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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 5th

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Seasonal Sightings



'They're getting theirs shift together.'

In addition to enjoying the trend of hot guys walking down aisle of box stores and mooning I've also been enjoying the box store at the heart of NBC's Superstore. Although the show is currently in it's sixth season, I only started watching this past fall.  I really loved America Ferrera in Ugly Betty, but it wasn't until reading an article about her living the sit-com that I checked it out.

There was something about the show that put me off watching, and I'm sorry I waited so long.  It's got a great group of actors and an even greater group of characters and I've been laughing my way through binging the first two seasons.  Some of the characters are a bit over the top, meaning some get a little annoying during a binge watch, but the shows been a wonderful distraction that I recommend you check out if you haven't already.

Ben Feldman (Jonah)

'He does look like a male Tinkerbell...'

In addition to having a talented cast, there are also (duh) a few guys who drew some extra attention.  Actor Ben Feldman is not only adorable, but he very quickly had me both curious and invested his his character.  I was interested both in his characters life before working at the Superstore, and his relationship with Amy. (Ferrera)

Jon Barinholtz (Marcus)

I've long had a crush on Ike Barinholtz, but never knew he had an equally adorable and talented younger brother. Now Barinholtz's character is more than a bit creepy (boob cheese???) but like Cheyanne, he's also completely bangable. 

Given my love of seasons, I love how the show follows the course of the year.  As Amy explains in the pilot, working at a box store is like the repeating the same day over and  over, with only the decorations being different.  Just as those back to school sales are over, it's time to decorate for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, St. Paddy's Day, and then prepare for summer.  Anyone who visits box stores, knows full well the holidays start months before the actual day.  Most of us have gone into a store just after New Years only to see the Christmas decorations coming down, and the Valentine decorations going up.

Mark McKinney (Glenn)

I never really watched Kids In The The Hall, but when I was a kid I remember my older brother loved it.  The few times I saw it, or images of the cast, I always thought Mark McKinney was the cutest one.  After the Canadian sketch comedy was cancelled, McKinney had a short, very short stint on Saturday Night Live, but his turn as Glenn, the stores's Christian, but morally awkward Glenn, is his most widely seen role in awhile. 

His Own World: Bo Pressly by Gruenholtz

'Being in the comfort of my own space gave a great sense of ease and allowed me to fully submerse myself into my own world.'

With some exceptions, such as editorials or advertising campaigns, the goal of most artists shooting the male form, is to capture an organic and pure image of the model they're shooting.  Whenever I ask a model or photographer about a specific shoot, they usually comment on what they did to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.  One of my favorite approaches used by many artists, is to shoot models in their own home, a space all ready filled with items that bring them comfort and joy.

Studios can be large, bare and cold spaces, especially so for a model posing nude. Even when props or furniture are used, there is little to distract or support a new or nervous model. We are never more our selves, or more relaxed than when at home, which is exactly why New York based artist Gruenholtz so often utilizes a model's home as a shooting location.

I first introduced FH readers to Gruenholtz's work back in 2017. (Routinely Intimate)  The piece focused on the New York based artist Morning Rituals series, a series to capture beautiful men first thing in the morning.  The goal is to capture guys at the beginning of their day, men doing their regular morning routine at home.  Comfortable  in their own skin, being their true selves before having to put on the mask so many of us feel we must don. before heading out to interact with the rest of the world.

When I first saw the portfolio of model Bo Pressly it was clear from his image, that he was a dancer.  The long beautiful lines he created with his body were one of the main reasons I reached out to him about featuring his work. Bo's worked tirelessly as a dancer as long as he can remember.  He also became fascinated with the idea of capturing his ever changing physique over time.  This lead him to focus on body shoots as a means of documentation.   Bo is passionate about his physical form being his most important work, and feels privileged to engage and explore the world from within it. 

In addition to his incredible body and the poses and lines he created, I was also struck by the beautiful  lines and shape of Bo's face.  Not all models have such handsomely distinct harmony between their body and face.  The strength and beauty radiating from Bo's poses is perfectly balanced with the emotion and beauty from his eyes and face. Creating such a sensual and elegant flow is instinctive to many dancers and so magnificently captured by Gruenholtz through his morning ritual series.

'My experience shooting with Gruenholtz was a nice one. He was very calm and peaceful during the shoot. We shot at my studio on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. He really disappeared behind the camera and allowed me to explore movement and poses on my own; he gave minimal direction. He simply observed and captured what I was creating.  My goal was to create a transcendent image filled with beauty.'

Bo Pressley on Instagram

Stocking Stuffers:

'For it is in giving that we receive.'

Image from Nick Mesh

It's that time of year for giving, bringing pleasure to another, or giving pleasure to oneself. I used to love shopping, especially in book, music, video and drugstores. Now.. not so much. Today, except for a few craft fairs and local businesses I want to support, I do most of my buying on-line.

If you're a lover of the male form, and I assume given you're visiting FH,, there are a variety of gift buying options, all available to be purchased easily on-line. Whether for yourself, or for that special someone, most can arrive at your door before Christmas, or arrive in your in-box in just a matter of minutes.

Images from Bodytorium 

Almost all of the artists and models that I feature have perfect gifts for that special someone. Almost every artist I feature have prints for fans of their artistry, or the models they capture.  If you see an image, or a shoot on FH you like, contacting the artist about a print is easy.  

I used to love when the new slew of calendars would come out at the mall every year.  There were hundreds to choose from varying from kittens and puppies to hot naked men.  Although not as popular as they once were, I still buy calendars every give, for myself and to give away.  One of my favorites features Michael Moody, a model I've featured on the site many times.  Michael and Randall are the Duelists and their 2021 calendar is available now.  You can order one using Paypal using or message Michael on Facebook HERE:

When I was a kid, my favorite gifts were always books. I may not have always appreciated books as gifts at the time, but now that I'm older, those books, along with the personal messages from the giver written on the first page, are truly treasured. Most artists offer great hard and soft cover books you can wrap and give in person, or lower cost digital downloads to enjoy right away. 

New Manhattan Studioproduces not only books and private portfolios on your favorites models, the studio has it own magazine, Captured Shadows as well as customized calendars featuring the model of your choice. The only problem is who to choose... Bond? Alex? Norm?  Dustin? Dylan? Dimitriy?  So many men, so little time....  If you can decide, I'd recommend NMS's latest Photo Essay featuring the sizzling Ricardo.  Check out more HERE:

Image by Mark Leighton

When in doubt, how about an Onlyfans subscription?  I know for me, a few months of one of my favorites would be the perfect gift! Many of the photographers and models I have featured have OnlyFans pages and a suscription makes the perfect last minute gift!

Image by PhotoRSH