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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 13th

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Gregg Spalding

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Mark Edwards


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'He's watching your every move...'

Every good thriller needs a great opening scene.  A scene like the opening of the original Scream with Drew Barrymore.  Exploited certainly has a hot one, featuring Caleb (Wrestlerstud99) replying to a request on the site sexxxwith me. In Exploited, a college freshman becomes obsessed with the previous owner of his school issued laptop.  The twists and turns include several hot hunks as well as several gay characters.

Caleb is played by actor Colin Bates a busy actor who first gained fame for playing the title role in Stephen Daldry's "Billy Elliot the Musical" on the West End.  Bates' dancing skills were earned through hard work and years of studying as a child at the Royal Ballet. In addition to a long list of theatre credits, Bates has appeared on stage and in film in the UK, US as well as many French films. 

Here Comes The Sun: Craig by Photography by George

Little darling 
It's been a long, cold lonely winter 
Little darling 
It feels like years since it's been here

As I sit down to write this I can hear the rain and wind outside.  It's a cold rain, almost a sleet.  The weather network promises that by early evening the rain will be turning to snow.  I'm used to snow in March, even April and sometimes early May.  This year more than most, I'm anxiously awaiting spring.  It's not even the warm temperatures I'm craving, it's the sun.  Even during the winter, we often get a lot of sun but his winter has been dark with moments of sun few and far between.

Recently, I watched the film The Sandpiper on TCM.  The 1965 Elizabeth Taylor flick was set in Monterey California.  I recognized some of the films incredible locations from the opening of HBO's Big Little Lies.  I was drawn to the film more for the scenery than the story, especially the intensity of the California sun. Today, hearing the cold rain tap down, seemed the perfect time for a heavy dose of virtual Vitamin D,

This especially delicious dose comes from Photography by George and a model I featured several times a few years ago.  Some of you may remember model Craig Brown from previous pieces featuring his work HERE: & HERE:  Craig actually lives in Monterey but drove about three hours East to shoot at George's home in Fresno.  Craig had seen George's work on Model Mayhem and got in touch about working together. 

'The first thing I noticed about Craig was his ruggedly handsome face.  During the shoot Craig was very professional and serious about his work.  I especially enjoyed his suggestions and his many creative ideas. '

There was no concept or theme set, other than the goal to create some creative nudes.  George did however pull out some props including some of his masks.  Craig also brought some of his own, including a tie dye shirt and the 831 numbers featured in the first image.  The 831 represent the area code for Craig's home in Monterey. 

I tend to perceive the Monterrey and Fresno area as being full of artists with liberal views on nudity.  George confirms there are plenty of artist in Monterey and the neighbouring towns of Carmel and Pacific Grove as well as a good number in Fresno.  This doesn't however, mean it's always easy to find models to pose nude.  From his experience, most of the models George finds to pose nude are from LA or the Bay Area.    

As you can see however, Craig was a welcomed exception and had no issue with posing nude.  I especially love how George incorporated the natural light from the sun in each image, both those shot outside as well as inside his home.  Craig is missing the California sun as well.  He's still modeling but recently left Monterey for Salt Lake City.

'I have always been an open minded free spirited person. t. How I feel about shooting nude is that we're all human, so we all have a body. What's different besides our names? We may look different but it's still just a body.'