Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 28th

I am taking a bit of a 'blog vacation'. I might pop back in if I see a special pic to post, or if I see something that inspires me. If not, enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to see you all in early September!

Here is one of my favorite new models Blake Kuchta from DNA NY who is at the top my list to profile upon my return. Pic from Bello Mag, #8 'Splash', photographed by Karl Simone.


Happy Birthday today August 28th to:

Two of my favorites blow out candles today!

John Allen Nelson turns 50 today.

Rick Rossovich turns 52 today.

Good Night Dominick Dunne

I have always found something fascinating about writer Dominick Dunne. I first remember being introduced to Dominick late in his career when I was skipping classes to watch the O.J Trial. Watching Dominick on CNN, and learning more about the reasons behind his passion for the criminal justice system was something that hit me hard emotionally. I went on to read many of his books, my favorites being, A Season in Purgatory and certainly one of his best, The Two Mrs. Grenvilles. There is so much more to write more about Dominick, but today I read a wonderful piece on Dominick on The Huffington Post written by a favorite writer of mine, Brooks Peters. I encourage you all give it a read HERE:

Pic Series of The Day by LUKE PAWLISZYN

A week ago while researching model Gavyn Michaels, I came across some shots of Gavyn by artist Luke Pawliszyn from LUKASZ DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY. In checking out Luke's portfolio, I really fell in love with his work. In particular this series 'Hot guy with pumpkin' shot in Tapanga Canyon this past April really jumped out at me. Might be the amazing model, might be that nudity and nature go hand in hand with me, might be that the picture below of the model kneeling in front of the statue would be up there as one of my favorite shots I have seen in awhile. Some might agree, some might think I am crazy, but there is something special about the photo to me. Art is subjective and the shot represents so much to me.

Luke says:
'Photography as an image is the most powerful visual tool'

Certainly this cannot be argued today as advertisers and marketing companies spend millions of dollars a year looking to find the perfect image that will have us fork over our hard earned cash. I wonder however if they have missed the powerful mark that I believe Luke is referring to. The emotional mark. The pictures that don't just turn us on, but bring us up. As someone who spends many hours searching for just the right images to add with my posts I, like many of you have seen thousands of hot guys splattered across the net. I no longer so much look for the hot guy as I do the artist behind the lens. The photographer that can bring out something new I have not seen before. That is why I profile the photographers that I do. That is why I wanted to spotlight Luke. His shots have elements I have not seen brought together the way he has. Originally is very difficult to obtain these days, but for me always appreciated. If it makes any sense, I would call it a 'profressional and creative 'rawness' that really drew me in.

Check out more of Luke's work at his site, Lukasz Design which not only has his photography but a wide variety of servies from Graphic Design to Fine Art. In addition to checking out the 'hunks' I certainly suggest looking at his product and nature series as well.

Above: A favorite Pic of Mine.

Although Not from the same series, two more beautiful shots of the model featured.