Sunday, September 12, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 12th

The Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly is back!
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Thanks to those who sent in their favorite pictures! I am going to begin posting them later this week. If you have not done so, please check out my post HERE: to join in!!!

Happy Birthday today September 12th to:

Happy Birthday today September 12th to:

Actor Benjamin McKenzie turns 32 today.

Paul Walker turns 37 today. (Just saw 'Takers' on Friday, Paul still looking fine!).

Actor Jason Statham turns 38 today.

Actor Andrea Occhipinti turns 53 today.

It's Premiere Month!

Here are a few of the shows whose return I am looking forward to:

Vampire Diaries:

Vampire Diaries actually began this past week but I did not watch. I am however about half way through season 1 on DVD. I bought the set due to great word of mouth and Ian Somerhalder. I am loving it due to great storytelling, great pacing and Steven R. McQueen (Steve's grandson). If you turn away from all things Vampire you should give this show a try. It is on the WB so it is not 'True Blood' but it is still sexy, disturbing and addictive.

Other Asian! YUM!
My only complaint, why when 'Brittany' and 'Santana' have become series regulars does Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr) remain not???

Brothers & Sisters:
If a show ever needed a time warp jump it is 'Brothers & Sisters'. Always one of my favorite shows, last season was down right depressing (except for Gilles Marini whose 'stunt' casting actually paid off). I for one will not miss Rob Lowe. Initially he was a great addition, but you could recently clearly see, that with the exception of his scenes with Matthew Rhys, he had little to no interest in being part of an ensemble show. I wish the writers had sent Luke Macfarlane off with him. I know most fans love 'Scotty' but I think the writers have sacrificed 'Kevin' due to the positive audience reaction to 'Scotty'. 'Kevin', once one of the shows best characters is, with 'Scotty', written as a selfish whiny bore. It is time for Matthew Rhys to have the restriction of a husband lifted from his character. It is also looking like this could be the shows last year. I am hoping the limited episode number means they are cutting costs to help keep the show, not cut it lose. So few family dramas like Brothers & Sisters survive, I would hate to lose this one too soon.

Grey's Anatomy:
I look forward to the September 23 season premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy' with trepidation. I love the show but hated the season 6 finale. Over the top, manipulative and sensational are the words that came to mind when I watched. This show, so well well written, so well acted has a reputation of being an over the top soap, but I always felt the writing and acting (especially by Pompeo, Chambers and Oh) kept it real. The season finale told critics the show is indeed what they have been calling it. Hopefully series creator and writer Shonda Rhimes will ground the show again in character driven drama without going for 'sweeps stunts' whenever she gets the chance.

New Site Launch: boy:gender by Leigh Carter

If your a regular reader of FH you know I love the work of UK based photographer Leigh Carter. Over the years I have profiled Leigh's work with among others Anthony Brooking, Benny Young and Nick Wolanski. (See Leigh's work on FH HERE:) Leigh has been working hard the last 5 months revamping his site boy:gender and the new site re-launched yesterday with new models and tons of new content! Yes, there is a pay content, is only £14.99 for an entire year. Most pay sites charge you that much for a month then you have to deal with canceling before they recharge, with boy:gender you’re set for one low price for the entire year!

One of my favorite models is Leigh's muse, Stuart Martin featured in the shot here.

Stuart says of Leigh:

'I would thoroughly recommend working with this gentleman – He has that fantastic ability of making you feel comfortable as soon as you meet him, communication and direction is great and i’m always impressed with the final product.'

I love Leigh's work with Stuart (who by the way has a twin brother) and although they have some created some very hot shots together, I personally love the sexy shots where Stuart is acting goofy, just having fun.

You can check out more about Stuart on his blog HERE: or on ModelMayhem HERE:

To see more of Leigh's work with Stuart as well as much much much more I encourage you to head on over to the revamped boy:gender HERE:

New From Dylan Rosser: Jerry East

The newest guy to join Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM is the sensational Jerry East! I could write lots on Jerry (starting with those great lips and that beautiful face) but Jerry has his own website with tons of information you can find HERE: Also, Rob from on of my favorite sites, BeautifulMag wrote a great profile last week with more of Dylan's shots, Be sure to check that out HERE:

To see much more of Jerry, head on over to THE MALE FORM HERE:

Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly is back!

Yeah I have been slow with this story, but finally saw the issue recently and had to post. Shots from early Abercrombie & Fitch quarterlies dominated my 'right click and save' folder when I first got online a decade ago. Many of the images by Bruce Weber of The Carlson Twins, Joseph Sayers, Dayton Schlosser and many others have become classics to me, representing a time when the world opened up to this small town boy. Pre-Internet I had not and would not have even heard of A & F. Today and tomorrow I will share some of my favorite shots from the recent issue, many of which I think are destined to become classics as well.

'The A&F Quarterly will be part of the "Back-to-School" 2010 marketing campaign and its theme being an A&F "Hollywood screen test". A lead story will be offered mimicking American Idol: "The staff of A&F Studios opens up to editorial to explain the steps the division takes to find new, young, hot boys. The cattle-call approach to herd young talent ends with the best of the beefcake earning a screen test that 'could be the flint to spark the trip to the star'." Returning to the publication is Bruce Weber, who remains exclusive photographer for the A&F company and shot the images in February 2010. Behind-the-scenes shots will also provide a look behind Weber's A&F coveted photo shoots.'

A&F Screen Test films: Call Backs by Bruce Weber