Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 1st

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Year of the TIger

Artwork by Silverjow

Fiercely independent and possess strong self-esteem. They like to act alone and are not very gregarious. They are most likely optimistic and enthusiastic by nature, and always seem to have endless energy, especially at work. Their energetic presence and intense eyes are the greatest charm of Tiger natives. Their vitality is apparent to anyone at a glance, and people are instinctively drawn to this larger than life quality in them. They are a zodiac sign that absolutely must have their personal space.

As kids, most of use at one time or another were taken to a Chinese restaurant. If you hit the right one, it could be a magical experience. Many were decorated in vibrant colors, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, huge memorizing fish tanks. Best of all, there were those place mats. 

For those of us not familiar with Asian culture, this was for many of us, our introduction to Lunar New Year and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Before even ordering your food, you scanned that place mat, looking for the year of your birth, hoping you were maybe a horse, a tiger, or a dragon. Most were not, which led to snickers from your brothers or friends about being a snake or a cock.   .

.Tiger men are talented and ambitious. They are unlikely to stay in a work environment that does not allow them to develop freely for long. Very likely, Tiger men will work for a large company for a few years before setting up their own shop. They are charismatic although rarely gregarious. They are trusted leaders, but rarely friends or confidants. It will be easy for them to move up in any career path they may choose, as long as it presents the potential for independent decision-making. 

These are serious and earnest men who take their work and life seriously and work tirelessly until they reach their goal.  The same dedication applies to their love life—if they are in love with a woman or man, they will work earnestly to win their affection before settling down to a serious commitment with them. Once that happens, Tigers will remain a loyal partner. Extramarital affairs are almost impossible for these majestic and diligent men.

Tiger Tapestry by Pjmanart

Happy Lunar New Year!

FH viewers know that I love to visually celebrate holidays through images of the male form.  Over the last few years, thanks in part to model KB (in the post below) I've strived feature and learn more about Lunar New Year. Thrilled to have some of my favorite artists and models to help celebrate The Year of the Tiger.

Thanks to badsign769 of the original artwork below

KB: Red Packets

'For Chinese New Year, it's a tradition that those married will give out "Laisee," (Red pocket) to people, usually children, juniors, etc. It means good luck.'

One of the things I was interested in asking KB, was about he and his family's traditions with Chinese New Year.  Although I knew it was one of the most important Chinese holidays,  it is also steeped in ritual and traditions.  These rituals are important to get right, as mistakes can bring misfortune to others for the upcoming year.

In addition to visiting relatives, the wet flower and night markets, I was most interested in KB's comments about the red pockets. (Lai See Etiquette).  The giving and receiving of red packets 🧧 is a minefield of potential social errors...

There are rituals about who you give them to, how much money goes into each, and what words you say when handing them to the recipient.  There are an equal number of 'rules' about how to receive your packet, including always accepting them with both hands and never to open them in front of the person who gave it to you.  Thankfully, with KB we don't have to worry about offending him. He's always been more than generous sharing what's inside the beautiful red packaging.

Haruehun Airry: The Divine

Xīnnián hǎo  
May you be enveloped in the divine in the new year.

The Lunar New Year not only celebrates a new year and the Chinese zodiac, it's also a festival of music, color and light celebrating Asian culture.  View on nudity differ drastically depending on where you live, your culture, laws and religion.  This is true in all parts of the world.  Challenging these views is shared goal of all great writers and artists.  

Photographer Haruehun Airry challenges both cultural norms and stereotypes still held by many in the Western world.  Airry's images of the Asian male form both quietly beautiful and erotically loud.   The International artist manages to capture the sensual essence of each of the men he shoots. Although the Asian male form is clearly celebrated within his imagery, Airry's images also move beyond just one culture, man or race to convey something more far-reaching and inclusive. 

'Making a man beautifully interesting is my priority.'

Most photographers of the nude male form strive to create sexy, eye-catching, visually unique images.  Most also want their images to be compelling and interesting.  Airry's goal to make the induvial man, the model that  he's shooting beautifully interesting is not something all artists share.  All photographers want their images to grab a viewers attention, but not all use the same approach.  

Many use the model to showcase their skills while others use their skills, to showcase the model or man in focus.  It may seem a subtle difference, but can dramatically alter the reaction of the viewer.  Some photographers want you to see and enjoy and a body. Others what you to see, enjoy and be interested in a man. For myself, Airry's images of the male form not only visually stimulate, they're like a great book cover .  They have me longing to turn the pages, to see and learn more about the man and his story.

Haruehun Airry on OnlyFans

One of the First: Peter Le by Zedneram Imagery

'It was very important for me to feature ethnic models from all backgrounds and Peter was one of the first.'

When I was thinking of models to feature for Lunar New Year, Peter Le was one of the first to come to mind.  I've been following Peter's career since first seeing him as one of Playgirl's Campus Hunks back in 2001.  Le was one of the first Asian models I remember seeing in the magazine and his incredible body and beautiful face and smile made a lasting impression.

When I was thinking of featuring Peter Le, I instantly thought of his work with artist, photographer and musician Desi Hyter. (Zedneram Imagery) I can't help but connect Le's work with Desi as together they created a collection of erotically powerful and iconic set of images.  These are some of Desi's favorite shots from his multiple shoots with Le. 

Desi first connected with Peter via Model Mayhem and he was very interested in working with him.  It's always been a core part of Desi's artistic vision to feature models from all backgrounds.  Desi's goal is to capture both the viewers eye, and their mind by capturing the beauty in everything and everyone.  I remember feeling this intensely the first time I featured Desi's work with Tim back in 2010. (HERE:)  

Although it seems to be slowly changing, at the time, I didn't see many photographers shooting male models with red hair.  Through Desi's lens, Tim was not only strikingly beautiful, but the most.  Desi always view's his models as the most. The most sensual, the most beautiful the most powerful.  Desi's work had me wanting to see more of Tim.  I was fortunate to later feature Tim's work with Mike Tossy who shot Tim during the same shoot as Desi.

Being a redhead is beautiful and unique characteristic, but some, especially  kids often see a uniqueness  as a reason to treat someone differently.  Many are picked on and bullied as kids.  Peter Le was also bullied as a kid, not of his hair color, but for being Asian.  Peter is all- American, born in California, but his Vietnamese heritage was enough to have some see him as 'other.'  The bullying and his early struggles led Peter to focus on getting stronger, both mentally and physically.  

Peter worked out, joined the wrestling team and strived to improve his body and health.   Peter credits this to helping him get to where he is today.  Peter also never lost the strong link he felt to his Asian heritage.  When it comes to imagery of the male form, Peter is arguably one of the most popular and well known male models.  

Over the last 20 plus years, Peter has not only built his own successful fitness brand, he's also worked to support and promote other Asian models in the modeling, fitness and film industry.  With all success, for me, his work with Desi remains a highlight.  Desi's currently working on a photo essay featuring some of his favorite images and models from all over the world.  I'm betting there will be a few shots of Peter in the mix.

'Peter is a true professional, always on time, his body was always on point. We also became really good friends after working together so much so over the years. From our first meeting we really connected. I just remember thinking I have to showcase him the best way possible and it just flowed.  When we first worked together, I had no idea that some of these images would be so popular and iconic'