Monday, August 20, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 21st

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Seasonal Sightings


Morning Dip

'Morning Dip, my favorite!'

FaVorite FiVe: Denzell Theodore

'Expression is a big part of who I am, it allows me to let people into my world through the art I create.'

Denzell by chanielandran_photo

Although New York model Denzell Theodore clearly has an AMAZING body, what first drew me in to check out more of his work, was his sultry brown eyes and beautiful smile. A graduate of Indiana State University, Denzell (dz_zelly) is also a singer and actor and quite active on social media if you want to see more!

Denzell by tarrice_love

The Stories They Tell: Frost by msbimages

'I started to wonder how does one get into working in porn or modeling.'

Many of you remember my first piece this past May featuring photographer Michal Boothe's (misbimages) tantalizing images of Frost. (A Touch of Frost) These images from from their second shoot together. As part of the process of piecing together the first post, both Michal and Frost provided commentary of their experience of working together. Frost also took time to answer the many questions I though at through at him. Whenever I am putting together a piece for FH, my main curiosity centers on what factors led to the specific model posing nude in front of the camera of the artist that I'm featuring

In answering why decided to pose nude, I was initially a little surprised that porn work was part of Frost's plan. It wasn't his answer so much as Frost's honesty in sharing his goal. I have enjoyed featuring many adult film actors on the site, and through their work in porn have acquired a keen sense of what works in front of the camera and how to pose and best showcase their bodies. Frost however, was new to nude modeling, yet already had a keen sense of what his appeal was to other.

I am guessing the most successful models and actors, porn or otherwise, learn what is about them, that others are attracted to. It would seem odd to be in front of the camera for years and not learn what works, and what doesn't. What struck me about Frost, was how the story he told was so different than the story I first imagined after seeing his images. Michal has become one of my favorite and frequent collaborators, and knows my love of story. Over the last couple of years, Michal has been assisting in my story research by asking his models to fill out a short questionnaire. The questionnaire has been incredibly helpful, not only with models who may be too busy, or not interested in an interview, but also help me form the questions for the models who do. Two of Frost's answers really intrigued me.

Q: What do you like about your image in photos
A: The story they tell

Q:What is the difference between you, and you in your images
A:The images don't tell the whole story.

One of the reasons I loved Frost's answers was because I usually focus on the story I'm told, but Frost had me wondering about the stories left unsaid. As I said, my initial thoughts on Frost's story ended being off the mark. Frost was just 18, (he is 19 now) when he first shot with Michal, and it was not only his first nude shoot, it was his first professional shoot period. When I first looked into Frost's beautiful blue eyes, I assumed the Oklahoma athlete was entering a strange new world. It may have been new... but after reading his answers, and looking a little deeper into those eyes, it may not not have been as strange as I assumed.

One of the things I love best about Michal's images is his incredible ability to not only strip away clothing and pretense, but also hints to story. Without fashion or props, Michal's images have an almost mesmeric quality, with the focus solely on the model. Michal skillfully makes finding clues a difficult task, rarely including even a tattoo or piece of jewellery, although Michal beautifully utilized Frost's new hairstyle. Michal's shooting process is not for every model, the camera's focus is more intense, leaving little to hide behind. For some models however, it means utilizing pose, facial expressions and in Frost's case, especially their eyes to tell the story, not always the entire story, but the story they want to tell.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 19th

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Actor Patrick Swayze who would have turned 66 yesterday August 18th

Visual Trajectory: Joseph Sayers

This piece began as a 'FaVorite FiVe', but come on, it's Joseph Freakin' Sayers! I have often used the term Internet Model, not because the model in question has only worked on-line, but because it was the Internet that helped a particular model soar. When I first got the net, one of the most famous Internet Models was Joseph Sayers. Despite his being 5'6", (most fashion models are at least 5'11 or taller) thanks to some leaked test shots, and his work with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie and Fitch Quarterly, Sayers quickly developed an enthusiastic following.

