Thursday, November 9, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 10th

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Happy Birthday today November 10th

Happy 67th Mr. Scalia!

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Legs Scalia and a stretching Lorenzo Lamas

Succulent Selfies

Look away, look away!

Michael Parks: Blast from the Past

Earlier this year, I save a image someone had posted on Twitter. The caption was R.I.P and the shot was of a naked man (duh) lying on the sand. I put it in my 'hold' folder, a folder I use to put images in that I don't really know that much about, but grab my attention. Last week, I finally used google image search to figure out who was in the image and learned it was actor Michael Parks who died earlier this year.

Parks was a successful actor who worked steadily on both Film and TV since the early 60's. The image I saw on Twitter was of Parks as Adam the 1966 John Houston film, The Bible: In The Beginning. In going through is IMDB page, it is clear I have seen Parks before, he was a regular on Twin Peaks, a show I watched as a teenager during it's original run. Parks also appeared in many recent projects, including multiple appearances in films from Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino.

It is always interesting to me to discover an actor that I have clearly seen in projects over the years, yet, never really noticed. Parks has such a memorable, and handsome face, and looks incredibly sexy as Adam and in older images that I found, I a sure if I saw him in something today...I would take notice!

The Bible: In The Beginning (1966)

On The Rise: Jonah by MW Photo MD

'I just love being in front of a camera.'

The quote above was Jonah's answer when I asked him what it is about modeling that he loves. They say the key to success is finding something you're passionate about, and then just do it. Easier said than done for many, but for Jonah, modeling is his passion, and since first stepping in front of the camera, he's been busy working. As I write this, Jonah is actually just getting back from a world wind working trip to California to check out possible modeling and acting gigs.

Of course it helps when the camera also loves you back. When I first featured Jonah's Autumn themed images from Mark (MW Photo MD) just before Halloween, (Halloween Hotel) it was easy to see why. In addition to his tall lean body, Jonah has such beautiful facial features and expressive brown eyes that immediately draw the viewers focus.

When Mark met up with Jonah in Pittsburgh for their shoot, in addition to bringing along the pumpkin and Autumn leaves, he also brought along a guitar. Little did Mark know how well Jonah plays. Mark says Jonah brought life and music out of the guitar for the first time in awhile. Mark says that although he had tried to learn himself, he didn't really have the time to put into it, and the instrument had me sitting idle for awhile.

When shooting a model for the first time, it is always helpful to find something, a prop or a location to help form a connection. This often helps to begin the rhythm and flow, creating a relaxing environment, and a more natural feel in the final images. This is can be especially helpful when the shoot doesn't involve much clothing... Jonah didn't seem to have any reservations when Mark brought up shooting nudes, replying that he didn't see it as any big deal, that it was just like being in a locker room.

Jonah says that shooting nudes hasn't really an issue for him, even the first time. The 20 year model believes people should fell more free with their bodies and considers them gifts of art that we are all given. That doesn't mean Jonah wants to be seen strictly as a model who shoot nudes, he is looking to find a balance in his shoots, looks and themes that full represents both his look, as well as his skills and talents. One of his most shocking experiences working wasn't shooting nude, but it did involve shooting shirtless. It happened to be on a day when was freezing out, and Jonah shares that the cold temperatures and his lack of a shirt didn't make great combo!

'We clicked well during the shoot. I enjoyed the shoot very much and I wished we would have had more time to work together as the time went by fast. We have stayed in touch and I am looking forward and formulating ideas for our next meeting.'