Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shariq Salam by Chris Teel

Toronto's Chris Teel has shot Shariq on several occasions.

'His goal is to eventually become an actor. We were discussing fashion shoot concepts and he initially proposed an urban feel. I suggested we take a punk direction instead and I created the clothing he wears in the shots. These pictures were taken in the alley ways in the fashion district of Toronto.'
Chris Teel

Shariq has an amazing face, beauitful and unique highlighted by his incredible brown eyes. His look sets him apart and I love how he looks with the fashion and location choices made by Chris in this shoot.

Chris Teel Official Site:
Chris Teel on MM
Shariq on MM

Shariq Salam

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Olive
Experience: Experienced

Phil Fusco by Jon Whitney

Jon Whitney is one of my favorite photographers to feature on FH. I am very happy he is joining the judging team for Model Search. What I love so much about Jon is that he is not a fan of normal and certainly not a fan of boring. There is little motivation for Jon to appeal to sycophants. Although like everyone he appreciates it when is work is enjoyed, his primary desire is simply to create a great image. For Jon the joy is in the creative process. I instantly thought of these images of Phil Fusco (originally posted on BeautifulMag last July) which I think illustrate what I mean.

A Look Back: Brandon Ruckdashel

November 22, 2008
My first of many posts about actor, singer, writer and photographer Brandon Ruckdashel. Check out more on Brandon on FH HERE:

If you have not heard of Brandon Ruckdashel, it is just a matter of time. Brandon may be known to some of you for his role on 'The Lair' or his beautiful and haunting performance in writer and director Maria Beatty's 'Boy In A Bathtub', but he has an impressive list of theatre credits as well.

Brandon grew up in the middle of Minnesota, but moved to Utah when in middle school. In his freshman year, he discovered drama class and for the first time he felt liked he really fit in with a group of people.

Brandon continued acting and playing sports until his acting teacher suggested he spend the summer at the North Carolina School of the Arts. He went onto East Carolina University, and after many productions working behind the scenes and on the main stage, Brandon left for New York. After a few productions in New York, including 'Ascension' (see below) Brandon headed to LA where he is currently living and working. The opportunities are starting to role in and with Brandon's talent it is impossible to imagine he will not become one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Brandon has an absolutely AMAZING web site full of info, tons and tons of pics and information. Be sure to stop by and spend some time, if your like me, when you leave you will be a huge fan of this talented, not to mention hot young talent. You can find his site HERE:

Yes Brandon has a smokin body, but the above pic is my favorite. Those eyes!

Below: Brandon as Riley in the horror TV series, "The Lair."

Below: Stills from Brandon's performance in the 2006 Off-Broadway production of Ascension. Brandon earned great reviews for his role as Lorenzo, an attractive, charismatic and dangerous dark angel who seduces a Catholic priest. Check out the Ascension Myspace Page HERE:

Some info about Brandon's early life from MostBeautifulMan.Com.

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 6th

Above: Chris Durrant (one of the favorite's that I have profiled over the last while. See more below).

FH is launching something new and exciting tomorrow...Please check back!

Happy Birthday today November 6th

Above: Actor and model Bruce Blauer who turns 39 today.
More of todays Birthdays HERE:

Blog Reader Favorites:

Above: Peter Berlin by Robert Mapplethorpe

FH reader Connolly sent me this shot of Peter Berlin by Robert Mapplethorpe with the following comment:

'I was not a fan of Peter Berlin until I saw him photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe. Berlin rarely let anyone take his picture and most of his iconic images were self portraits. Mapplethorpe brought out a side of him that was far more beautiful than the way he chose to photograph himself'

Thanks Connolly!
Keep those shots coming FH readers!!!

R.I.P Jill Clayburgh

I have not seen a lot of Jill Clayburgh movies. I do remember seeing la Luna, An Unmarried Woman and Semi Tough on the late show when I was a kid. Over the past 20 years though Jill has been a regular guest star on many of the shows I have watched such as Nip/Tuck, Law & Order, Frasier, Ally McBeal and more. Clayburgh had a elegant beauty that will be missed.

Just Because: Justin Gaston

I have a folder on my desk top called 'blog' where I stick in shots or stories I like for future posting. Today as I was emptying it out (my criteria is usually if I waited too long and the shots are everywhere on the web I don't use them). I could not however not post these shots of model and musician Justin Gaston. Justin, who is with Vision Model Management is looking so good these days. Justin has one of the best chests and his new shots (including the shot below by Richard Pier Petit) had to be posted on FH.

I am sure you have seen them before, but the shoot with web series If I Can Dream cast Ben Elliott, Giglianne Braga and Justin for Peta is hot. Although I was always a supporter of the Peta cause, I used to think their methods were a bit extreme. That is until watching some of their videos. A bit manipulative yes, but not only painful to watch they do back up the need for Peta and its work. No matter what you believe about animals and their purpose, bringing any unneeded pain or trauma is simply not acceptable.

Favorite Scenes Of The Week:

Luke Kleintank in The Young And The Restless.

Although I am not currently watching The Young And The Restless, I do love actor Luke Kleintank. Being fairly new to the cast, Luke, like most new actors on soaps had his introductory underwear scene earlier this week. Although not everyone's cup of tea, I love Luke's hair!

Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right

Thanks to WinterBoyy for the caps!