Thursday, August 25, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 26th

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 Hiked down!

Back Ashore!

If you were a fan of Jake from Below Deck, and if you enjoyed my previous post featuring caps of his many moons on the show, (HERE:) you'll want to check out Daddy Jake's new OnlyFans.  Jake has been promising to start one for awhile, and it finally recently went live.  Check it out HERE:

Equidistant: Jay by Michael von Redlich

Equidistant: Occupying a position midway between two ends or sides

When they first began their work together, photographer Michael von Redlich described Jay as inexperienced, but eager to learn and excited to give modeling a try.  As one creative collaboration led to another and another, Jay's confidence grew along with his desire to express himself sensually in front of the camera.   

Jay and Michael shot together a total of five times in just over a one year period.  Most of these shots are from the middle of their time working together.  I especially love how with each shoot, Jay appears not only more comfortable, but more playful and interactive with Michael, the camera and the viewer. 

What first struck you about his appearance? 
He had a wonderful smile, a beautiful elf-like quality and a gorgeous body and had no sense at all of his power. 

How did you describe to Jay what you wanted to achieve? 
 As with all my shoots, I asked to do a professional quality shoot with him and I let him set his limits and restrictions. Shirtless shots were discussed but that was it. I wanted him to trust and feel confident about what we were doing. 

What was Jay like to work with? 
He was always a dream - wonderful conversation, full of his own ideas and wonderfully cooperative 

Do you remember if there was any talk/ chatter? 
We kept up a constant banter of fun and serious topics 

Given this was his first time modeling, did Jay require much direction? 
I was directorial, but he also took easily and naturally to posing 

Do you remember what he thought or said to you when he first saw the images? 
He was blown away to see himself as I saw him - he had no idea that he could be seen like that 

Did Jay ever express wanting to do any specific shot or theme? 
Various ideas in all shoots were his - we sparked off each other well.

Was posing nude an issue at all for him? 
He really seemed to enjoy it once he realized he was in complete control 

At what point during the planning did Jay decided he would pose nude for the first time? 
It was actually during the shoot. Jay's shirt was already off, he casually, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erection and said, “what do you think about taking some like this?” 

You can check out even more of Michael's work with Jay, including those erection shots referenced above on THE OVER-FLOW HERE:

Closed for the Season

'What happens around the campfire, stays at the campfire!'

Although you can camp all here, and I have, for most people, especially with school age kids, the last weekend of August marks the end of camping season.  It's now time to head home, clean the camping gear ,(ugh) and start getting into a bedtime routine and daytime schedule in preparation for the beginning of school.

We camped a lot when I was a kid.  Usually we went just on weekends because of my dad's work, but once in awhile, my father drove back to the city to work, leaving my mother and my siblings at the campground for the week.  This usually occurred if some of my parents friends were also camping and mom had others, besides her annoying kids, to hang out with.

We also had a tent, or tent trailer borrowed from an uncle.  My parents friends however, all had trailers.  They had bathrooms and kitchens, and little 12 inch television sets to catch the news.  I used to covet those trailers and those 12 inch TV's and thought their owners were so lucky and rich.

Anyone whose camped, knows that the take down is far worse than the set up.  Sure, if you had an older tent it could be a bitch to set up, but taking down a tent, usually a wet one, and packing up damp, sticking clothes, dishes and equipment, for me, was far worse.  You also knew, that as soon as you got home, your parents were going to bug you to hang the tent in the backyard, wash the equipment, and put in a load of laundry.

All that aside, I do miss those trips with my family.  I still camp, but because I have a campground near the ocean close to my home, do the quick one-nighters.  We call on Wednesday, book a beach front site, go with only what we need, one change of clothes, liquor and junk food.  

We get take-out on the drive down on Friday, and breakfast at a diner on Saturday morning.  No need for a stove or dishes.  The only dish I bring is a glass, I like my wine in a glass, not a plastic cup. After breakfast at the diner, we head back to the site, swim, hang out and then head back, home again by dinner.