Sunday, March 8, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 8th

Love this shot of Scene model Bradley Wynn.

Favorite Birthday Boys for March 8th

Happy Birthday today March 8th to:

The talented and oh so hot Boris Kodjoe turns 36 today.

Aidan Quinn turns 50 today. (Search the blog for more on Aidan).

Also celebrating today March 8th

Also celebrating today March 8th

Rugby's Bogdan Leonte turns 23 today.

Nick Zano turns 31 today.

James Van Der Beek turns 32 today.

Freddie Prinze Jr turns 33 today.

Favorite Backside of the Day: Alberto Ferreiro

27 year old Spanish actor Alberto Ferreiro certainly made a splash in Bad Education in 2004, but Alberto already has a long list of roles and awards to his credit. This beautiful and talented actor is one to keep an eye out for. He has had some great roles the past few years and I am still on the hunt for some of his movies.

Alberto in 'Los Hombres de Paco'.

Alberto in 'La Mala educaciĆ³n' (Bad Education, 2004).

Just Because: Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is one of my favorite actors. If you read this blog much at all you know this. He is so talanted as both an actor and a singer and I have a great deal of respect for the choices he has mad thus far in his career.

I have been reading a lot about Patrick and 'The Watchmen' lately and as much as it is great Patrick is getting so much attention, It also boggles my mind that with all the great performances Patrick has given, it take playing a comic book character to get him so much media attention. I remember seeing the pic below in Entertainment Weekly in I believe 2002 and asking myself who that amazing man was. I did not connect at first it was Wilson who I had already known from his stage work. Wilson has given so many great performance, he was amazing in 'Angels In America' and my personal favorite 'Little Children' which is at the top of my all time favorite movie list. I hope the attention allows Patrick to continue to choose roles he wants and not pull a 'Jude Law' and go from great roles in interesting movies to Hollywood crap films like 'Alfie'. Patrick should not be making lame romantic comedies with Kate Hudson, his talent would simply be wasted.

Yeah Yeah, you have all seen these 'Angels in America' caps before, but so what, Patrick is amazing in this project.