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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 19th


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At the End of the Bed

Prime Time Supporters: Drew Ray Tanner

'I don't think I can date anyone named Fangs.'
Kevin Keller

If Kevin was smart, and he's not always written to be, he would get over any issues he has with Fangs Fogarty's name.  Fangs is far too hot to let a little thing like his name get in the way.  Those fangs, might even be a plus if plunged in right the right spot....

Canadian actor Drew Ray Tanner has been playing Fangs since the show's second season, and his far too infrequent scenes with Kevin have been a highlight.  I haven't quite finished the last season, but that tickling video side story aside, Drew has been a highlight.

Drew began acting over a decade ago and his big break was playing Michael in R.L. Stine's the Haunting Hour. Since then, he's continue to appear regularly, mostly in Vancouver based TV and film productions, in including appearances on; Supernatural, Supergirl, Arrow, The Order and Legends of Tomorrow.

My lover for Riverdale has certainly waned since season one, but I still often complain about the poor treatment of the supporting cast.  I loved Kevin in season 1, but for a show created, produced and written by gay men, the character has been shockingly badly written.  Let's hope when the show finally does return, Kevin will have a decent story with Fangs, without the lazy and lame stereotypes they usually throw in for the character.

Rubber Duckie: Maxx by PR PHOTO

'Rubber duckie you're the one.'

This past spring, I featured Philip Rugel's (PR PHOTO) work with the incredibly gorgeous and incredibly fit Maxx. (HERE:) One of the ways Maxx keeps in peak form is by swimming, so it was appropriate that Philip shot him in a pool, and kept him wet throughout most of the shoot.  I tucked away this series with Maxx and his big toy to share when the summer was in full swing.  It the temperature out there today, there was no better time for another dip with Maxx into the pool.

'Maxx showed up for our summer pool shoot with my assistant and I blown away. He was a 6'2'' Adonis. That kind of Midwestern boy that you dream about finding for a model. The shoot produced beautiful shots of a young man in his prime!'

High School Confidential

'We’re All Pretty Bizarre. Some Of Us Are Just Better At Hiding It; That’s All.'
Andrew, The Breakfast Club

Even if we fought it, most of us were a stereotype in high school. Pressure to fit in, forced most of us to take on the traits of one of the many tropes in order to make it through the day, and the three or four years it took to graduate.  High School is such an fascinating time in our lives, maybe one of the reasons there are so many  movies made about the time period.  For guys, it the time most of us transition of boy to man and experience most of our 'firsts'.

I was recently discussing with friends my high school path and although I used to think I was a nerd, I think I fit more into the drifter category.  I played sports, but wasn't a jock, was in the school musical, but wasn't really a thespian.  I was on student council, but was far from a prep. I did ok, but not great, with academics and not so seamlessly, sort of drifted between groups, making connections in many of the groups along the way.  We often tend to think we'll leave our boxes when we grow up, but I've recently come to embrace my status as a drifter.  It doesn't come without it's issues, but none of the stereotypical roles ever does...

The Bad Boy
Image from Bad John Paul

The Bad Boy: A guy whose rebellious nature makes him dangerous to and/or attractive to others.  Hot, but damaged, usually attract almost every girl, and gay guy in school, except the few who see trouble coming a mile away. 

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Very high, but not usually as great as you might think

Potential for Success post High School: Better than most think, their ability to charm and manipulate often gets them a pass in career, and relationships, at least for awhile...

The Geek

The Geek: Students described as intellectual but obsessive and often socially impaired. They usually don't have the modern fashion sense of other groups, and they usually prefer chess to hoops. 

Potential for Sex during / after High School: Low to nil.  Surprisingly good results when they take the leap

Potential for Success post High School: 50/50 , social struggles can lead to isolated working environments.  If they do find the right career however, they do very well

The Thespian
Carter by Keith Ingram

The Thespian: Teens who are obsessed with Broadway musicals and more than likely aspire to do theatre professionally. They typically have a very busy and complicated schedule, spending most of their time in rehearsal for the school show or working on their craft.

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  High likelihood, varied, creative, often multiple partners

Potential for Success post High School: 60/40  If they do go the acting route, (which most don't) they're likely to fail, getting an office job, acting in local theatre productions.  If they use their creative talents in another field, they tend to be much more successful, but horribly unhappy...


Skaters: Free spirited, roam in packs, borrowing the slacker trappings of the surf scene. They tend to be more rebellious.  Often outsiders, many self medicate to deal with social challenges. 

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Good, by grade 12, most replace their need for a pack for a partner.  Usually  monogamous, and long term

Potential for Success post High School:  High.  If they break from the pack, they usually end up in good jobs, many are entrepreneurs.  If they can't break from their packs, they often remain living in their parents basements into their forties.

Curtis by Jamtron Studio

Hipsters:  They make a big effort to assemble a wardrobe that seems effortless. They challenge traditional norms and modern trends. They follow the latest trends in fashion and like to be independent from the other cliques and often do what is "uncool" before it becomes "cool".

