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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 5th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Sock it to Me!

If anyone follows Chris W  on Twitter, (HERE:) you know he often poses wearing tube socks.  Sensual, appetizing and inticing poses, often with an invitation to yank those white socks off.  Check out some of my favorite shots of C H R I S T O P  H E R on the Next Page HERE:

Prime Time Supporters: Tommy Dewey

I watched a bit of The Mindy Project when it originally aired, but mostly episodes from the shows last few seasons.   I just started binging the first season, and I'm in awe of the selection of boyfriends who were Mindy's men in those first 24 episodes.  Mindy Kaling could have been reading my mind with some of her casting choices, with some of my favorite hunks, and favorite actors, in the running for Mindy's heart. 

Starting with Bill Hader, not to mention Ike Barinholtz, Chris Messina, Mark Duplass, B.J Novak and  my dream husband, Anders Holm, all were part of Mindy's life that first season.  One of my favorite of Mindy's boyfriend's was Josh, played by an actor I should have known, but didn't, actor Tommy Dewey.

If you watched and remember that first season, you might remember Josh wasn't really the best of boyfriends.  The sports lawyer's cheating came to a head at Mindy's Christmas party and Josh was sadly given the boot.  I would have forgave him, not to take him back, but to keep around as a friend with benefits.  From what we knew of Josh, he would have been up for it.  Tommy Dewey is adorable, especially when wearing his glasses!

If you didn't catch Dewey on The Mindy Project, you may have seen him guesting on a number of television shows including; Grey's Anatomy, What I Like About You, Cold Case and Mad Men.  It appears his stint as Josh may have been his break-out role as it began a series of regular roles on television including three years (2015-2018) on the comedy, drama Casual. 

Although Tommy and Josh is now gone from Mindy's life, I can tell from the actors IMDB page, that he  pops up again a few times down the road.   Season 1 of The Mindy Project is really good television, something I didn't really get when it originally aired.  My only criticism is the sudden and jolting casting changes that seem to occur every episode or two. 

There are several characters and actors, including Dr. Shulman, (Stephen Tobolowsky) Shauna, (Amanda Setton) and Mindy's best friends, (Anna Camp and Kelen Coleman) who I really liked who all abruptly disappear in the show's first season.  Most are never mentioned, and all could have provided great stories if kept around, even if not regulars.  Getting back to Tommy Dewey, although I never saw him on Casual, I did discover he did a few nude scenes on the show.


Sight to Behold: Jaylen by Lights On Studio

'Jaylen naturally has the posture and grace of a Greek statue. His toned body, taut abs, handsome looks and graceful comportment make for a sight to behold.'

Last summer, photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) sent on close to one hundred images all featuring one of my favorite themes.  Tom is well aware of my posterior passion, especially given how often bug him for more 'butt shots' whenever he's shooting a new model or a holiday shoot for the site.  I featured some of my favorite shots in a pieces last September. (HERE:)

When narrowing down favorites, there were about a half a dozen shots of Jaylen, one of my favorite models that Tom has shot.  I stuck those images aside and asked Tom if he had more from their work together.   I had previously featured Tom's work with Jaylen back in 2017, (HERE:) but I knew they shot together multiple times, and really wanted to see and share more.

In that first piece from 2017, I featured Tom's work with Jaylen in one home of one of Tom's friends. Some of you might recognize the setting as I've featured several of Tom's shoots with different models in the location.  The house provides a perfect Gothically textured setting, especially after all the time and work Tom's friend has spent renovating and restoring all of the rooms in the house.

Since the house is located in the Cleveland area, Tom checked out Model Mayhem to see if he could find models in the area.  There were several local models that caught Tom's attention, but Jaylen really stood out.  Although there were no nudes featured on Jaylen's MM page, his bio did indicate that he was open to doing nude work.

'Even though there weren't really any body shots in his portfolio, I could certainly see is that he was in amazing shape and was very handsome and sexy looking. I was confident that I could create some sexy images of him that would enhance both of our portfolios.  Jaylen let me know that nudity would not be an issue....and it wasn't. '

I really wanted to feature more of Tom's work with Jaylen because of how drawn I was to both his look, and his elegant poses.  Jaylen has such a beautiful face, especially his stunning brown eyes.  His tall, lean form also photographs beautifully, and after seeing Tom's shots of Jaylen in the house, I was anxious to see what they captured when shot again in Tom's studio.

I love the lighting Tom used and the dramatic look and feel to these studio shots.   Tom also however, sent on a few more shots from their time in the old Victorian, including Jaylen's soak and bubble bath in the tub.  If you want to see more, check them out on the NEXT PAGE HERE: