Friday, September 21, 2018

Public Pools, Private Parts

Last year, one of FH's most clicked and linked to posts was Into The Deep End. The story focused not just on naked guys swimming, but the true story of a time when many public pools had a rule that boys and men must swim in the nude. Elements of CFNM, vulnerability, and mandatory nudity were on in play, but I was struck by the non-sexualization of men's bodies in such a forced and sexual way.

Women's bodies were one's to be covered, where as the male form was seen as no big deal. Naked men were surrounded by little boys and girls through class mates and grandmothers without hormones, impulses or shame being considered in the equation. I was also struck by how things have changed. Today, female nudity is common place, but the sight of a male penis in a book, magazine or TV show is cause for boycotts and protests. During the days of co-ed swims however, the assumption was no one cared, judged, compared nor looked.... yeah right...

Since that post last year, I have found and been sent many other shots covering the time of public co-ed swimming. I have put some of my favorites on Page 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 22nd

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End of the Seasonal Sightings

Aidan Faminoff: Pretty in Pink

Before the Finale....


Long time FH readers know that during the summer months, the site usually has several stories focused on Big Brother.  My interest in the CBS reality show has certainly waned considerably over the last few years, especially given it airs three times a week.  This summer in particular was a difficult one, and until about a week ago, I hadn't had time to tune in.

That doesn't mean I haven't been aware of a few of the hotties locked up in the house this year, so before the season finale, thought I would feature a couple of my favorites.  Brett Robinson is adorable, with a great beefy behind that he's flashed a few times over the summer. 

Brett was evicted last week in the episode I tuned in for.  I watched in part to check out the hunks, but more to see how Julie Chen Moonves was holding up.  I have always liked and respected Julie and it's unfortunate, like so many before, she must deal with the actions of her he.

Tyler & Brett

Given today is swimming pool themed however, I wanted to focus on my favorite guy hanging around the Big Brother pool, Tyler Crispen.  Tyler not only hangs around pools, outside of the house he's a life guard and has that blonde California life guard look down pat!


I love Tyler's long curly locks, especially when wet.  I also think Tyler's especially sexy when sporting his man bun, a style that although many hate, a look I personally find incredibly hot on the right guy.

End of the Season by Mike Tossy

'Out of the Pool!!!'

Next Four Shots: John Cooper

Just like the seasons we experience each year, each of the four individual seasons have their own unique beginnings, middles and ends. Summer begins with a deep breath, a welcome to sun and warmth, a sightly slower pace and for the fortunate, vacations and long days by the pool.

Those who own swimming pools also know, that pools themselves have a season. the pre-season in the late spring when it's warm enough to lift the cover, check out any damages the winter may have left behind, and prepare the pool for the day the temperature is warm enough to dive in.

Pool season officially begins on that May, June or July day day the first person descends into the deep end. Dipping ones toe or foot in, or walking in the shallow end does not constitute a proper Christening.  The early days of summer are full of energy, more so if you have kids.  People jumping, diving and cannonballing in, games of Marco Polo and when enough players, pool volleyball.


By the middle of the summer, things get quieter.  Owners are usually now tired of house guests, only visiting to swim and eat.  Swims become more solitary, with more time floating above, or submerged under water, too often pondering about how quickly the summer is flying by. I focused on this period of pool season when I first featured photographer Mike Tossy's pool shots back in July, (An Adonis Aquarium) with a series of images of wet naked bodies just below the water's surface.

By September, pool season for many is winding down.  The crisp air means swims become shorter, night swims become more infrequent and pool parties, even the ones just a month ago, seem far back in the distance.  For lovers of the male form however, visually, the end of pool season can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the season.

Observing a wet shimmering naked body ascend from a swimming pool can be incredibly erotic.  Although the air may cooler, the September sun is still capable of packing plenty of heat, so laying by the pool after a dip is still an enjoyable way to dry off.


There is for me, almost an added intensity to lying naked under the sun after the first wisps of Autumn can be felt in the air.   It may have to do with knowing the end is near and that days in and around the pool are coming to an end, for this season anyway....   If you're not quite ready to welcome Autumn, you can spend a few for moments with Mike's images of floating on the surface of the pool on page 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 21st

Floatables by Mike Tossy
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Back in The Deep End:

Happy Birthday today September 21st

Happy 31st to actor Ryan Guzman!

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End of the Seasonal Sightings

Mike Tossy: Skinning the Surface

'When I stop struggling... I float'

Given I featured Mike Tossy's imagery of naked models underwater, (HERE:) and naked bodies getting out of the water on the previous page, thought I should add a section on those models skinning on the surface of the water. There is nothing better than laying on the surface, either on a floating device, or directly on the cool water.

I loved this series of images Mike included in his pool series, and thought they needed a section of their own.  One of the fun parts about working with Mike's pool shots were not only discovering new models to enjoy, but also spotting some of the familiar faces, and some familiar bodies, Mike captured jumping into the pool.

I recognized several models in the first batch of images Mike sent on, and he was great to send on some additional shots featuring Angelspins and John Cooper, two models I have had the pleasure to feature over the last few months.

Mike's pool themed imagery also re-introduced me JayK, a dancer and model I had previously featured on FH several years ago.  Some of Mike's shots of JayK were some of my favorites, and had me reaching out to him for a profile I posted earlier this month. (Primal Reactions)

Next 2 shots: Jayk