Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 17th

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A Couple Of Things...

What do you think of couples who dress in similar or matching clothing...

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Captured Regrets

No words really needed, the fanny pack however... does push it over the edge...

A Sunshine Christmas

My mother used to have a couple of KC And The Sunshine Band cassettes, and songs like 'That's The Way, aha aha, I Like It', was often played in car, at least until myself or one of siblings begged her to turn it off. I had a flash back to those car rides while at a neighbour's Christmas party last night. For what seemed like an eternity, the bands Christmas album played on repeat.

With song titles like Jingle Ball Boogie and Let's Go Dancing With Santa, you can get the feel of what kind of gathering I attended. Great people, good food and drink, but home long before I needed to in order to catch Chris Hemsworth on SNL. But... this morning as I was thinking of blog topics, I decided to google the band. Lead singer and founder Harry Wayne Casey certainly was a cutie, and some of the singers images from the 70's and 80's were more than worthy of right clicking and saving.

I am guessing (or hoping) these are promotional images for the bands album Space Cadet

Unabashed: Daniel Ireland by Finexposure

'I''m confident in front of the camera and can adapt and adjust to any image that is required at the time.'

Since first introducing FH readers to the artistry of London photographer Allen Beauvisage from Finexposure, this past July, I have been fortunate to have featured three of the models Allen has shot. Each of the three men, beginning with Amadeus, and followed by Siemesedream and Londonboy displayed great strength and confidence in front of the camera and each physically flawless, all beautiful representations of the power of the male form.

When it came to choosing another shoot from Allen's portfolio I instantly was drawn to his work with 24 year old Daniel Ireland. Daniel's has such a beautiful and enthusiastic face and his wide engaging wide eyes, not to mention his adorable grin, light up every one of Allen's captures. Daniel's face weaves both innocence and sexual intent. Daniel also has a tone, flexible body, and a spectacular butt which he knowingly poses and positions to ensure it receives maximum exposure and response.

'Modeling with Allen was an enjoyable experience, It's very liberating to create art without clothes. That said, nude or not it's great to take some great photos and try some interesting poses with Allen. Allen is very creative and open to trying anything, we've done a few experimental shots and I always enjoy myself.'

'Daniel was an extremely easy model to work with – ready to try anything, and his lean and supple body made shots of “Body shapes” and contortions very easy to do. He was very friendly and pleasant. He lives in Spain so shoots with him are limited to holidays in the UK, but we managed 2 shoots in the summer and are planning another over the New Year period. So more pictures soon, hopefully!'

As with the three previous models from Allen I have featured, Daniel as well demonstrates strength and confidence, but in a completely different manner. Most of us, as we growing up, have a fearlessness we carry through our younger years. Part of growing up, especially between the ages of about 5 and 12, is about trying out new things and taking risks to learn our boundaries and limitations. As we go through our teens however, many of us sadly learn to be more careful, having by stage our lives, to have been knocked down a time or two.

Hopefully however, as we exit our teens and head into our twenties, we build new experiences and adventures that form the foundation for our adulthood. Amadeus, Siemesedream and Londonboy exude this adult strength, confidence from reaching certain goals and having worked their way through some of lives obstacles and barriers. Daniel however, beautifully exhibits that childhood confidence, that carefree feeling of running and playing without the weight of adult problems that bog so many people down.

I couldn't help but remember my elementary school gym classes when looking at some of the poses Allen captured. Although most of us were wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and not completely naked, most of us remember rolling around on the gym floor and bending our bodies in positions most of us couldn't, or we be too self concious to do when we were a bit older.

There is something so refreshing about Daniel's attitude than transfers powerfully through Allen's images. I often quote how natural a model looks, or how confident they seem, especially when totally naked in front a camera. Daniel doesn't seem so much confident, as much as just completely unconcerned about the camera, playing and posing for his own enjoyment, almost as if there was a photographer and camera capturing every moment. In many ways, this is the ultimate goal of many artists and models and Daniel and Allen achieve this goal in what appears to be a natural and beautifully effortless manner.