Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 19th

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Happy Birthday today November 19th

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Peace Birthday Boy!

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Too Soon?

It seemed over the last weekend that Christmas sprung up all around me. The stores, who had already started awhile ago, have gone full tilt and I passed my first sets of Christmas lights on homes in my town. It is still a few weeks too early for me, but the flurries on Sunday did have me pulling out my winter wear. It is never too early for tight fitting winter jammies don't you agree?

Kudos to Rev. Frank Schaefer

Methodist pastor found guilty at church trial for officiating at gay son’s wedding

Kudos to Rev. Frank Schaefer and a big thumb down to the United Methodist Church, not for their belief's, we all have a right to believe what we want, the thumbs down is for their actions.

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Sunday Morning At Home: Adam by ClareVoyance Photography

-From the French clair, meaning Clear and voyance, meaning Vision

In the case of ClareVoyance Photogrphy the vision is that of Australia's Scott Clare. The Sydney based photographer believes in letting the images tell the story. In the case of this set with model Adam_V, the story is of a beautifully and sensual Sunday Morning.

You can almost feel the quiet and relaxation within the images. The heat from the sun, Adam's morning coffee, the slow stretches and deliberate movements beautifully show that Adam is definitely not in any hurry. The busy crazed feeling of the work week is over and he is reveling in every stage of this day, the one day a week he has all to himself.

Scott is a fan of the structure of the male form, about how architectural yet vulnerable it can look, even on a man capable of a lot of strength. Scott tries to imagine the models he shoots in circumstances other than typical studio shoots. His love is working on location and creating scenarios to flatter and challenge the models. For Adam, it seemed natural to contrast his physique, his strong muscled frame by placing within an environment where his body and muscles could just relax and be at rest.

When first seeing Scott's images of Adam, I think many, I know did, had an quick image of Clark Kent fly into my thoughts. It was interesting to me though that in many ways Clark Kent is almost the antithesis of what is expressed within these images. Clark Kent wore the costume, the newspaper reporter exterior was actually a way to pass within society and cover the real man who was underneath the suit, hat and glasses. Scott's vision, much like Superman's, see's though the fa├žade of the newspaper reporter's wardrobe to the real man, home, suit off and relaxed and for a brief few moments....have no one to worry about but himself.

'Adam was a such a lovely guy, and extremely easy to direct and he was confident about exploring the scenario we shot. He is in incredible physical condition because he fights fires and builds furniture. I would love to work with him again.'

'I like revealing I am a firefighter, so others understand that fitness is my lifestyle; not only because I love it, but because it is required for my occupation.'