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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

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Happy Birthday today December 4th

Happy 25th to model Stephen James

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Seasonal Sightings

Office holiday party Attire?

In Good Hands: Aaron by Chris Freeman

'The shoot was scheduled a couple weeks prior to Halloween, so pumpkins were, necessarily, part of the shoot. That may not fit in much with this post-Thanksgiving blog, but it reflects the time of year Aaron and I worked together.'

One of the biggest headaches after Halloween and Thanksgiving is getting rid of all the pumpkins and gourds that decorated your home. Most of us throw them in the compost or garbage, but when you can, the best thing to do is to throw them in the woods as they make a delicious snacks for wildlife. So why is FH giving out post Thanksgiving pumpkin tips, well... because pumpkins played a large role in my reaching out Chris Freeman about his work with Aaron.

The first image of Aaron that I saw was Chris' shot below of Chris with the pumpkins. I originally planned on featuring this set around Thanksgiving, but since I am a stickler about not just posting images, but including a story about their creation, it took a little time to pull things together. I was going to tuck away the pumpkin photos til next year, but as is my pattern, I can't resist featuring images and shoots that I like as soon as I am able. Like those pumpkins in the forest, Aaron is a tasty treat, especially during those blah days at Autumn's end, the time between Thanksgiving and the build up towards Christmas.

Aaron has such a strong presence in front of Chris' lens and immediately grabs the viewers attention with his striking good looks and piercing blue eyes. As an actor, Aaron is clearly skilled at grabbing an audiences attention, and seems to understand the need to seize it immediately which he certainly did with me. A recent theatre graduate, Aaron is currently hitting the stage nightly as both an actor and dancer.

'When Aaron arrived for the shoot in my Airbnb apartment, he seemed completely comfortable (perhaps ready for a performance, so to speak). Within minutes, it seemed we were at it, shooting several nude poses around the apartment. Admittedly, this was my first time using my new LED light, so we were experimenting a big. Nonetheless, it seems we were able to capture several photos worthy of the time invested. As you can see, Aaron is in great shape. A young, fit dancer, with a very nicely proportioned, though not overly "gymnatized" physique. He was so easy going and congenial through the whole shoot, I would love the opportunity to shoot with him again.'

The comfortably Chris noted is evident in this set of images, especially given his was Aaron's first-ever nude shoot. Although there was no intention initially to veer towards the erotic, Chris shares that Aaron was excited to start creating and and Chris went with the spontaneous elements that arose. I love the feel of Aaron's quiet evening at home, with the light and shadow as the evening fights it's transition towards night. Hanging out enjoying the solitude and possibly getting a little inspired while reading his Fitzgerald biography..

'I was a little nervous going into the shoot since I’ve never done a nude shoot, but after reading comments on Chris’s Model Mayhem page I figured I was in good hands. I’m also not very shy about body so that definitely helped when it came time to strip down. During the shoot Chris was very relaxed and made me feel very comfortable. He also was great at giving me direction and let me give input on the shots.'

The Men of Beautiful Girls

'No mater how perfect the nipple, how supple the thigh, unless there is some other shit going on in the relationship, besides the physical, it's going to get old, ok? And you guys, as a gender, have got to get a grip. Otherwise, the future of the human race is in jeopardy.'
Gina, Beautiful Girls

Arquette, Hutton and Annabeth Gish

Rosie O'Donnell's speech, while talking, talking and shopping, is one of many great scenes, and one of many great pieces of dialogue in 1996 Beautiful Girls. The underrated film is loved by many, but also tends to get ignored when talk of great movies from the 90's comes up.

The all star cast features Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon, Natalie Portman, Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Rapaport, Max Perlich, Uma Thurman, Mira Sorvino, Annabeth Gish, Martha Plimpton, Anne Bobby, David Arquette and Noah Emmerich.

The entire cast is stellar, especially Emmerich and Rapaport who were outstanding, and the most interesting to me. In the era of Weinstein, looking back at certain films without judgement is going to be difficult, but I hope that we can. Certainly there are dynamics in many films we do and should cringe at, but there are others, we should view in context.

Hutton, Dillon and Rosie O'Donnell

I especially love the relationship between Hutton's Willie and Portman's Marty, even though she is only 13. It's inappropriate, yet innocent and both a bit confusing and sweet. It's also beautifully acted by both, and triggers relatable moments I know we have all experienced.

Max Perlich and Noah Emmerich

Dillon and Hutton are as hot as ever and Emmerich adorable, but the hunky standout for me is Michael Rapaport. I have always found Rapaport attractive, and incredibly talented but never more so than in this flick. He is especially smouldering when dancing with Uma Thurman, while at the same time, shooting looks his ex.(Martha Plimpton) If I had been getting those looks, it would have been hard to resist shoving Uma aside and joining him on the dance floor.

Rapaport with Uma Thurman

If you haven't seen Beautiful Girls, or haven't seen it in awhile, I suggest a re-watch. I have it on my DVR after it aired on the movie channel a month ago. The burst of winter we got last week made it a perfect weekend film escape. In the meantime, here is a look at a few of the guys from Beautiful Girls and some of previous scenes of skin.

David Arquette making a tighty whitie entrance

Hutton in Made In Heaven (1987)

Michael Rapaport in The Naked Man (1998)

Usually I can track down most movies, but I couldn't find a decent copy of The Naked Man to save my life. I did find and old cap someone (Dewey?) made.

Matt Dillon in Factotum (2005)