Monday, April 1, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

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A Cast Aside

The soap world (and Twitter) has a been a buzz lately with all the recent casting decisions going on over at Y & R and the residents of Genoa City. The character of Adam has been played by many actors including; Christopher Egan, my favorite, the brilliant Michael Muhney, and most recently This is Us star Justin Hartley.

The new Adam has a few years (about 10...) shaved off his age, and by the looks of it, some hair shaved off his body. I'm guessing both factors will play a role in all of the shirtless scenes new Adam,  actor and model Mark Grossman.) has coming his way!

Just Do It

Blast from the Past: Michael York

'Do you need me to take my clothes off?'

Logan's Run (1976)

Every time Logan's Run airs on TCM, I think I should watch or record it.  I'd read a bit about the 1976 science fiction film and also wanted to check out an early appearance by Farrah Fawcett. For some reason, until last week, I always seemed to find a reason not to watch. 

Although made around the time of the original Star Wars, Logan's Run is looks visually much older, with sets, costumes and special effects closer to a TV show, or movies from the 60's.  I think this is one of the reasons I put off watching. 

I can't say I loved Logan's Run, but it did hold my interest, although I watched in two blocks over a couple of days.  Like many science fiction movies, it loses a bit o steam when the action moves from the main complex to the outside world.  Science Fiction movies always seem to take their hero's off to learn from wise older characters. (think Luke and Yoda)  These scenes, always seem to slow the momentum, and I lost a bit of interest in the second half of the film when Logan was outside the walls.

I have to give kudos to the costume designer however.  The bright colored costumes most of the cast wore were unconventionally hilarious watching over 40 years older, especially on the men. I also was drawn to Jessica (Jenny Agutter) in her naked slit dress, that from a quick search garnered the same attention that the  Princess Leia medal bikini did in the day.

The Strange Affair

This was also the first time I remember really thinking Michael York was incredibly hot.  I really wasn't that familiar with York's work, I'd seen him in the Austin Powers movies, and remember his time as Asher Fleming, the older professor who attracts Paris' attention on Gilmore Girls.

Romeo and Juliet (1968)

The English actor began his acting career on stage, but has work steadily on Film and on television since the late 60's, including early roles in Romeo & Juliet, The Taming of the Screw, Murder on the Orient Express, The Three Musketeers and Cabaret.

Despite his long career on film, I think one of York's only nude scenes was a brief butt scene in 1969's Justine. York plays Darley, (great name I'm sticking away for a future pet) who get's involved in Justine's affairs, both romantic, and political.  Check out a clip below.


Compelling Evidence: Wes by Bob Burkhardt

'The nude male form at its most compelling.'

When I featured photographer Bob Burkhardt's work with Antoine last month, (Second Nature) the Atlanta based photographer and artist was preparing for upcoming exhibit, Body & Soul.  Now in it's ninth year, the sensual and erotic event prides itself with it's celebration of the nude male form at its most compelling.

-Forceful and persuasive, not able to be resisted; overwhelming
-Evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.
-A performance, painting, or other work of art is compelling when it has unusual power to hold your attention:

Although the word 'compelling' has been used to promote and describe the exhibit before, for some reason, this year it took on a deeper meaning for me.  I often describe artists who dive beyond the surface in their work.  Photographers who strive to capture more than just a great body or a stunning visual.  They attempt through their work to draw out emotion, personality, sensuality and hints about the man beyond the physical visual.

With a skilled photographer and skilled model, it's usually not difficult to bring one of the traits I listed above.  Some photographers are experts at bringing out personality, or tapping into pain, joy or a specific emotion.  For me, in order for an image to truly be compelling, the artist must capture it all; personality, emotion, sensuality,  everything that together create both a man's body & soul.

Bob Burkhardt always manages to capture compelling images.  Bob's photos grab your attention with the beauty of the male form, but maintain and hold that attention with images that have you both visually lingering and curious to know more about the model and man in the shot.

This set of shots of Wes, beautifully illustrates what I mean.  I was instantly draw to Bob's shots of Wes, especially the intense sensuality emotes from his passionate stare through every other part of his incredible body.  Bob's shots of Wes in the shower are especially powerful and intensely hot!

'Wes and I have shot together four times. Needless to say I enjoy working with him, He's a kind, introspective man. He always gives his most when modeling. He's been in several Body&Soul shows and is featured in one of my books. Additionally my husband body painted him fairly recently. I look forward to working with him soon!'

If you're in the Atlanta area, Body & Soul continues through April 12th, Check out more HERE: