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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 19th

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Happy Birthday today February 19th

 Happy 43rd to model David Gandy!

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Mister Global 2022

Mister Global is an annual men’s beauty contest that has been held in Thailand since it was founded in 2014. Since it first began, more than 60 countries have sent their delegates to compete at the Mister Global pageant.  This year's winner, Cuba's Juan Carlos Ariosa was crowned just recently crowned during the 2022 edition of the pageant on February 11th.

Like all beauty pageants, the contestants were required to show off a variety of looks.  In addition to a photo session wearing a 'national' outfit, symbolizing their country, they also paraded across the stage in tuxedos for the annual 'Glam' night.

Or course no beauty pageant, male or female, would be complete without the popular swimsuit competition.  This year, the theme was Neon night, with the top finalists required to strut their neon nubs in a swimsuit from 2EROS. 

Winner Juan Carlos Ariosa with the two runners-up

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Nick Zano: Sitcom Shirtlessness

There is a specific sexiness to sitcom shirtlessness.  In part, because it's generally rare.  If you think of some of the most well known sitcoms, there wasn't really a whole of of male skin.  In the 2000's however, when more female driven sitcoms were on the air, there were more opportunities to cast male actors to flash a little skin.

What I Like About You

With a single male lead, (think Seinfeld) the casting directors were busy casting funny and hot young actress's to play Jerry's girlfriend of the week.  With a change to more female lead sitcoms, (think Mom, Two Broke Girls) the roles were reversed, and funny hot hunks were needed for guest starring roles.

Two Broke Girls

Some FH readers might recall I struggle with occasional insomnia.  My usual method to deal with struggles sleeping is not a pill but a sitcom that I can drowse off to.  I don't want a show that requires too much concentration, but a show that easy to watch, and helps slides me into sleep. 

Recently I returned to Cougar Town.  I watched the show off and on during it's original run, but forgotten how good it actually was.  Courtney Cox is really good and the supporting actors were all really well cast.  I'm even tolerating Busy Phillips, an actress who usually annoys the shot out of me.  I think the show would have even been more popular with a better tittle. I think Cougar Town pigeonholed the series into a theme that was really only a small part of the make-up and theme of the series.

Cougar Town (2009)

The 'Cougar' aspect of the show was really only played on in the first season, with Jules (Cox) dating some  younger guys on the heels of her divorce.  In the shows first 10 episodes, the hot younger guy in question was Josh played with shirtless deliciousness by actor Nick Zano.  When I watched the show the first time, I don't really even remember Zano, my original crush was actor Josh Hopkins.  

This time around, I was wishing that Josh had stuck around longer, delaying the eventual hook up of Jules and Grayson. (Hopkins) Zano was great in the role, and his character had so much potential. I know Zano has had some more recently shirtlessness on shows like DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but my introduction to Zano was in 2009's The Final Destination.  I think he was at his hottest during his time on Cougar Town, and other sitcom shirtless scenes on Mom and Two Broke Girls

Movie In My Mind: Ethan Tate by Michael von Redlich

'I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a porn-type shoot. There are nudes, but I wanted it to be a well-rounded shoot for both of us. '

I've shared before that I don't watch a lot of adult films.  Clearly, given I created FH, I love the male form, but I tend to prefer still images over video.  I'm drawn to moments, captured instances in time never to be repeated.  Part of it, is because images often incite my own stories, movies created in my imagination motivated from the artist, model and a specific image.

My imagination certainly began creating beautiful scenes after seeing first seeing images of model Ethan Tate by photographer Michael von Redlich.  I was immediately struck by Ethan's beautiful face, lips and eyes.  Further, I was taken by the strong connection Ethan created with the viewer.  Through Michael's lens, Ethan's eyes and eye contact created such a beautifully sensual mood, I was instantly drawn in.

With an adult film, the goal is simple, to sell fantasy and sex.  Although a photographer may have a similar goal, with a still image, they must do through mood and connection.  I think most people need more than just a body to sensually stimulated, they a person they feel some sort of connection with. It doesn't have to be a complicated one, but does have to be distinctly sensorial. 

After seeing Michael's images, I had to head to Ethan's Instagram and Twitter.  It was there, I saw he worked for Carnal films.  Ethan's Twitter had a few short video clips, enough to know he creates that same connection on film.  With both the viewer, and his scene partner, Ethan's eyes powerfully grab your gaze, holding and keeping you there.  They also have you wanting to see, and fell more, something great photos also do so well.

It was Ethan's Twitter that also inspired Michael to reach out to the model and actor about a shoot.  Michael saw a film that Ethan had shared on Twitter and was immediately charmed with his smile.  Ethan responded positively, and a date and time to shoot were quickly arranged.

What stood out to you about his look/work?
I was struck by what a sweet, joyful guy he seemed as well as is physicality. 

Did you discuss the shoot, possible themes before the shoot? 
I had told him my idea of using the location itself rather than a studio setup (I was in an Airbnb in downtown Atlanta) and he liked it! 

Can you share your thoughts on your experience on the shoot? 
Ethan was very easy-going, open to ideas as well as bringing his own to the shoot. 

What is the best thing about working with Ethan? 
It was very pleasant, peaceful and it felt like a true collaboration. 

The Airbnb that Michael had rented had a specific prop that ended up being a pivotal part of the shoot.  There were so many great shots, and great poses with the prop, that I wanted to spotlight them on their own.  Check them out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

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