Friday, April 15, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 16th

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Happy Birthday today April 16th

Happy 51st to actor Jon Cryer!

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Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink isn't just one of birthday boy Jon Cryer's most famous movie's, it also describes how hot Gene Carter looks in his pink plaid.  Back in 2011, I interviewed the 1975 Playgirl pictorial model but had not seen this particular image until last week.  This shot of Gene didn't appear in the issue, but was in the magazine's 10th anniversary issue from the 80's.   Check out my interview with Gene HERE:

Import of the Day: Dylan Playfair

At first glance, you might think the blonde and the beautiful Dylan Playfair might have grown up surfing the beaches of California, he actually grew up a little further north.  Although it was the West Coast, and the beaches still along the Pacific, the sexy young actor is from Fort St. James in British Columbia Canada.

Some of you might recognize Dylan from his roles on television, including playing Knox on the comedy Some Assembly Required.  Dylan's latest role, and the role that grabbed my attention, is his current turn as Reilly on the Canadian comedy series Letterkenny.   Being a Canadian series, nudity is not an issue, and Dylan looked exceptionally hot soaping up with his co-stars Jared Keeso and Andrew Herr.


Dylan with Letterkenny co-stars Jared Keeso and Andrew Herr

Johnny: Chameleonic

First 2 images by DCurtis

'I live an artistic double life: one of classical realism and the other of aesthetic exploration.'
Alton Tobey

For model and actor Comeback Johnny, modeling is like a double, sometimes even a triple life, that at least for now....he is trying to keep a secret. FH readers might be surprised to know how many models and photographers keep their passion for shooting as a separate, and discrete part of their lives.

Not hard to understand really, especially with some of the conservative, and often judgemental views many still hold on to.  Man of the artists that I feature, get up each morning, put on a suit and tie, and head off to the office.  But at night, and on the weekends, they leave their suits on the hangers, or on the floor, as they explore their artistic and artistic sides. For some, it is also a way to explore their exhibitionist side, something not necessarily welcomed in most places of work.

Next three images from Digital Vision Photography

I first encountered Johnny's passion for modeling last December while putting together my stories for New Year's Eve.  I came upon Johnny's balloon images by DCurtis and had wanted to use them on the site.   I ended up choosing some of my other images from DCurtis for the piece, (Bonne AnnĂ©e!) saving Johnny' images for a piece of their own. 

'I model at art schools and I like that I'm helping inspire students with their creativity. Who knows, one of them might become an illustrator for DC Comics. I like being in an artistic environment. I like that I'm doing something creative that is appreciated.'

Johnny got started in modeling after asking an aspiring photographer friend, to shoot some headshots for him to use for acting resume. 'As for becoming a model, I pretty much wanted the attention.'  
Johnny certainly grabbed my attention and I really loved the versatility within his work, especially Johnny's ability to change his look in very subtle, yet intentional ways.  There was a fascinating contrast in Johnny's modeling being a secret, and the duality in so many of his images.

Next two images from Falls Photography Studio

I am certainly not the only one who has given Johnny some attention, and some feedback on both his work, and his body. Johnny says his eyes get the most comments, but his legs and butt have also garnered their share of positive attention.  The two images here, (above and below) are from the same shoot of Johnny with Falls Photography Studio.  They're a great example of the subtle duality I love.

In both images Johnny is in the same setting, sitting on the same chair in the same suit. Johnny's facial expression and eyes however, create a world of difference.  In the first image, Johnny looks like that attractive guy we have all crushed over at the office.  In the second piece, the feel is a bit more sinister...  Unlike the boy next door feel in the first image, Johnny seems to channelling a the character of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Johnny by Rolling Shooter

'I would like to do a photoshoot with a female model where we are painted up to resemble statues in a Classical Greek tableau. I do performance art and have been involved with the local acting scene. There are some actors who have joined these social media model networking groups as well as ModelMayhem. Most of what they show in their portfolios are just posing in some nice clothes as if for a headshot with a limited range of expressions. I tend to get annoyed when these people crowd model networking groups on Facebook. I try to expand on what I can do and concept artistic shoots happen to appeal to me more than standard photoshoot fare. I try to be chameleonic.'