Monday, December 20, 2010

Terry Cambon by WagnerLA

Back in November I posted a photo by David Wagner from WagnerLA which certainly was one of my favorite 'pics of the day' this past year. (Check out that shot HERE:) I am glad to be able to share more of David's work today, especially his shots here of model Terry Cambon.

Terry's shots stood out for me when going through David's profile for a number of reasons. First off, each and every shot of Terry were stunning and each could stand on their own. Secondly Terry has such an amazing face and body that David captures so perfectly (just look at the shot below of Terry in the hoodie, it is close to perfect, capturing Terry's incredible physique, face and eyes. David's aim is to create 'dynamic, bold and artistic images' of the male form. Themes will include 'masculinity, sensuality and boldness of expression'. These shots of Terry more than surpass his goals.

David says that he connected with Terry through MM and proceeded to set up a shoot.

"It went extremely well as Terry and I seem to have a similar creative eye. Our shoot was very successful and we definitely had great chemistry. We have since shot together two more times and I really hope we continue to work together. Terry has a fabulous physique and makes the shoots fun, creative, and casual."

Check out Terry's MM Port HERE:

David Wagner lives in West Hollywood and works as a designer. If you check out David's portfolio on Model Mayhem you can clearly see the influence of design within his work as a photographer. David says that he has finally decided to follow his passion for photography.

You can get to know more about David and check out his work at WagnerLA HERE:

Below: Another favorite shot by David, the La Brea Theatre in Hollywood.

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 20th

Above: Mike Gazing.
Photo by James Spada. See more of James' work below.

No Birthday Post today but you can check out last years HERE:

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Kudos to: 'Success being Ageless'

Kudos to Jud Birza (Fabio) for winning Survivor last night. I posted about my love for Judson yesterday (although I think just a wee bit of that love diminished a bit when he cleaned up and spoke on the reunion show) for being the youngest person to ever win Survivor.

Kudos also to Betty White for being name the AP Entertainer of the Year.

Favorite Click of the Day: Aussielicious

I love when readers email me and tell me how they like to begin the day with a cup of coffee and reading FH. I am usually in too much of a hurry to get out the door in the mornings (even though I often get to go in late) so I do most of my blog reading just before bed. One of those blogs I never miss is Aussielicious run by my friend Brenton Parry. I have written about Brenton and Aussielicious before but there were two reasons this week to give another shout out.

Firstly, Brenton turned me on to the story of Aussiebum unleashing 7 beautiful men in Selfridges in London during the week. The models walked through the department store to promote their brand and the new MyDay range. The pics are quite spectacular!

I again moan about the Puritan state in North America. You know although there may have been models in their undies in an American mall or store, those undies would have been huge boxers (with briefs underneath). In addition they would most likely be wearing reindeer antlers or some other such prop as Americans tend to take their male skin better when it is swallowed with some comedy.

Speaking of Brenton, It is just over 6 weeks til his first exhibition and even though I will post more about it when it gets closer the poster for Shrouded was released. I just love the poster and the title!
No need to be nervous Brenton, I smell a hit!

Angelo Antonio by James Spada

I have written before that often when I profile the work of a photographer it begins with one photo. In the cast of James Spada it began with a shot of Angelo Antonio on a flowered chaise lounge. (see photo below). It is with intent I added the word flowered as it the contrast between the chaise and model is what initially attracted me to the shot. Angelo is a beautiful man, a body builder who has worked hard to have the body that he has. Making the choice of putting his well defined and toned physique on the chaise is one of the reasons I enjoy Jim's work so much. If you spend some time on Jim's site, which I strongly encourage you to do, the theme continues in many of his shots. Putting fit, masculine models with beautiful fabrics, rooms and furniture is one of the many themes used in Jim's work.

Speaking of contrasts, I often find an innate and beautiful contrast in some body builders as well. Strong, powerful arms, legs, chest and body contrasted with a more soft and gentle face. Angelo certainly has this contrast with a great smile and beautiful brown eyes. 22 year old Angelo lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts and these shots are from several different shoots between Angelo and James. James says that Angelo has looked different (sometimes very different) each time they have worked together.

“As difficult to believe as it may seem, Angelo was, as he puts it, ‘a fat kid.’ He hated the teasing and the name-calling and made it his life’s work to resculpt his body and make his erstwhile tormentors chartreuse with envy. As you can see, he succeeded. His body now is something special, and so is his face. His sensitive eyes draw you to his classically Italianate features. When he is stern, he looks like someone you wouldn’t want to cross. But when he smiles—well, you just want to eat him up!”
James on Angelo

Angelo Antonio

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 225 lbs
Waist: 30"
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Olive
Experience: Very Experienced

Check out more of Angelo on his ModelMayhem profile HERE:

Jim has published three collections of his male nudes, “Black & White Men,” “Edwardian Men” (both available on Amazon), and his just released new collection “Eye Candy,” available on Jim’s website HERE:)

Above: Eye Candy cover with model Randall

If you pick up "Eye Candy" you will see more of Angelo (He is featured in the book, 8 photos including the back cover) as well as many other of Jim's models including Randall, and Igor and Dean (shown below). “Eye Candy” features 70 color and duo tone images taken over the past three years. This is the first book of Jim’s to feature color photos since his switch from B&W film to digital photography in 2007.

Besides photography, James Spada is well known for his internationally best-selling biographies of Barbra Streisand, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Redford, John and Caroline Kennedy, Princess Grace, Bette Davis, Peter Lawford, Bette Midler, Jackie Onassis, Julia Roberts, Ronald Reagan, and others. (you can also check out those books at the Amazon link above).

Over the last six years, Jim has also become equally renowned for his evocative photographic studies of the male nude. Born on Staten Island, he had been an amateur photographer since high school. After he moved to Boston from Los Angeles, he enrolled in the New England School of Photography's evening workshops division in 1997, where he studied black-and-white darkroom techniques. It was at that time that he was inspired to begin his project "Black & White Men."

Below: Igor

“Black & White Men” was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award as the Best Visual Arts Book of 2000 and was chosen one of the three best gay books of the year by the Independent Publishers Association.

Also this season Jim’s first novel was published, a work of historical fiction. Entitled ”Days When My Heart Was Volcanic,” it is available on Amazon or at Jim's site HERE:. It covers six pivotal months in the life of Edgar Allan Poe in 1846.

Thanks so much to James Spada for sharing his work with FH!

Below: Dean