Friday, October 3, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 3rd

Favorite Birthday Boy for October 3rd Clive Owen

The beautiful and talented Clive Owen turns 44 today.

Clive in 'Close My Eyes'

2 Other Favorites celebrating today October 3rd

2 Other favorites blowing out candles today:

Spanish actor Rubén Ochandiano turns 28 today.

Seann William Scott certainly has turned himself from a goofy young actor into a hot leading man over the years. Seann turns 32 today.

Also celebrating today October 3rd

Also celebrating today October 22nd.

Beautiful actor and model Oskar Rodriguez turns 22 today.

Former track star turned model Willy Monfret turns 26 today.

Erik Von Detten turns 26 today.

Actor Seth Gabel turns 28 today.

Jake Shears turns 30 today.

Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson turns 37 today.

Gwen Stefanie turns 39 today.

Tommy Lee turns 46 today.

Jack Wagner turns 49 today.

Actor Hart Bochner turns 52 today.