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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 1st

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Happy Birthday today June 1st

Happy 27th to actor Tom Holland!

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Another Lacy Look:

'The best of us don’t know when we’re being cruel or inappropriate, and that’s Shane, he thinks he’s just talking or telling you the truth.'

I know, I know, I'm late to the party, very late.  Sure I saw caps and clips of Marry Bartlett dining on Lukas Gage, but I didn't watch The White Lotus until last weekend.   Not sure what took me so long, I knew I'd enjoy it.  I think sometimes I purposely avoid shows I know I'll enjoy until a time I really need a good binge and escape.

There's not really much I can write about the show's first season that hasn't already been said on every other site.  I'll just say thank you to Mike White for his writing, directing and incredible casting.  Although I hated most of the characters, (in a good way) I love every actor cast.  My favorite storyline was that of couple Shane and Rachel.

I crushed over both, actress Alexandra Daddario and actor Jake Lacy.  I've been a fan of Lacy since first seeing him the 2010 sit-com, Better With You.  I previously featured Jake on FH, (HERE:) after loving his turn as Ron in the not talked about enough Fosse/Verdon

If you've followed Lacy's career, you know he's not only incredibly talented, he's also a bit of a chameleon.  Lacy weaves in and out of different looks, and different characters with ease.  I always recognize Lacy when I see him on screen, yet because he's so good, I often have to Google to ensure it's him.   Lacy was so good in White Lotus, he had me, and I'm sure many of you, crushing over a pretty unlikable character.

I'm Dying Up Here

Jake Lacy on Instagram

The White Lotus

Artistic Representation: Jae by Pierre-Yves Monnerville

'We live in times where just being ourselves can sometimes feel like an act of bravery.'

I've been featuring the work of photographer Pierre-Yves Monnerville for over a decade now.  I was always drawn to his visuals and how he so beautifully captured the strength, both the internal, and the external, of the men in front of his lens.  Earlier this year, I featured images from a photo series Pierre had created for his new project Unapologaytic.  

Pierre began Unapologaytic as a t-shirt and clothing brand, but's concept and message was too important and too big for only t-shirts, and Pierre's since expanded the concept into other areas.  The focus on the male form, Pride, body positivity and celebrating Gay Men and Gay culture has expanded to photo-shoots, on-line zines and most recently, a new series of podcasts. 

The first episode of the Unapogaytic podcast featured Pierre's interview with Jae. Some of you may remember Jae from his turn as gay icon St Sebastian in a piece from earlier this year. (HERE:)  Jae made the perfect first guest.  Not only has he modeled for Pierre several times, he also spoke so openly, sharing their experience of challenging society’s expectations of what gender queerness should act and look like.  You can listen to Jae's interview on the Podcast HERE:

I strongly encourage you to have a listen as Jae is incredibly honest about his experiences, and the challenges and unique nuances connected with gender identity and expression.  Jae was equally open about answering a few of my questions about his work Pierre, and his experience, both the challenges and rewards, of putting yourself out there by modeling nude.

When was the first time you had a nude image taken of yourself?   

I'm sure it was a selfie because the first nude image of me was done by Pierre in 2019. There is a big difference between taking a selfie and having someone photograph you nude. It's about intention, which I learned. Nude selfies I think are generally about sharing images of yourself to share and turn someone on or get them interested sexually. Working with photographers, the intention for me is about self expression and artistic representation of the male form. 

Did seeing yourself nude in an image impact in anyway how look looked at yourself or your appearance? 

One hundred percent. I'm comfortable being naked, but examining myself in photos, sometimes going through hundreds at a time has been really challenging. Ultimately, it's made me much more comfortable with the entirety of my physicality. 

I recognize now I'm unique and can better celebrate all parts of me, even those I used to think were flaws. I'm non-binary, so it also caused me to get comfortable with my cock in a way I hadn't been before. I love it as a part of me now and don't experience so much dysphoria when I have it out on show. 

Was it a struggle at all to decide to post nudes on-line? 

Yes, very much so and remains a struggle sometimes. I tend to be quite intentional in what I share and write online. For me it's self expression, even nudity or perceived sexualization in images. I'm conscious not everyone has my same sensibilities, so I try to be mindful of that and still go with my own intent. However, sometimes that means censoring what kind of images I choose to share publicly. 

What was the reaction from others? 

I mean, positive generally speaking! There are plenty of people who like how I look, and I am aware of this. What I hope to do is use any attention I get to also share deeper messages around inclusion, self-love, etc. On Instagram in particular I like to write commentary, usually in form of prose, about what the image sparks in me. Maybe it's longing or a sense of loss, love or a sky full of stars. What bothers me is when I simply get comments like "I'd fuck it". I'll not comment on what I think of comments like that! 

How did you connect with Pierre? 

We met at a weekend self development festival for queer men/people in London. We got to talking and became friendly a bit before he asked he could take my photograph. After some discussion, I agreed. We've been friends ever since. 

What was your favorite part about working with him? 

Pierre has such a gentle, warm spirit which makes him easy to be around and trust. He's incredibly grounded and knows what he's interested in and likes, so that also helps when working together creatively. We always have a great time shooting, but also connect as friends. Altogether, I just enjoy being around him and feel I can be myself in front of the camera or when we are just hanging out. 

How did he bring up Unapologetic and what inspired you to become involved? 

I've known Pierre for several years so he mentioned before his dream to start a clothing line. He told me that did it, and because we had worked together and were friends I was interested to hear more about what he wanted to do. I have expertise in business and human performance, so I offered to support him in his business, not just in his creative photographic projects. Honestly, he didn't need much help, but I am glad I got some insight into his business and helped him a little bit--probably mostly by confirming he's doing all the right stuff.