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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 26th

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Happy Birthday today March 26th

 Happy 62nd to actor Billy Warlock!

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Off Kilter

Women aren't the only ones who have to worry about a upskirt shot.  Sure, you're wearing nothing under your kilt, thinking you'll just do a harmless moon.  But.. sometimes there's also a wee peek-a-ball that gets captured...

FaVorites: Melvin Moore

I don't watch a lot of porn, but that doesn't mean I don't love me some porn stars.  I tend to love the first few minutes of adult films with the story and the set-up.  I tend to lose interest when the sex starts, but I love the anticipation and build up. 

I was recently searching a story about another model and ended up on a site with a preview for a porn film titled The Sexy Plumber.  The title had me hooked immediately.   Those few seconds of the preview, and a few promotional caps from the film, had me searching for the the two hotties featured.

The stars of The Sexy Plumber were Angel Dario Garcia and Melvin Myhre. (sometimes credited as Melvin Moore)   The two appear to be boyfriends, and are often seen in both films and images together.  I was especially drawn to Melvin due to the dance like lines and poses he created while in action.  I also loved his sexy butt crack reveal while unclogging Angel's pipes.   If you Google 'Melvin Moore, The Sexy Plumber', you'll see exactly what I mean.

The Swedish model and porn star didn't start out in adult films, but as an on-line sensation, especially on TikTok.   Melvin was first noticed on social media back in 2015 due to his vlogs, and comedy and dance videos.  Those  moves in The Sexy Plumber came from plenty of practice! 

The videos, which included Melvin sharing his love his traveling and his experience growing up gay.  His incredibly toned physique was not just from dance, but from Melvin's time as a fitness model and participating in fitness competitions.   There are several videos on Youtube from his time competing.

The Taming of the View: Dante by Photography by George

One of the things I love most about George's work as both a model and especially as a  photographer, is how straight forward his vision is.  George doesn't beat around the bush by either beautifying or softening what he wants to capture.  George's images are erotically raw and real, chronicling the subject honestly and unfiltered. 

This method of shooting is one I both appreciate and admire.  It's also one that I think causes George a wee bit of frustration when submitting images to FH.   I strive for a certain vision of the male form, a and George's art often manages to challenge and push the boundaries I've set for myself and the site. 

I actually enjoy this challenge, it causes me to reevaluate my boundaries and the reasons I put them in place, and usually, has me press those boundaries just a little bit further.  In most in cases, when George sends on images, including this series with Dante, my response is similar and predictable.  I go through the images and then ask George if he might have any additional, slightly tamer images from the shoot.

George usually does, as when he shoots a model he generally gets a complete selection of clothed, implied and nudes.  I do however suspect, that George enjoys sending me on mostly erection and butt hole shots, just to see my reaction, and to push the limits I've imposed on the image choices I feature on the site.   I can almost feel  George's 'sigh' when he hears my request for tamer shots and agrees to look for less explicit shots to send on.

Pushing boundaries is something most artists are familiar with, and for George it's not restricted just to submitting shots to FH.   George has had several Instagram pages over the last few years, usually pushing their boundaries, leading to his account getting deleted.  When I went to add George's link to this post, I again found his page was gone.  Like the Phoenix however, he rose again and started a new page HERE:

For this shoot with Dante, George rented in a hotel room in San Francisco for the shoot.  This was the first time they worked together and George felt the space would create a comfortable space for them to get to know each other and create.  Turns out, Dante need led direction or encouragement to  get out of his clothes and sensually emote in front of the camera.

Dante is a photographer himself, which not only meant he was familiar with the process, it also enabled George to do a little modeling during their session together as well.  Once he'd finished shooting, he handed Dante the camera to take a few shots of him as well.  Oh, and as for those images I didn't include in this feature, don't worry.  I would never tease them without adding them to the OVER-FLOW for you to check out for yourself.