Argertine model, dancer and actor turns 28 today.

I love Shawn Yue, who is a well known actor and singer in Hong Kong. Spotted on the streets of Hong Kong by agents for a famous modeling company, Shawn became a full time model before moving to acting, after doing some tv commercials in 2001. Shawn turns 29 today.

Actor Noah Hathaway turns 39 today.

Gerard Butler turns 41 today. Check out the blog for more on Gerard.

Actor Steve Lemme turns 42 today.

Actor Steve Zahn turns 42 today.

Kudos to Brian Feldman & Hannah Miller

I love this story!

Many in the US working so hard to stop two men or two women from marrying use morality, the bible, having children and family values to keep gay marriage from becoming legal. They want the laws as they now stand to remain so that marriage can continue to be a blessed religious ceremony.


Kudos to Brian Feldman for throwing that theory on it's ear. If those who are trying to stop gay marriage really cared about the sanctity of marriage why are they not trying to stop murderers, rapists, child abusers and terrorists from marrying and having children? Why...because it is not about morality, it is about homophobia. Kudos to Brian and his 'stranger' bride Hannah Miller for proving in America, anyone, truly ANYONE can marry as long as one is legally a man and one is legally a woman.

Read the full story HERE:

On The Move with Landon B Taylor

Landon Taylor has been a favorite of mine since I first saw his work a few years ago. The first shots I saw of Landon were some great shots by photographer Josh Thompson. Landon was featured on FH in the early days after the launch of the blog. Landon lives and works in Las Vegas and has spent the last couple of years singing and dancing in one of the towns biggest shows.

Landon is now putting a focus on his modeling and is traveling and working across the country over the next couple of months. Landon will be in LA Nov 16th-19th. Houston Nov 26th-Dec 13th and in New York City Dec 14-19th. You can see more of Landon on his MM Page HERE:

When checking out Landon's portfolio recently I was drawn to his new work with Eric Scot Photos and Ivan Avila. Landon has a great look with a youthful, boy next door face contrasted with the raw sexuality he exudes in his shots. I love how both Eric Scot and Ivan Avila captured Landon in their recent shoots.

5 beautiful shots below by Eric Scot Photo.

Below: Landon by Ivan Avila.
Love these shots especially the second shot which has joined my list of top 10 images.

Brian Stever by Shaun Simpson

Photographer Shaun Simpson lives and works in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Nova Scotia Canada. You can see a little of Nova Scotia in these shots of 21 year old Brian Stever but province, almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic has one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Although the landscapes are amazing, the weather can be a challenge.

'The short 'warm' season of Atlantic Canada means that most of the shoots take place indoors, but whenever the weather is helpful, shooting outside provides an amazing range of shooting locations, and stunning scenery.'

Nova Scotia has a huge community of artists but for photographers, especially for those who shoot fashion, the opportunities can be limited. Canada's fashion industry is mostly centered in Toronto and to a lesser extent Montreal.

'The fashion industry is limited here, but even more limited is the selection of male models that are comfortable with fashion, and enjoy being in front of the camera. Finding someone like Brian who enjoys working in the studio, outdoors, and basically working under any condition is always a joyous occasion.'

Shaun describes himself as a 'computer geek'. Originally from New Brunswick, Shaun moved to Halifax about 10 years ago and shortly after the move began spending more and more time with his camera, and even more time with Photoshop.

'My background is in computer network engineering; I'm a self-taught photographer, never received any training in photography, Photoshop, or really any form of the arts.'

Initially Shaun's work started with still life, landscapes, and pets.

'Things that wouldn't move too quickly, and would give me plenty of time to learn the proper focus and lighting required. After years of still life, and tons of trial and error, I decided to take on the challenge of photographing people; men's fashion being my primary area of interest.'

When going through Shaun's portfolio (which I strongly encourage you all to do), my initial interest was looking for a model to feature with his work. Before hitting 'enter' on his model portfolio's I got detained in his 'pet' section and even more so with Shaun's still life shots. As soon as you open the page, even before choosing one particular shot to view you are hit by the beauty of shape, Shaun's use of scale and most of all light and color.

Once I did finally make my way to Shaun's model portfolios I knew it was Brian Stever I wanted to focus on. Brian, who is an actor as well as a model has such a great face, body and of course that hair that the camera, especially the lens of Shaun Simpson obviously loves. Brian has a great body which works well for fitness and underwear but it was Shaun's work with Brian in 'quieter' moments where he really shines. His beautiful blue eyes, especially when looking off create great moments. The series in front of the hotel window, black and white with natural lighting, are my favorites out of the many shoots Shaun and Brian have done together.

You can check out Brian Stever on MM HERE:

'Brian is quite possibility one of the most ambitious, energetic, confident, and friendliest people I've ever met. I don't think I've ever suggested a scenario or concept that he did sound excited to tackle. He's an award/prize winning athlete, which becomes obvious by looking at his physique, but never comes across as cocky or arrogant. He recently placed as the Top Male Model in the Nova Scotia Model search, and is starting to receive attention and interest in the modeling and acting world.'

Thanks to Shaun Simpson for sharing his work with FH!

Be sure to check out more of Shaun's work at his official site HERE: or on Facebook HERE:

The Porcelain People by Shaun Simpson & David Fairbairn

If you happen to be in Nova Scotia between now and December 3rd (and why wouldn't you be) be sure to check out The Porcelain People: an exhibit of photography featuring a collaboration between photographer Shaun Simpson
and artist David Fairbairn.

'The Porcelain People, a photographic collaboration capturing the quintessence of the relationship between an artist and his medium. Artist David Fairbairn envisioned a venture that would allow him to work with the raw element of his sculpting material, porcelain. This collection is the embodiment of tactile intimacy; the artist creating sculpture, and the sculpture being the artist. Photographer Shaun Simpson and David worked together to conceptualize and produce this collection that shows the devoted connection between the medium and the man.'
From The Porcelain People Facebook page.
Check the page for location and details HERE: