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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 27th

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Happy Birthday today February 27th

Happy 56th to actor Grant Show!

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Ad Men

Actor & Role: Dominic Cooper in Mamma Mia

Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actress's, but I have to admit that I struggle whenever she takes on a singing role. Like everything she does, Streep has studied and knows how to properly hit the notes, but her voice isn't especially strong, and for me, her songs were some of the weakest in Mamma Mia. Although I still love the film's closing credits, (to me the best partO, when I need a need a good ABBA fix, Muriel's Wedding packs a much bigger emotional punch for me.

I am a sucker for a good trailer though, and whoever put together the trailer for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again knows how to build excitement, even for a sequel to a movie I didn't really like that much. After seeing the trailer, I DVR'd the original to give it another go. This time, I focused on enjoying the rest of the cast, especially Christine Baranski, Colin Firth and the delicious Dominick Cooper.

I have enjoyed Dominick in a number of roles, especially his turn in History Boys, and his sexy turn in The Devil's Double. I had forgotten however, that Dominick had a brief butt flash in a deleted scene from Mamma Mia and remember doing a previous post on it in FH's first year.

I thought it was time to feature the scene again, this time with a short clip. There were quite a few deleted scenes from the film, causing an internal fight with myself whether to order a copy of the film just for the bonus features...

Deleted Scene

& Just Because
Love this shot of Dominic, Russell Tovey and the cast of History Boys (2006) from Attitude Magazine.

Comburent: Kurt Wild by JW Johnson

'Kurt was one of the biggest in-demand bottomboys for a few years, hung with a thick 8.5 inch cut cock that tapered up like a rocket.'

I am not sure I have ever heard a more erotically descriptive way of describing the end of a penis than 'tapered up like a rocket', but given the purpose of JW Johnson's work with Kurt Wild, it perfectly fits the rocket being launched. JW and Kurt began shooting in 2005, and shot several times around the time Kurt was beginning his career in porn video work. It was JW in fact who helped Kurt hoot up with Corbin Fisher, who at the time was transitioning from their location in Missouri to Tampa.

After his time with CF, Kurt became a free agent and shot with several other studios after getting his feet (and his rocket) wet with CF. Living only a few hours away, Kurt continued to shoot with JW, becoming the model work with and captured more than any other. In addition to close to a dozen solo shoots, JW also shot Kurt in both couple and trio shoot as well for various print publications, including two different times for Badpuppy magazine.

'Kurt was great to work with from the get go, he listened and learned well, wanting to become the best print model he could and video model as well. He was one of a very few models that I didn`t have to continually remind to stay in good shape and retain that nice slim toned build...Every time I saw him or had the opportunity to shoot him, he was always in tip top shape and ready to go.'

After a successful stint in front of the camera, Kurt has now retired from the industry, and JW reports he is now married with children, about a half a dozen of them! Photographer and model still keep in touch and JW reports Kurt looks as hot as ever. Although he continues to tell JW he would up for another shoot, for now, JW shares he has stepped behind the camera and has become a fine art photographer himself. JW shot Kurt several times with the fire gear, a theme you may remember from my first post last Christmas featuring his work (Unwrapped) comes from JW's almost 40 year career as a firefighter.

It was during his time as a firefighter that JW first decided to shoot posters and sell them at fire service conventions. JW began shooting mostly female models and would travel with his models to conventions to sell and promote the posters. It was JW's business partner at the time who suggested he start shooting calendars, something JW knew would be a challenge due to the limited time there was to promote and sell a calendar. Although the business side was tricky, the creative side, especially finding locations and equipment was easy with all JW's contacts through his work.

'I had a lot of firefighter friends who were also deputized somewhere and they were fine with helping and providing backdrops and trucks and equipment for props, I had many firefighter contacts built up from my yrs on the fire department and we were able to travel to other fire stations for shoots with antique trucks often times and I also have firefighter friends who own their own antique fire trucks in areas a few hours drive away. =We traveled to some fire museums for shoots, and had permission to shoot a horse drawn 1901 Steamer in St Louis, however the location where it was housed would only allow us to shoot it if we shot a free calendar for them...luckily we found another Steamer in a different museum and traveled there to shoot it instead. .'

The huge muslin background JW uses for the 'burning' effect is called LAVA and is about 30 feet long. The fabric has dark edges that creep out a couple of feet from each side. JW roles the sides of his to achieve about six inches of dark along the edges and then reds, yellows and oranges in the middle. The LAVA is then backlights it from behind with a 500 watt construction type hot light mounted on a small tripod with an orange gel over the hot light.

'Using my fire service experiences and background, I used some training fire-burned timbers on one side or the other and light them separately with a 100 watt hot light with a red gel sometimes for an effect of burned timbers in the backdrop as well for a better sense of a fire scene behind the model, and props thrown away hoselines and damaged tools...using hot lights allows you to use a longer exposure time, slower shutter speeds, picking up more of the low light scenery with dark flames in the background, giving a very realistic look. 

My firefighter fantasy photography is an expansion of my calendar/poster photography work from the 1990`s when I photographed and produced my own calendar and poster series that was short lived, my website for that line is on Raging Sensations and features many of my original models, shot in super glamour formula....all glamour on that website and the expansion of the nude imagery kept on JW Johnson Photo'.

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