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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 24th

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Happy Birthday today April 24th

Happy 26th to actor Joe Keery!

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Below: Joe with Stranger Things co-star (and room mate) David Harbour

Classic Playgirl, April 1999

'Kiss me, touch me, take me...let me know you want me.'

Eric Reins, April 1999
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Kudos to Schitt's Creek

Are you watching Schitt's Creek? Although the Canadian series made it's debut in 2015, it wasn't until last Christmas that I got on the bandwagon. It of course had to do with a favorite hunk. While I was putting together my 12 Days of Christmas series, I featured actor Steve Lund (HERE:) after seeing him in the holiday film Christmas Incorporated.

Googling Steve Lund, hot shirtless shots from his his guest starring role in Schitt's Creek came up. In a multi episode arc in season 2 and 3, Lund played Jake, a Schitt's townie trying to form a throuple with David (Dan Levy) and his Stevie. (Emily Hampshire) Sadly, both David and Stevie were grossed out at the thought, despite their own confused relationship with one another.

Jennifer Robertson, Tim Rozon and Chris Elliott.

That story line is just the tip of the crazy iceberg of stories for video store magnate Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and his ex-soap star wife Moria (Catherine O'Hara) and their children David (Dan Levy) and Alexis. (Annie Murphy) When Johnny loses the family fortune, are forced to move into a rundown motel in Schitt's Creek, a town Johnny had previously purchased for a low low price.

Dan Levy and Dustin Milligan

The show is hilarious! Created and written by SCTV alum Eugene Levy and his son Dan, every character is a stand out from the four main leads down to every waitress, garage owner and town council member who interact with them. Dan Levy's David is center, but between the cast it is almost impossible to pick a favorite. Eugene Levy is quietly hilarious, O'Hara, always over the top fun, especially her 'in and out' accent. Dan Levy' facial expressions are priceless and Annie Murphy is a star.

Dan Levy

The season just wrapped it's fourth season, but if you haven't seen it yet, find a way to binge from the beginning, I don't think you'll regret it. The relationships are key and all of them, Johnny and Moria, Johnny and David, Moira and Alexis, David and Stevie, Johnny and Twyla and so many more are at the heart of the show's humour and heart.

Steve Lund

Although it was Steve Lund (below) and his chest that finally pushed me to start watching, in addition to the great writing and acting, there are several other hunks that will grab your attention! I posted a bit more about hunky farm hand Mutt (Tim Rozon) and sexy town vet Ted (Dustin Milligan) in the post below.

Lund with Dan Levy & Annie Murphy

The Cast of Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek: The Vet & the Farm Boy

Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens

The Vet and the Farm Boy sounds like a great title for an gay porn film, but they are actually the occupations for two of the residents of Schitt's Creek vying for Annie's attention. The Vet is Ted, played by Canadian actor Dustin Milligan. Milligan might be best known to those south of the border for his roles in 90210, Shark Night 3D and last years A Family Man, with Gerard Butler and Willhem Dafoe.

With Ted, Milligan blends the sexy with the sweet and looks especially hot in his blue scrubs. Although I wish no harm to any animal, I think I would be faking fur balls in order to make frequent appointments to visit Dr. Ted. Also a writer and producer, Milligan is also had the lead role on the BBC America series Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Milligan is above all a performer, as you can see from his turn as Dm1LLY a.k.a. 3 Billz Millz a.k.a. Slimmest Shady a.k.a. Toupee Fiasco a.k.a. Jay Zed a.k.a. Kanye-NorthWest-Territories a.k.a. Pee-Pee Diddy a.k.a. Notorious A.V.E.R.A.G.E, in the video below. (and yes, the fact that Dustin dances in his briefs is part of the reason to include it)

'I don't know. I think self-deprecating humor is something that's inherent in every Canadian’s sense of humor. I’d rather make fun of myself. I'm not necessarily a super-funny storyteller, standup comedian type of guy. What I think is funny is just kind of the strange things that happen between us on a more intimate level.'

Image from Amanda Crew

In one of Ted's sexiest scenes, Alexis installs a 'bunny cam' to help promote Ted's vet clinic.  Ted gives his 200 viewers an unexpected show after his nightly run.  initially shocked, Ted ends up warming to the attention...

Tim Rozon as Matt Schitt

Tim Rozon's Mutt Schitt first appeared as Alexis' community service work partner, forced to spend hours together picking up garbage and paiting fences in the town which bears his name. Although estranged from his mother, and his mayor father, Mutt is a man of few words, but much sex appeal. Although dating Ted, Alexis saw Mutt's sex appeal right away, even before his shirtless door opening.

That shirtless door opening introduced us to Rozon's incredible stomach, and thankfully the show has let us revisit it from time to time. In addition to his role on Schitt's Creek, the Montreal born actor also juggles his role as Doc Holliday on the series Wynonna Earp. Rozon still lives in Montreal where he co-owns a restaurant called Garde Manger with Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes.

I loved when Mutt surprised Alexis by shaving his beard. Without his facial hair, Alexis decided they didn't have much in common and the relationship soon fizzled out. Shortly after, Alexis ran into Ted on the street, who after their break up, went on a solo honeymoon and let his facial hair grow out, again, causing Alexis' temperature to rise. Although I can see why the facial hair got Alexis going, on Mutt, it is especially hot!

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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 22nd

Evan Peters & Friend

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Rats: Bruce Davison in Willard

A few weeks ago, TCM aired a late night double feature with 1971's Willard, and its 1972 sequel Ben. I had vague memories of seeing promotion for the 2003 re-make with Crispin Glover, but never saw it, nor knew at the time of the original. Rats don't really bother me, although I don't want to find one in my house, I did briefly house sit a friends two white rats and was impressed with how smart they were and how excited they would get when I'd bring them blueberries.

