Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 17th

One of my favorite shots from Soldat du Feu by Pascal d'Ameyal.
-See more of Pascal's work below-

Happy Birthday today September 17th

Nathan Wessel by David Vance

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Rethinking Ringer....

Not sure if any of you checked out Ringer after my post last week but if you did...sorry. It is not that the show was that bad, it is just it was just not that good. There were enough interesting plot twists to have me give it a second look but the production values were so bad it was almost laughable. Some have compared the green screen effects on par with Hart To Hart (not a compliment given that show was from the 80's). The argument that the show was going for an old Hollywood crime film noir style doesn't cut it. If the show doesn't make it, the pilots boat scene will be remembered as part of the reason. The cast, with Gellar being pretty much the only female, is easy on the eyes and the twist ending, though was predictable still has me curious to see more. Anyone else give the show a shot?

Emmy Nominations: -Comedy-

As is the custom at FH, as the major award shows air, we present the nominee's with as little on as possible! In part one of our Emmy series (which airs Sunday night) we start with the comedy category.

Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series. Hands down Ty Burrell, his performance skirts the edge of brilliance each and every week.

Best Actor In A Comedy Series:

Who will win? Baldwin usually has a juggernaut on this one but with Carell gone from The Office, he might just take it. My vote would go to Galecki. Parson's gets all the applause, but his 'one note' character gets more annoying as each season passes.

Alec Baldwin: 30 Rock

Baldwin in Malice:

Louis CK: Louie

Steve Carell: The Office

Carell in Get Smart:

Johnny Galecki: The Big Bang Theory

Galecki on stage with Tom Everett Scott in The Little Dog Laughed:

Matt LeBlanc: Episodes

Jim Parsons: The Big Bang Theory

Of This Earth: Glenn Coste by Pascal d'Ameyal

Mythical battles, Dark age barbarians, Medieval bestiaries, fire brigades, Angels and Devils are all themes that run through the mind and the work of French photographer Pascal d'Ameyal. Some of my favorite shots from Pascal are from his Soldats du feu (Soldiers of fire) series and it was those seeing those shots that first led me to research more of his work.

The shots Pascal sent on for the piece are certainly more of this earth, but extraordinary none the less. Earlier this summer, Pascal shot with model and adult film actor Glenn Coste. Coste's most well known role was in Paris Playboys. Why is it that for some reason porn takes on a different feel when the locations are European countries like Paris & Italy...

Check out more of Pascal's work at his official site HERE: