Monday, June 28, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 29th

Above: Beautiful shot by shuttersnipe.

Happy Birthday today June 29th to:

Happy Birthday today June 29th to:

Austin Drage turns 24 today.

I have posted on actor Alejo Sauras before, so check out those posts, he is a favorite actor of mine! Alejo turns 31 today.

Jay Dean by Photography by R.J

Jay Dean's favorite quote is:
"You get as much as you put in"

If there is truth in the quote, Jay is headed for huge success. It is not easy moving from success on a local level to success on a national level. Jay has been modeling in his home town of Chicago for a few years now but is currently putting all of his energy into getting exposure beyond his home State.

I absolutely love Jay's look with his strong face which is capable of showcasing a variety of looks and emotions. Jay also has an amazing body which he works hard to keep in shape. Jay says that he is a very athletic person and plays many different sports, loves to work out, and be outdoors.

Jay is motivated to succeed both on a professional and financial level. Jay is spending the next few months traveling to build his portfolio and is hoping to work with some of the industries best photographers to create artistic images with a focus on fitness and fashion.

Jay's first step, shooting with Robert Johnson from Photography by R.J, was a smart move. Rob did an incredible job at bringing out a very mature look, both stylish and elegant. Using wardrobe and creativity, Rob creates a series of shots that display Jay at his best, showcasing both his ability to model fashion and in addition showcases his chest and body with several creative fitness shots.

With over 15 years of professional experience, Rob says that as a photographic artist he tries to capture the things he sees in his subjects as well as what his subjects do not see within themselves. In the case of his work with Jay, I think Rob did a skillful job at bringing out new facets of Jay's personality not seen in Jay's earlier work. It is important successful models don't just showcase a look, but personality and an overall image. Rob has helped Jay create a foundation which I think is going help him tremendously on his road to success.

Jay was thrilled in the results of his work with Rob and says they worked on many concepts and in the end came away with some stunning shots. Rob says Jay has a great outgoing personality. 'He takes direction extremely well and is willing to go above and beyond to get the right look/shot.' The initial focus of the shoot was on physique/fitness with a little bit of fashion thrown in. Whatever the process was I love the results. I think their work together is going to lead to greater exposure for both model and photographer.

Thanks to Jay and Rob who both helped with the post. You can check out Photography By R.J on ModelMayhem HERE: You can also catch Jay Dean on MM HERE: or join him on Facebook HERE:

Kudos to Ryan Kwanten & Jason Stackhouse

If you have read any articles about Ryan Kwanten or seen him interviewed you know he is worlds away from Jason Stackhouse. I know many fans of Ryan and True Blood were not thrilled the writers of True Blood spent season 2 focusing on Jason finding himself after the tragedies he went through in season 1. I think the disappointment might have had more to do with a lack of nude scenes, but I loved Ryan in season 2. Ryan is one of the hottest men on tv but he is also one of the most talented. It must be very difficult for an artist who wants to emote when many of his fans want the emoting to always occur pantless.

I say kudos to Ryan Kwanten for creating a unique and lovable yet terribly flawed character in Jason Stackhouse. Some of the other men on the show often get the spotlight but Jason is my favorite character to watch on TB, with our without pants.

Ryan in last weeks True Blood.

TV star of The Day: Jeffrey Donovan

Ok, actor Jeffrey Donovan and the producers of 'Burn Notice' have worn me down. I have never watched the show, I don't even know if I get it. Yet...I was compelled to order season 1 from Amazon. Please tell me it is good!

I saw the ads for Burn Notice in magazines for years, read comments that it is a great show but still nothing had me itching to watch. Then this past year the show got in the back of my head. First it was a spoof on SNL about the best show no one is watching. Next, it was seeing adorable star Jeffrey Donovan on the cover of TV Guide with two of my favorite actors Mark Feuerstein and Matt Bomer. Lastly it was seeing Jeffrey on a slew of talk show appearances the past month that had me want to get to know the talent behind his adorable face and smile.

A seasoned Shakespearean stage actor, Massachusetts native Jeffrey Donovan has been gracing movie and tv screens for over 15 years now. I first saw Jeffrey in the late 90's in the short lived 'The Pretender'. His on screen resume is matched by his theatre credits which include 'Hamlet', 'The Glory Of Living', 'On The Waterfront' to name just a few.

You can check out much more of Jeffery at a great website HERE:

Below: Boys of Summer: Jeffery with Royal Pains' Mark Feuerstein and White Collar's Matt Bomer.

Below: Jeffrey in 'Burn Notice'

Jeffrey in 'Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2' (2000)
Thanks to Superherofan for the caps.

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 28th

Above: Benny Young by Leigh Carter.
Get to know Leigh and see more of his work below!

Happy Birthday today June 28th to:

Happy Birthday today June 28th to:

Model Leandro Ghidini turns 25 today.

Football's Lars Kristian Eriksen from Norway turns 27 today. Photos from John Anresen.

Love the talented actor Alessandro Nivola who turns 38 today.

Alessandro in 'Laurel Canyon' (2002).

Alessandro in 'I Want You' (1998).

Steve Burton turns 40 today.

Gil Bellows turns 43 today.

John Cusack turns 44 today.