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Early, and often

Potential for Success post High School:  Although most conform, ending up wearing suits and doing 9-5 jobs, many also often end up as writers, or running book stores and coffee shops,


Greasers:  No, not like the t-birds in Grease, but boys struggling to grow up.  They tend to hold onto their childhood passions, turning their love of Mattel toy trucks and cars, into a focus real cars.  Talk incessantly about the car they'll buy one day.  Don't care about clothes, the same jeans and t-shirt, multiple days in a row.

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Low, but not out of the question.  Most focus on cars to deal with their fears of dealing with women, men or sex.  If they can overcome the fear, like skaters, by grade 12, they ditch their care loving homies and hit the hay as often as possible.

Potential for Success post High School: High.  yes, many do end up selling automobiles, but many move beyond their greaser high school status, they can find success in many fields, many end up being pilots, or engineers.


EMO:   Highly emotional. Their emotions are reflected in their appearance: dark clothing, streaked bangs, and tattoos and piercings. The emo style has its roots in punk culture, which tended to be more rebellious, and goth, which was darker and gloomier.

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Medium to Low.  It's either hot as hell, or totally non-existent

Potential for Success post High School:  Just like their likelihood for sex, they're either incredibly successful, or totally unqualified to do anything.

The Prep

Preps:  Preps tend to be social and and love having fun.  They often come from an upper middle class or upper-class family. Sometimes they overlap with jocks, especially when it comes to sports. In most high schools, preps are those most commonly chosen to have important positions for school events.

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Surprisingly better during High School than after.  Many, due to their popularity and school positions, tend to be lusted after.  They have their choice of partners of either sex.  After High School, reality sets in, and their status as a 'prep' becomes more of a hindrance than help.

Potential for Success post High School:  Due to their family connections, and the relationships they made in High School, finding jobs isn't usually an issue.  Keeping them however, can be...

The Nerd:

Nerds Not to be confused with Geeks.  Nerds tend to have better social skills, something they need due to their obsessive tenancies, and their need to be right.  Although they may be introverted, they for survival, usually seek out other introverts to form their own social community.

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Good, but almost always with a fellow nerd within their social circle, especially during High School

Potential for Success post High School:  Extremely High, they're most likely the sucky boss you spend so much time complaining about.  They get the 'big' jobs, but often struggle to relate to employee's who are not also nerd leaning.


Rockers:  They tend to stay away from the crowd and in small groups with similar interests in music. They often wear band T-shirts,  jeans and are usually listening to music. Many of them will be in a band or know an instrument. 

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Higher potential post High School.  Although sexually coveted, they tend to be like Skaters, sticking with crew, and don't often break away until after graduation.  In High School, they tend to have one nighters after a gig, then return to their band mates.

Potential for Success post High School:  Great for about five years.  A hot rocker in their twenties is cool, they attract people both sexually, and to be around professionally.  After they hit their thirties however, those hot rocker qualities, once seen as cool, are not.

The Jock:

Jocks: Live for sports, tend to be popular with many of their peers. The're popularity often goes to their heads, and they can slide into being the male equivalent of "mean girls".

Potential for Sex during / post High School:  Depends on what sport they play...  Basketball, hockey and football players can usually get it whenever they want  or need it.  If your sport is badminton, table tennis or archery, patience and masturbation is a virtue.

Potential for Success post  High School:  Reverse the above:  If you were into badminton, table tennis or archery,  the professional world is yours to conquer.  If you played basketball, hockey or football, unless you were fortunate, or talented enough to go pro, teaching Jr. High School gym can lead to unhappy marriages, affairs, drinking and a loss of any and fitness abilities that you had in your teens.

The Drifter:

Drifters: Individuals that are capable of simultaneous interactions with one or more groups non-exclusively, or being independent at their own accord. They don't demand attention, often opting to blend in the background to avoid potential conflict or being labeled as part of a group. 

Potential for Sex during / post High School:  High, by weaving in and out of so many groups, the choices are more expansive.

Potential for Success post High School:  Medium to High, they're ability to blend, with almost anything, and anyone helps no matter what line of employment they end up in.  They're usually seen as easy going and easy to get along with making them favorites to employers.

The Peter Pans:

Peter Pans: Peter's have a lot in common with the Skaters, Greasers and Geeks, but unlike those groups, they usually don't have a focus.  Emotionally stunted, they remain 12 into, and often far beyond graduation.  They are adapt at finding other Peter's to play video games and paintball with.  Although in high school, we all laughed at farts and boobies, Peter's giggle about such topics to the extreme.

Potential for Sex during / after High School:  Sex?  Ewwwwww!!!!  Although most Peter's are not outwardly sexually motivated, internally, they're raging in unhealthy sexual driven emotions.  Many try as much as possible to diminish and curb the natural body changes occurring during puberty.

Potential for Success post  High School:  Surprisingly, not bad.  Although they may get off to a slow start, those who manage to find a way out of Neverland,  often mature to meet their actual age, usually sometime in their mid to late thirties.