Friday, September 9, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 10th

Love this shot of Matthew Kirk by Albert Lin.
Look for an upcoming profile of Albert's work soon!

Happy Birthday today September 10th to:

Actor Jonathan Schaech turns 42 today.
Check out more of today's birthday boys including Klaus Hee and Bruce Michael Hall HERE: HERE: & HERE:

Just Because: End Of Summer!

Packing it in, but just for the weekend!

This has been an interesting was more demanding than usual and I had a house guest (although uninvited) off and on since late June. My brother separated from his wife last spring and showed up at my doorstep. He finally left this past Sunday to move in with his new girlfriend ('too soon, too soon' yelled his kids, and his brother!). Although I am not supportive of his choice, I am supportive of having my couch and remote back. I love basketball and hockey but am not a football fan. With the season starting this Sunday,(would rather have splinters shoved into each of my fingernails than watch football on tv) it would have been war!

Usually this time of year I take a month or so off from FH. I am leaving tomorrow for a couple of days to celebrate my brothers departure and to suck what life there is left out of summer. But given my posting has been (lets just say... sporadic) the past couple of months, I shall be back next week to daily updates!

If your so inclined during my brief break, take a look back at my favorite stories from 2011 (see below).


Scott Barnes: This is Your One Chance!

'This is Your One Chance'
By Scott Barnes

Despite today's theme is 'stories' this story is told with very little words. When someone gives you just one chance it usually means something is pretty much over already. You most likely have fucked up many times already and and something pretty powerful has come to an end. This stage in a relationship is usually filled with a lot of pain, sadness and a degree of desperation. Desperation can be painful to watch, let alone go through but it also can be filled with moments of intense passion and pleasure.

This intensity is what photographer Scott Barnes captures so well in this series of images featuring Jessie Colter and Rayhan Aranda. Pleasure within pain is something some people just naturally know how to tap into and others spend years trying to figure out.

Check out more of Scott's work on FH HERE: HERE: & HERE:
Check out Scott's official site, Vir Impudicus (The Unshamed Man) HERE:
& check out much more of Scott's work on Facebook HERE:

Jessie Colter

Rayhan Aranda

These Are A Few Of My Favorite: Stories:

When I was in University I HATED research, but it has become one of my favorite parts of working on FH. Although FH is image based, I am proud it is more than just a 'right click, save' and post site. Sometimes it takes weeks to put together a post depending on the degree of research required. Sometimes, it takes hours just to get the info for one sentence. I would not have it any other way!

There are just a few of my favorite stories from 2011:
I did not pick any stories from my Photographer profiles as it would not be fair to choose and I loved working on each and every one of them.

Photographer Profiles:
Whenever an artist agrees to share their work with FH I want to ensure the images are presented in the best way possible. A favorite staple of FH is the photographer profiles. I try, especially in my first post on an artist, to find that special something I see in the within the images and try to put into words what drew me to them.

Shot above by Marlen Boro

My look back at some of the iconic men who were a part of Playgirl magazine, including my interview with photographer Greg Weinerhave been really interesting to put together. More in the works!

Beyond Betty & Veronica
Just fun to put together!

A Little Escape:
It was fun looking back on some of the books I read as a kid that led to my love of reading.

Celebrity Profiles:
It was rewarding to have my recent posts on the anniversary of The Blue Lagoon and profile of actor William McNamara's new web series get the seal of approval from Randal and William.
Below: Randal Kleiser on set with Shields and Atkins.

Unfanning: I didn't really think my article questioning my admiration for a certain actor was that spectacular when writing it. It became a favorite of mine because it drew 14 comments and 4 e-mails, one which included a death threat. 14 comments may not seem extremely high but FH gets a respectable 25,000 to 30,000 hits on any given day (more on the weekends) but pathetically few comments. Some of my biggest posts (biggest being stat hits and links to and... others borrowing for their blogs, usually without a link or credit) don't get many comments, but when I hit a nerve it is always a bit satisfying.

& Finally my profile of Max Emerson last week. I notice on my stats the Rick Day post with Max got tons of hits but getting to him through the story was the one I enjoyed putting together.