Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

Favorites Celebrating Birthdays today October 15th

These favorite Birthday Boys have all been profiled on the blog before, so if you want to see more, do a search of the blog!
Happy Birthday to:

Joseph Sayers turns 25 today.

One of my favorites, Tom Boonen turns 28 today.

Mitch Morris turns 29 today.

Actor Matt Keeslar turns 36 today.

Dominic West is SOOOO Sexy. Dominic turns 39 today.

Also celebrating today October15th

Also celebrating today October 15th.

'My So Called Life' actor Devon Gummersall has grown up nicely! Devon turns 30 today.

Another hottie from Brazil, Rodrigo Lombardi turns 32 today.

The oh so beautiful Drew Starlin turns 34 today.

Actor Simon Böer turns 34 today.

Actor Paul Logan turns 35 today.

Vanessa Marcil turns 39 today.

Eric Benet turns 42 today.

Tanya Roberts turns 53 today.

Love Chris De Burgh turns 60 today.

Jim Palmer turns 63 today.

Penny Marshall turns 66 today.

Linda Lavin turns 71 today.

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Marlon Teixeira

I am a sucker for dark curly hair! Brazilian newcomer Marlon Teixeira may be young, but his is taking the modelling world by storm. Just stunning!