Friday, April 15, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 16th

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Solid: Dee Witt by PatrickM Photography

'Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, It's Wabbit Season!'
Elmer Fudd

It's wabbit season, and when it came to locating hot a bunny to feature, I knew just where to look.  Many of you may remember model and fitness trainer Dee Witt from his previous appearances on the site.  Dee was featured in several of my favorite of photographer Richard Rothstein's homonormative takes on classic fairy tales including Richards interpretations of Beauty & the Beast, (HERE:) & Little Red Riding Hood. (HERE:)

Dee Witt's Instagram is one of my favorites to follow.  In addition to continuous stream of hot images, Dee also loves to celebrate the holidays with stimulating visuals.  I noticed this set of shots from photographer PatrickM last year and made a mental note to get in touch with Dee this year about featuring them on the site.

There is nothing hollow about this raunchy rabbit, he's solid all the way through.  I love the fetish feel with Dee's wardrobe and the shiny leather ears and face covering.  So the only question that remains is if with this sweet Easter treat, do you start with the ears....

David Eggers II in Station to Station

'If you'd asked me five years ago if I thought I'd be naked-full Monty-all over Amazon Prime, Eventive and Vimeo, I'd have said 'yeah probably'.  But I never could have imagined it would be in a film of this quality, with this kind of impact on audiences.'
David Eggers II

Ok it's not an Easter flick, but writer and director Benjamin Bryant's Station to Station has a (sort of)  bunny connection.  If you haven't heard of the award winning film, it's time you did.  I recently watched on Vimeo, although it's also available on Amazon Prime.  Actor and model plays Tom, a character whose layers are unveiled as the story is told. 

Outtakes from Eroticco

'Las Vegas has a raw energy and innate sensuality that were so important to putting Tom's journey of self-discovery in context.  There are a lot of the things Tom gets up to in this film that would raise eyebrows anywhere else but not in Vegas!

'How far do you go to get away from yourself.'

With his life back East upended, a young man escapes to the electric anonymity of Las Vegas. When an intriguing offer puts him on an unexpected path, he learns how easily things left unresolved find a way of forcing their own resolution.

Although he starts out as a maintenance man, I think we all knew Tom was destined to become of Bunker's Boys.   It's not long before Tom is part of the 'OnlyFans' style website leading to complicated relationships with his boss and fellow Bunker boys.

On his first official day on the job, Tom is initiated into his new role by his co-workers.  This involves putting on some bunny ears, the Easter connection, and dropping his pants to show off what he's working with.

Eggers II is incredibly hot, and very engaging as Tom and the movie, despite a fair amount of skin, is a compelling watch.  The dialogue is smart and taps into the appeal, and the absurdity, of on-line fan sites.  My only complaint is that although I loved Tom's journey, I wish some of the supporting actors were given a bit more to do.  The entire cast was appealing so maybe a sequel spotlighting some of the other characters is in order!