Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 29th

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Happy Birthday today September 29th

Happy 73rd to actor Ian McShane!

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Given Thursday's still a couple of days away, a Falahee Fix to get us through.

Instagrams That Inspire: Coy Wire

'Flow Like Water. Never be content. Keep moving towards a better you. Don't stop. Never, ever, ever stop. What's your ocean?'

The Pope's visit had it's amazing moments, but it also pushed Coy Wire off the CNN schedule over the weekend. Although Wire is a regular anchor on HLN's Weekend Express, as well as an analyst and writer for FOX Sports, I usually catch him on CNN where he usually appears at some point each weekend. During Ball Gate, Wire was seen a lot, but between Trump and the Pope, I might have to actually turn on HLN to see the chin and the grin that always brightens my day.

Wire, who played for the NFL, with the Buffalo Bills from 2002–07, and the Falcons from 2008-10 is a breath of fresh air whenever he appears on CNN. His smile is contagious and he clearly seems to love his job. I actually read Wire, before seeing him on screen after he wrote a great opinion piece on last year about Michael Sam and the NFL. Although I think Sam's downward spiral is in part self inflicted, Wire's piece, especially given his own experience was a great read.

Portfolio: Gur by NICKET

'Gur is very disciplined and dedicated especially with his physique, as you can see, but also in the rest of his life.'

One of the most interesting things about some photographers is the models they choose to shoot. Earlier this spring, I featured California photographer NICKET's work with the easy going and free spirited Zach Clemens. I followed this summer and now.... I have the pleasure of featuring NICKET's work with athletic and clearly disciplined Gur.

Gur is new to modeling, but like every thing he does, is committed to be his best in any and all aspects of his work. The 21 year old San Jose model hits the gym everyday, using his strength and conditioning training to maintain his incredible physique. Along with those daily trips to the gym, Gur's passion for sport, especially soccer, volleyball and basketball help him with both stamina and fitness.

'Working with Gur is always a pleasure. He has a like able personality that is best captured with his infectious smile. He always gives his best in every shoot. It is also great to see how connected he is with his family and how humble he is. On the shoot he is always energetic and willing to try different looks, although he always enjoys showing off his muscles with good reason.'

Of course, working on FH, one of the aims is showcase how models look out of their clothes. Gur certainly has an amazing body, and his chest, stomach, legs and those arms certainly look great uncovered. Gur is also a great example however, with how taking care of yourself also enables your body to look equally hot in clothes. They say clothes make the man and I love some of NICKET's fashion themed images, one of my favorites is of Gur in his black pants and purple and black striped sweater. Confident, debonair and incredibly sexy.