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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st

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Happy Birthday today September 1st

Wake up Thiago, its your birthday!
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Favorite Instagram Image of the Day

Sigh... I might have to give watching The Vampire Diaries another go

Kinda Busy...

Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy

Tonight, after running from the shower, whacking my shin on a chair on the way to answer the phone I decided I am officially over that particular invention. Indeed it was one of the most important additions to homes and business, bringing people together, instantly, all over the globe, it has become almost an object of terror. Even though I have a large family, and great group of friends most of the calls coming through my landline are spam. At the other end of the line tonight, after whacking my shin was a recording about a cruise ship win, yeah right... Why is it a humans we always seem to turn great things into vehicles of commercialism.
 Landline, buh buy!

In Sickness & In Health: Joshua Del by XY Photography

'I have had such a wonderful time modeling on a small scale and am hoping to have even more success and good times pursuing it on the larger, LA scale.'

Originally from New Jersey, 23 year old Joshua Del began modeling after to a move to Texas when he was 16. Soon after, he put modeling on hold and moved to Iowa City where he attended the University of Iowa. Upon graduation, Joshua decided to begin modeling again and was quickly listed with 4 agencies in the Midwest where he started to gain experience and build his resume. Looking for more work and bigger opportunities, Joshua recently headed west to relocate in Los Angeles where he is determined to push forward in the modeling and entertainment industry.

'I'm really excited about having made the move out here. I have been hitting the gym extremely hard since I arrived to get my body in peak, physical condition before I begin approaching agencies to aggressively seek representation. Throughout my pursuits, I will be attending acting classes with the goal of adding film to my resume.'

As you can clearly see from these incredible images from XY Photography, Joshua Del belongs in front of the camera, as either a model or actor. An amazing body and beautiful face with hypnotizing blue eyes that draw in the viewer with a seductive magnetism. Joshua has shot with many incredible photographers, but some of my favorites came from Xristian Young from XY Photography. With Joshua, there was no need to spend much time on extra's, Xristian wisely kept his focus face and form.

'As for Josh -- he is one of the most "gung-ho" models I have worked with. He DROVE to Michigan from Iowa and his allergies were bad when we started shooting early the next day. Even then, whenever the lens is aimed at him, he has ALWAYS, ALWAYS delivered the shot I am looking for. Saturday night he got worse. Luckily, when morning time comes, he was well enough to drive back to Iowa -- but NOT until he insisted on doing another photoshoot! If it was just me, I would've just said, "drive home and get well and we'll do this some other time." What do you know, the images from THAT shoot turned out MUCH better than the ones we did on location the day before! I'm glad I gave in to his insistence of doing another shoot before he left. :)'

Xristian says that through it all, Joshua NEVER complained, was very easy to work with, through in welcomed suggestions and took directions well. In his photography, Xristian wants the models he shoots to feel comfortable in front of the lens and that one way of doing that is to "listen" to their bodies and what makes their bodies comfortable.

'I believe that models SHOULD know their bodies more than anyone else and that my role as a photographer is to "document" these moments when they feel they are at their best. Josh certainly showed that, even at his worst!'

'The shoot I had with XY Photography was a great experience and we had such a connection throughout the weekend. Xristian Young had a lot of energy and specific direction that he wanted us to go, which made the shoot run really smoothly. It is always good to work with a variety of photographers with different directing techniques and in this case, he helped me work with him. It was definitely a learning experience that I am grateful for and we were fortunate enough to have a struggle choosing the best pictures. He is also a very caring individual and showed nothing but compassion throughout the weekend, especially because I wasn't feeling well throughout our time together. I was very excited about the final photos we worked together to get and hope to shoot with him again in the future.'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 28th

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Happy Birthday today August 28th

I always thought these two make 90210's most logical couple... One of them is turning 44 today, check out who HERE:

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Just Because: John Allen Nelson

Another favorite couple of mine is another birthday boy for today, actor John Allen Nelson and his Santa Barbara co-star Todd McKee. John has always been a favorite to cover over the years on the blog. Although still busy as an actor, I have not seen him much lately, but when I was growing up in the 80's and 90's he was a favorite of mine on tv.

John Allen Nelson on FH:

The Rules of Attraction: Tomas by Reyj Photography

'The seeds of love have taken hold, and if we won't burn together, I'll burn alone.'  
                        (Sean Bateman, The Rules Of Attraction, 2002)

The overarching theme of the 1987 Bret Easton Ellis novel The Rules Of Attraction is misplaced love. Love that is given but sadly not returned. I think part of the reason this occurs is because so many people have such a narrow scope of what qualities they consider attractive, that often even when the right person actually does come along, blinders prevent them from seeing it.

We all have a mental type. The visual person we have created in our minds. We cultivate this image over years, fine tuning their appearance and personality. We determine their race, height, body type, degree of head and body hair, face, eyes and even smell. We grab onto this visual when needing sexual motivation and especially inspiration. What is most interesting is that when you talk to people who have been with the same partner for a long time, those qualities they once held onto to tightly, became irrelevant.

