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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 6th

Strike a Pose by Achillias
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Seasonal Sightings

Harry's Culo Crepa

Harry Styles, below with girlfriend Olivia Wilde, is looking mighty fine on deck, and showing a wee bit of butt crack..  Harry and Olivia are spending some down time taking it easy while vacationing in Monte Argentario, Italy.

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Softcore Linebacker

So, I'm not a huge football fan, when it comes to professional sports, I much prefer hockey and basketball.   That being said, I have been a fan of several football players, especially when in their tight football pants.   I know I'm not the only one who has scanned a football field simply to enjoy the many hot bubble butts squeezed tightly into their pants.

We've all wanted to see what's under those pants, and thanks to the Internet, we've had the opportunity, usually from a locker room video or an issue of ESPN's Body Issue.  Sometimes we get to see that beautiful beefy butt from a more unexpected and surprising place.....  That's certainly the case for with former American linebacker Sam Anno.

During the eighties, Anno played for:  The Los Angeles Rams (1987) Minnesota Vikings (1987–1988) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1989–1991) and the San Diego Chargers (1992–1993)  Like many players, Anno transitioned to coaching, starting in 1996.  Sam took took a bit of a detour however, between playing and coaching football, and his detour including appearing in several softcore films in the mid-to late 90's.

Recent shot of Sam at work

Sam first dipped his toe into the genre with an appearance in an episode of Silk Stalkings in 1996.  Over the next several years Anno went to appear in a number of softcore films including;  Beverly Hills Bordello. Masseuse 2, When Passion Collides and The Sexperiment.  Although these films catered to a male audience, and featured predominately female nudity, some of the films directors... certainly got the memo.  They knew many of men watched with women, who also wanted a little visual eye candy.  Anno's incredible ass more than satisfied that sweet craving. 

Lights, Camera, Action

Masseuse 2 (1997)

It's interesting that during the time Anno was appearing in softcore films, he was also beginning his coaching career.  In 1996, at the same time as Anno appeared in Beverly Hills Bordello, he was hired as an assistant coach  at Saint Monica Catholic High School.  He worked there from 1996 through 1999, pretty much the entire length of his time in softcore films.  I guess they either didn't see his videos, or were a little more progressive than their name might imply...  

When Passions Collide (1997)

'When 2 young couples, Lisa and Ryan and Jack and Cindy head for the hills for an intimate weekend at a remote country house, things are looking hot, hot, hot. Unfortunately, while three of them are looking for carnal fun, Ryan is more interested in writing his new book. But the fireworks ignite when the irresistible force of passion confronts the barrier of Ryan's inhibitions. Soon relationships are tested beyond the breaking point and sometimes, the quiet conservative types pack the biggest surprises.'

Anno is still active in the coaching field and is currently a defensive assistant coach for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.  Special thanks to DC form poster KC for introducing me to Anno and his incredibly beautiful backside! 

Achillias: You Can Put Your Clothes Over There...

'Sorry for being late'

Jeppe has an appointment with Magdalena Fischer, an internationally renowned painter. She has hired him for a modeling job.  When Magdalena swung open the door, Jeppe immutably apologized for being late. 'No problem!', Magdalena replied, "Welcome to my studio. Make yourself comfortable. 'You can put your clothes over there'  Magdalena couldn't resist checking out Jeppe while he slowly peeled off his clothes.

I'm not sure if anyone could resist taking a peek at that studly Jeppe as he pulled down his boxers.  Boxers full of red hearts he most likely received from whichever girlfriend he was banging around Valentines Day.  if you follow the work of Achillias, you're likely familiar with Jeppe.  The hunky blonde has a habit of often finding himself naked, and in erotically vulnerable situations with both women and men.

The woman in this case is Magdalena, a woman who looks like she's lived a hard, but rewarding life.  In addition to her passion for art, Magdalena's other passions include great wine, partying with friends and surrounding herself with hot younger men whenever she gets the opportunity.   Using her art, not to mention a bit of cash, allows Magdalena to have a constant flow of naked models to paint and visually devour.

If you've checked out my previous pieces features the work of Achillias, you know that many of his images have a CFNM theme, featuring naked men with strong and passionate women. From the Empress and her prisoners Hideaki and Zhou, (HERE:) to Christina doling out punishment to Floris. (HERE:) Despite the naked Adonis just a few feet away, Magdalena keeps her cool and remains firmly in control. 

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