Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 25th

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Happy Birthday today October 25th

Happy 36th to actor Mehcad Brooks!

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The Hunks of Horror

Tower Of Evil

I have been spotlighting the hunks of horror films since the site's first year in 2007. Usually around Halloween, I try to uncover the men who have skinned, before...usually being skinned alive. Last year I was really excited with my focus on the men featured in the film works of the late great Wes Craven. (Constant Craven)

Rodney Eastman in A Nightmare On Elm Street #3 & #4

With FH's 10th winding down, it is time to rev up my Halloween posts, beginning with the start of two weeks of Horror Hunks. Although you will see a few familiar faces, (and bodies) I tried to find some films and scenes maybe not as familiar to everyone, starting with the actor and stuntman featured in this years first Horror Hunk post below.

Mark Patton in Freddy's Revenge

Peter Barton in Friday the 13, The Final Capter

Horror Hunks: Mark De Alessandro in The Vineyard

Mark De Alessandro is one of the busiest men in Hollywood. In addition to acting and his stunt work, De Alessandro has been Sylvester Stallone's body double for much of the last 25 years. De Alessandro has also doubled for Mandy Patinkin, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Robert Duvall, Tom Berenger, Kurt Russell and Al Pacino. If you check out Mark's IMDB, his credits include some of the biggest hits of the last 3 decades.

In 1989, De Alessandro showed a little skin as the mechanic in the horror flick, The Vineyard. The Vineyard introduces us to a doctor, luring young healthy people to his island in order to suck out their essence to feed his own immortality. The film is a silly, fun and enjoyable flick that screams the 90's with both the less than stellar acting, the clothes and the memorable John Hong.

If you're a horror fan, and are looking for a new flick to watch this Halloween season, The Vineyard is a fun choice if you can find it. There are the usual female boob flashes of course, but the astounding assets of Mark De Alessandro, although brief, balance it out nicely!

Mark on the set of Over The Top

The Vineyard (1989)

Comfort Zone: Mathew Vigar by Prairie Visions Photography

'The human body is an art form that deserves exploration and expression. Blending sensuality and athleticism together to show a model's personality and aura is my goal.'

The imagery from Prairie Visions Photography first appeared on FH back in 2009 in a feature spotlighting the artists work with dancer Jeff Lynch. (Pic Series of the Day) Prairie Visions work with Jeff was a part of a group shoot, an event Prairie Visions has put together many times over the years which brings together a variety of artists and models in one location to network, collaborate and of course, create great images.

It is perfect timing then, that almost 7 years, and a dozen posts later, I am able to share the results of Prairie Visions latest group shoot. Some of you might remember that I posted last month about the upcoming Toronto event. It is particularly special given the model is the incredibly sexy and engaging Matthew Vigar. Matthew was one of two model who shot with a small group of photographers earlier in the month.

Matt has a great look, blending his incredible physique with distinctive facial features along with Matt's sexy head full of wavy brown hair. Top that off with his beautiful eyes adorable grin and you have the perfect model to inspire the creative impulses of a group of artists and photographers. Prairie Visions captured a perfect array of body shots along with images that highlight Matt's expression of personality and emotion. He also captured Matt's incredibly hot tan lines!

'Working with Matt was a great pleasure. He is easy-going and takes direction well. Over the course of our weekend shooting together, he told me he definitely expanded his 'comfort zone' when it comes to physique modeling.'

Coming from a small Ontario town, Matt graduated college earlier this year with his focus of study being firefighting. His ability to express such beautiful lines, and beautiful emotions come from his background in both sport and theatre. Matt grew up kickboxing and playing rugby and has recently moved to a focus on weight training. Matt has always had a goal to get into modeling and acting, especially since a 2013 role in a local theatre production of 'Who's Underwear?'

The the comedy, Matt played Sebastian, a naive underwear model surprised by the demands of his new gig. This sounds like a play many of us would have loved being in the audience for... Matt loved the experience, but unlike Sebastian, Matt is going into his new career with his eyes open, and his goals firmly set. Recently signed with Crew Models International, Matt has already completed several photo shoots for professional photographers and publications. If his work with Prairie Visions is any indication, we can all look forward to seeing much more of Matt in the future!