Sayers worked with some of the best in the business, shooting campaigns for Macy's, Polo Underwear and DSquared. Although he appeared in many mainstream magazines, (Instinct, XY, CosmoGirl and Men's Journal to name a few) Sayers continued to give his fans what they wanted, shooting provocative content, mainly seen on-line and in photo books, with Steven Klein, Hudson Wright, Joe Oppedisano, Rick Day and Tom Cullis. Check out more of Sayers Visual Trajectory on page 2 HERE:

Breno Brasil: El Explorador Desnudo

As most of you know, FH's format is made up of a many categories I use to organize the site. Some categories like 'Pic of the Day' and 'Birthday's', I use almost every day. Others, like 'The Bottom Line' I use frequently, and others like 'Blast From The Past', I use once or twice a month. Some categories have been deleted over the years, one of my favorites, focused on G-Magazine.

Although the magazine and website are no more, the content remains spread all over the net. I recently came upon an old folder on a portable drive I had saved featuring this set of images of the sizzling Breno Brasil. Given Summer is winding down, (although you would never know it by the temperatures) hiking, camping and exploring trips will soon be in the rear view mirror until spring. Until then however, lets head oub with Breno and do a little more exploring.

Sorry, that's as big as I could load the video to still be watchable.

Energy Equivalency: Chris Bell by Richard Rothstein

'There is such an energy that Richard brings to each and every frame and he knows how to get the best out of his subjects.'

The intensity of energy photographer Richard Rothstein brings to his images, in each and every frame as Chris noted, is one of the reasons I'm so passionate about the Manhattan artist's work. I have noted before that Richard's images remind me of some of my favorite paintings, powerful works of art full of vibrant colors, design, architecture and lives being lived. Richard's models are rarely still, they are usually in motion, leaping in the air, running, skipping, moving their bodies in rhythm with the city.

I can't think of any model who matches Richard's voltaic force more than Chris Bell. The dancer and choreographer is rarely still and each time I have featured his work with Richard, the results have been a passionate flow of motion and movement. Chris Bell doesn't pose, Chris Bell flies, and Richard captures every expressive moment.

The First time I featured Richard's shots of Chris, he was careening through Gantry Plaza State Park with the Manhattan skyline providing the background for his waterfront acrobatics. (Dance With The Devil) The following year, Richard captured Chris' winter waltz, with his dance partners, the bole of the leafless winter trees. (A Blizzarding Ballet)

For this shoot Chris didn't have to worry about frost bite, but there were other challenges in the early morning shoot. Richard wanted to play with the idea of contrasting textures, so they headed to the 191th Street subway stop, shooting in a beautiful graffiti fulled color. Chris brought along a variety of different colored tights and face masks they used to play against the vibrant art that surrounded them.

'I am working on a new project called "Youth and Death" which will debut in NYC at Dixon Place on October 25-27 and this photo project was such a mirror to what I have been working on. The play of color against the dirty subway floor and the long tunnel leading in one direction to the brightly lit sub way station and in the other... the pitch black night was a perfect backdrop to be inspired by contrast.'

Not only is there an energy equivalency within Chris and Richard's work, I love how they contrasted color and movement to match the vibrancy in the color and designs around them. The nexus between the the art and the dance is beautifully balanced with both energy level and the flow of Chris' jumps and movement.

It also can't go unnoticed how central Chris' incredible backside is in so many of the images. The butt is one of the bodies most photographic parts. This is especially true for male bodies as it provides one of the male forms only source of curves, creating a contrasting roundness to the straighter lines created by arms and legs. In addition, the gluteal muscles, not only visually and erotically stunning, are core muscles for dancers.

A dancers feet and legs take much of the pressure and weight from physical movement, but the muscles of the buttocks, pelvis, hips and thighs help to stabilize a dancers alignment. Their strength directly impacts the degree of pelvic tilt, thrust and turnout and the degree of force and speed put into each movement. Chris clearly has the core strength where it matters to push his body to the places he wants it to soar. Check more from this incredible series on page 2 HERE:

'Richard is a wonderful artist and it has been a pleasure working with him these past few years. I always love working with Richard and cant wait for our next meeting!'