Thursday, August 12, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 12th

A few weeks ago Photographer Chris Teel introduced us to model Corey Kirk. In my previous post Corey Kirk was only wearing white briefs and although wearing more here, this is one of my favorite shots of Corey by Chris.

-Today is a day for updates on several of my favorite artists-
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Happy Birthday today August 12th to:

Happy Birthday today, August 12th to:

Justin Gaston turns 22 today.

Andrei Andrei turns 27 today. (See more of Andrei in last years post).

Gregory Mahe turns 29 today.

Casey Affleck turns 35 today.

Peter Krause turns 45 today.

Bruce Greenwood turns 54 today.

Sam J. Jones turns 56 today.

New From Dylan Rosser: Richard

Dylan Rosser does it again with an exclusive shoot with Richard who trusted him enough to take it all off for the 1st time. Head over to THE MALE FORM to see more!


Age: 27
Height: 6ft
Where were you born: Blackpool
Where do you live: Nottingham
Occupation: Model
Favourite TV shows: The Inbetweeners
Favourite music/band/artist: Ne-Yo
Favourite Food: Chinese
Interests/hobbies: Football
Goal in life: Be all i can be
How long have you been modelling: 9 months
What you wear in bed: Nothing
Your best feature: Arms

"I Am Not" by Brett Gleason

Photos of Brett by Nicolas Smith.

Over the past few weeks I have asked readers of FH you to head over to Logo and help Brett Gleason's 'I Am Not' make the click list. Brett's fans have helped 'I Am Not' the number two song for the past month. Lets all vote to help the song finally push to #1!!!! Please head on over to Logo HERE: and help 'I Am Not' make #1 this week! Today is the last day to vote!!! The video is the sixth one down on the left. There is a section to enter personal information but you don't need to do that-therefore, the number of times any one can vote is unlimited. O

'It's an internal conflict with a universal application: You cannot bury, hide or deny parts of yourself for they will come back to get you. 'I Am Not' is about proclaiming pride in what previously caused shame, accepting yourself and the inherent duality of existence.'

You can check out more of Brett at his official site HERE: and Blog HERE:

The official video for Brett Gleason's first single, 'I Am Not' off of his debut EP, 'The Dissonance' (Check it out on itunes!)
Video directed by Drew Tobia with lighting by Mark Rangel and Santiago Felipe

Keeping up with Jamie Dominic

"I am just an honest musician out of Nashua New Hampshire. If I make it big awesome. If I don't that's awesome too. My main goal is to touch the hearts of a lot of people along whatever path I take.
I want to share my life experiences through my music with anyone and everyone. If you like me, great. If you don't like me that's fine too. I am what I am and I will never change for anybody."


I have posted several times before about musician and model Jamie Dominic (see previous posts HERE:). Although Jamie is still modeling, his main focus these days is getting the word out about his music and his group Motivations (see previous post HERE:)

As a model, Jamie possesses a fierce strength that has created some amazing and edgy images. Jamie is one of the nets most popular models and his work with some of best photographers in the business has led to an impressive portfolio. Jamie brings his strength, not to mention hard work and determination, to his music as well. In my previous profile on Motivations I said my favorite song was 'We Are Machines', but I think the bands most recently released Myspace single 'Save Your Life' has taken over that spot! Great song I encourage you all to take a listen to on the Bands Myspace page HERE:

MOtivations says:

'A name is more than a label and the name "Motivations" is a reflection of the continued bonds of friendship and the power of a shared dream among the band members. The dreams of man are his motive power - a driving force that shapes the world. Motivations wants to share theirs with you.'

This quote specifically impressed me as Motivation is certainly a theme within many of the bands songs. I recently asked Jamie a few questions about the band and his modeling.

Below: MOtivations band members Steve Langone, Pat Strawbridge, Dominic and Josh Kern.

With everyone working and busy schedules, how do you keep your friendships strong and how do you find the time to schedule rehearsal times and dates to play?

Jamie Dominic:
I'd say we are all best friends. We have been there through everything together. No matter how busy things get , no matter what comes our way this band is our heart. It's our drive and our MOTIVATION to live our lives. We make sure that time is made for this band. No matter what! We have the strongest friendship between all of us. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for one another. I personally would die for any of these guys as they would for me.

Given your band is called Motivations, what or who motivates you when things get rough or your down.

Jamie Dominic:
Life in general, personal experiences and just overall drive to succeed is what pushes us and is what motivates us to play what we play and write what we write. Just the simplicity of friendship and brotherhood between us as a band keeps us going!

The stunning images below by Tony Duran.

Given your success as a model, do you find that gets in the way of promoting the band or do you use it to your advantage?

Jamie Dominic:
I started modeling simply to get my face out there so that one day people can see what my REAL true love is. I took this road to meet new people and to get my foot in any door possible so that later on i can introduce my music to the world. So yes i use modeling to my advantage. Absolutely!

After you check out Jamie's music head over and be sure to join his fan page on Facebook HERE: Jamie regularly updates his fan page with tons of pictures and videos. Jamie also checks in almost daily with updates and news.

Thanks to Jamie and to Motivations!

Image above from Oh La La Mag.

"Waking up in a Dream Inside a Dream" by Samuel Boux

Last month photographer Chris Teel introduced FH to the beautiful and talented Samuel Boux. As great looking as Samuel is, his music is something that has really become a regular part of my life. I used to generally have alternative rock blaring as I got ready for work in the morning, but Samuel's music is not not only something that gently eases me into my day but also gently helps close each day. With the daily stresses of life the beauty and soothing quality of Samuel's acoustic guitar certainly has been a welcomed gift.

From Samuel's bio on REVERBNATION:

"Started to play guitar february 2008 after I got back from a 3 weeks trip to Costa-Rica, i wanted to start playing when I saw this acoustic guitar player in the streets, he amazed me so well that I bought his CD and decided that the first thing I am gonna do back from the trip, is to start playing guitar. I first find this old ragged guitar in the closet that my father played in the 70s, when I got enough money I bought myself a 300$ brand new Takamine Black acoustic guitar that I recorded all my tunes with. It was a lot of tries and mistakes but after 1 year of practicing everyday for couple hours, I started to compose songs, its worth mentioning that I only pick with my fingers no picks.
Also playing a bit of piano sometimes."

Samuel moved from Canada to Northern California two months ago and only got his computer back a couple of weeks ago. Samuel quickly recorded and shared his new song "Waking up in a Dream Inside a Dream" which I strongly encourage you to listen to at REVERBNATION HERE:

When I first saw the shots Chris sent me of Samuel for the first post I commented that Samuel reminded me of Puck from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Chris said that he had taken another series of shots of Samuel where he was thinking the same thing. These amazing shots are from that shoot. When I first saw the results of the shoot I was sure it was from weeks of carefully planning a concept, Chris tells me it was just the opposite and that the concept almost didn't happen.

"It certainly wasn't planned when we began shooting that day. It was a combination of events that came together. From the stylist bringing extra props that hadn't been requested, to the manager of a B&B who saw us shooting another concept in the alleyway and offered us use of his restaurant and kitchen spaces which were under construction. We stumbled across this tiny little stage in the bar and I saw this large light. The electricity was on and the light worked, the stylist whipped out a pair of horns he happened to have in his bag, Sam dropped his pants and the shoot was underway!"
Chris Teel

As always Check out Chris Teel's amazing website HERE: and his blog HERE: