Friday, December 10, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 11th

Nicholas by Frank Joseph
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Happy Birthday today December 11th

Happy Birthday to actor and model Rusty Joiner

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Ball Drop

Post-Shower: Nicholas by Frank Joseph

Nicholas by 

Stocking Stuffers

Cal by Lights On Studio

Thanks to the Internet, and on-line shopping, getting that special someone, that special something, is easier than ever.  Even if that special someone is yourself, we all deserve a regular dose of our favorite hunks, especially around the holidays. 

🎅 OnlyFans 🎅

OnlyFans is one of the best way to see more of the particular model or artist whose work you enjoy.  Most have low-cast memberships which you can get for one month, or for an entire year.

🎄 Websites 🎄

Angel by Bob Burkhardt

Even if an artist dose not have anything specific for sale, most are more than happy to produce prints for those interested.  You can contact them directed, or if you don't see a contact, just shoot me a line.

Clayton by Steve Jerome 

Artwork by badsign769

🎅 Books 🎅

Many of the artists that I feature have book, in both print, and low-price e-book versions available.  Some are complications, other are focused on just one model or theme.

Lake Powell III by Gordon Nebeker 

🎄 Patreon Subscriptions 🎄

Ash by Mark Leighton

Over the last couple of years, Patreon has become a popular place for artists to display and share their work.  There are many different options for subscribing, including just a one month trial to check out what content your favorites are sharing.