I thoroughly enjoyed Willard, especially it's seventies feel and it's blend of both scary and silly. I was also impressed with the cast which included Sondra Locke, Ernest Borgnine and the great Elsa Lanchester who I also enjoyed in Bell, Book and Candle which I posted about last year. (HERE:)

I also pleasantly surprised to see Bruce Davison, an actor I first saw in 1989's Longtime Companion. I have seen Davison in a number of films in the last decade or two, but wasn't at all familiar with his early work, especially his string of successful seventies films.

In Longtime Companion, Davison was one of the older cast members, but in Willard, he is the young one, both naive and angry, especially after the death of his mother. Davison is also incredibly hot, even with hundreds of rodents as his co-stars. Bullied and mistreated by his boss (Borgnine) Willard uses his favorite rat Ben, to help achieve his revenge. Ben gets his own revenge, turning on Willard in the movies climax after Willard decides he needs to clear his home of the hundreds of rats he had previously welcomed in.

Although there was no nudity in Willard, (except the rats of course...) I of course was curious if Davison had any nude scenes on his resume. He did! Check out my Actors & SKIN post featuring Davison's body of work in a separate below.

Longtime Companion

Billy Gilman: Like Ben

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone, and you, my friend, will see
You've got a friend in me

It always amazes me the nexus which connects many of the pieces that I do for FH. When I watched Ben, the 1972 sequel to Willard, I didn't know the connections that would be made. When I was a kid, I remember hearing that Michael Jackson's song Ben was written about a rat. I don't really remember it registering though. Jackson was eccentric so it was not really shocking, and I had no real reference, having not seen the film.

The song was indeed sung by Danny (Lee Montgomery) in the film, and although I didn't have a connection to the film, or the rat, I did have a connection when I was younger to the lyrics. Not only did I sing it a few times myself, I still have a VHS copy of Billy Gilman singing it on the 2001 Michael Jackson Anniversary concert and special. I remember the special for many reasons beyond the performances. It was filmed just days before September 11th, and aired shortly after in November 2001.

The special became a bit of an escape for me at the time, and although not a huge fan of Jackson, I was a fan of a lot of his music and loved the special and the huge music stars that appeared. Some of you may remember there was some controversy over how long it took to film it, and with Whitney Houston, and whether her chest was edited for TV given how thin she was during the time of her performance. In addition to the great performances, it was also a bit surreal to see Jackson sitting next to the stage flanked by Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin.

My favorite performance of the night was definitely Billy's, and the then 13 year old's performance of Ben. Billy's belted the hell out of the song, and I replayed that VHS tape over and over. I had not heard of Billy when I first saw him on TV, but later learned he was a hugely successful country artist at the time with his 2000 song One Voice a chart topper on both the country and Billboard charts.

Inspired by country singer Ty Herndon coming out in 2014, Gilman posted his own coming out video shortly after Herndon's video went public. Although I am watching and enjoying The Voice this season, I have haven't watched in a few seasons and sadly missed Billy on the shows eleventh season in 2016. Billy was the season's runner-up and thankfully, most of his performances are on Youtube if anyone wants to check them out.

Ben's Friend: Lee Montgomery

Today's posts did not start out to be all 'rat' themed. After watching Willard, I was inspired to seek out more of Bruce Davison's work and it was only going to be one post. But... after watching Ben, it was clear there was much more to explore. The actor playing Ben's friend, little Danny Garrison was familiar to me initially, but after a google, I discovered it wasn't the first time I enjoyed Lee Montgomery on screen.

With Meredith Baxter in Ben (1972)

In my quest to watch the entire collection of Bette Davis, I watched Burnt Offerings about a year ago. Davis played several mysterious and eccentric older ladies in horror films late in her career and Burnt Offerings is one of the better ones. The film has developed a bit of a cult following, especially after it's 2015 Blu-ray release.

Burnt Offerings (1976)

In Burnt Offerings with Oliver Reed (above) and Bette Davis (below)

I also remember Lee from his brief appearances on Dallas. Lee played Christopher Atkins room mate Jerry in the shows sixth season, and I bought the season on DVD in order to make some caps of the many appearances of Atkins' blue speedo. Unfortunately Montgomery never joined him in the pool, but I remember wondering who he was as he looked incredibly hot in the scene in which he wore his sunglasses up on his head.

Dallas (1984)

In addition to Dallas, Montgomery made a number of guest appearances on TV in the seventies and eighties. Some of his most notable appearances included roles on; Fame, Columbo, Family Ties, CHiPs, Kojak, Adam-12 and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The actor also had a few more features on his resume, the last of which was The Legend of Wolf Lodge in 1998. According to wiki, Montgomery retired from acting and has been working in real estate in California. He has resurfaced at a few Hollywood Collector Shows and in an interview on the special features of the Burnt Offerings Blu-ray.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

Montgomery is maybe best know for his role alongside Helen Hunt, Jonathan Silverman and Sarah Jessica Parker in the totally eighties flick Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Based on the 1983 song by Cyndi Lauper, Lauper's version of the hit song isn't actually a part of the film. Due to licensing reasons, a dubbed version is used.

Montgomery plays the perfect 80's rom com hunk. Not only incredibly hot, he also dances and plays basketball shirtless. The directly also wisely let the young actor keep his chest hair which was clearly a hit given all the images when you google Montgomery's name.