The advertising and fashion industry think they have tapped into the qualities people want, it is why many models look so similar to one another. In reality, we may fantasize about them, but understand, it is just that, a fantasy. They don't seem to understand that at the end of the day, most of us abandon wanting those qualities and that paint by the number products, although easy to put together, really have little to no substance.

Model Tomas Christzen has few of the qualities normally on my list, yet when I spotted his images, I could not get his images out of my mind. Austin photographer RJ Velazquez, of Reyj Photography has many incredible images and models in his port, but with Thomas, he captured a quality, something organic, that blew my rules of attraction out the window. Although it can be argued that it is almost impossible to capture a natural moment when a camera is present, Reyj manages to evoke through his images of Tomas, a ease and natural quality that give them an honesty and realness reflected in the work. The first image of Thomas I saw was him with a guitar. I love images of model, especially naked with guitars. It takes me back to the hours I, and many other teenage wannabe rock star, spent playing Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water in my bedroom was a teen.

'While I loved working with the other models, the images that I got with Tomas have been my favorite set so far due to the emotions captured throughout the shoot.'

Reyj hit on the truth, not the rule, of why we are drawn to someone. In his images of Tomas, there is not a focus on what parts of the body might attract attention,instead, he uses the body, and as importantly the man inside it, to create both a visual and emotional connection with me. There is a carefree, almost 'I don't give a shit' attitude coming from Tomas that through Reyj's images, is incredibly attractive both visually and sexually. Reyj's lens picks up the beautiful color nuances with both head and facial hair, skin tone and Thomas' beautiful blue puppy dog eyes. My two favorite images, are the two side body shots, with Tomas wearing the hat, directly above and below. They almost appear as if almost 'behind the scene' shots and further the theme that Tomas is just relaxing, hanging out with his guitar in his basement with the music, the only really important thing on his mind.

Towel most in need of Dropping...


The Soaps are known for casting some great looking actors, but Y & R outdid themselves last year with the casting of the incredible Redaric Williams. Although originally from Detroit, Williams got his start on television with roles on Canadian television series. Although he trained in NYC as an actor, his sultry good looks and amazing body had him sought after as a model. I have not watched much of the show lately, but always make sure to find a clip when his character so confidently walks around in terry cloth.


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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 26th

Masquerade: Jayk by Ted Sun
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Happy Birthday today August 26th

I have never seen a second of As The World Turns, but that didn't stop me from crushing over actor Jon Hensley when seeing him in the press.
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Favorite Quote Of The Day:

'I'm not happy but I'm not unhappy about it'
Posner, The History Boys (2006)

A Taste Of Honey: Jayk by Ted Sun

'I wanted to work with Jayk because he was interesting; he was a model with a clear passion for art, and I love collaborating with other creative-minded people. I could tell that he would be open minded to playing with different ideas.'

The first image that I viewed from photographer Ted Sun was the Masquerade themed image of Jayk I used for pic of the day. Although I have seen many images with masks and the masquerade theme, there was something about this shot that had me looking for more of Ted's work. The artistic elegance weaved within the mysterious eroticism associated with masquerade, blended together to create a striking image. The masquerade theme was the first series of nude images Ted shot. Although he shot a few other models for the series prior to Jayk, Ted says that he gave the most unusual pose which he really loved.

Ted took his first photography class while in college at Princeton, but it was his 5 years of travelling the globe, that cemented his passion for sharing images. After travelling to over 70 countries, on 7 continents, you can only imagine what visual wonderment's were seen, captured and imprinted within Ted's visual imagination. Would make shooting the ordinary, a difficult task. When he returned from traveling last year, Ted began shooting people, focusing on portraits, shooting fashion/model portfolios, and exploring personal projects where he can really push himself creatively.

When pushing yourself creatively, it helps to have a model equally eager to push the envelope artistically. Los Angeles model Jayk comes from an artistic background and has himself dabbled in most of the arts-; ceramics, drawing, painting, fashion and photography. Ted and Jayk played with different accessories. Ted especially liked the white of the pearls against the light, and Jayk brought some of his own belongings to experiment with, including the thorn-wire crown in the image below. Ted says it was so fun and easy to work with Jayk as they simply bounced ideas off each other, with one suggestion sometimes leading to a new idea.

One idea I especially loved was the use of honey. In the six years of profiling artists for FH, I am pretty sure this is the first time I have showcased images featuring honey. Unlike water, the honey moves slowly over the body, oozing and layering, creating a beautiful texture on the skin. The honey, along with Jayk's poses and facial expressions created a feel of erotic desperation and dramatic final images.

'This was the first time experimenting with honey, and I was excited Jayk was game for it. I learned its a bit tricky to make honey look sticky, but felt Jayk understood the concept with these unnerving body postures.'